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After Being Named Terrorists, Syrian “Al Qaeda” Group Says America Still Helps, But Not Enough


  • After Being Named Terrorists, Syrian “Al Qaeda” Group Says America Still Helps, But Not Enough
    by Baran Hines,  
    A battlefield leader for the “Syrian Al Qaeda” terrorist group Jahbat al-Nusra claimed the United States is still helping the group fight against Syrian government forces, in an interview with major German newspaperKölner Stadtanzeiger. Abu al-Ezz, a jihadist commander fighting in the strategic city of Aleppo, said that “the Americans stand on our side” because the US and its allies still support the group with weapons, money, and logistics. The candid statements were quoted by reporter Jürgen Todenhöfer who traveled to Syria for the seventh time during the proxy war which has raged since 2011.

    Al Nusra, commonly known as Syria’s branch of Al Qaeda, was declared a terrorist group by the US, United Nations and others in November 2012 after 1 year of terrorist operations. Before this terrorist designation, al-Nusra was supported by the United States as part of what American officials called the legitimate opposition groups fighting against the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

    Abu al-Ezz specifically mentioned the group receives money from US allies including Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait. Al-Ezz also said Israel supports al-Nusra because Israel is at war with Syria and Hezbollah.

    Al-Ezz then noted that al-Nusra and Islamic State (IS) were allies but IS was then used for political and strategic purposes by western countries. “It became clear to us that most of their leaders work with secret security services,” said al-Ezz. Similar suspicions are also widely believed in Iraq as reported last year by the Wall Street Journal. The rise of al-Nusra and Islamic State was a consequence predicted by a 2012 intelligence report leaked to the media in 2015.

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