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Whistleblower: NSA is a Weapon of World Government ! Backbone of World Surveillance!

  • Which agency is in charge of the Beast ‘666’ Network?No Such Agency!
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  • Whistleblower: NSA is a Weapon of World Government
    by Jamie White |  
    The NSA is outsourcing its intelligence-gathering to multinational companies because of its own self-created weaknesses – and for profits, said NSA whistleblower William Binney.

    “The real threat is that intelligence is being outsourced to contractors,” he said on The Alex Jones Show Thursday. “Of all types, including analysis, translation, as well as hardware/software, and maintenance of the entire infrastructure of the intelligence community.” “It’s morphing into a commercial operation. This is not good.”

    “Commercial companies have a different objective than government organizations,” Binney continued. “Government has at least a charter to do good things for the country. Whereas corporations, their interest and focus is getting contracts and making profits.”

    Binney explained that the NSA creates weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the internet and telecommunications so they can more easily break in to sensitive data, knowing full well that it leaves government, industries, and citizens exposed to hackers and foreign actors.

    “Not only did they create the weaknesses but they also found weaknesses in the systems like zero-day weaknesses built into the software that companies were selling,” he said. “And they never told anybody because that would be cybersecurity if they did that. Tech people would fix those and they would be impenetrable.”

    Binney explained the NSA allowed those companies to continue simply because it allowed them to look into everything everybody is doing. “But what it meant was they left everybody vulnerable and exposed,” Binney added. “And that’s why you’re seeing all these hacks today – it was very short-sighted.”

    He also explained how Oliver Stone’s upcoming film Snowden accurately describes Snowden’s situation with these intelligence agencies and the scope of their criminality. “I was an advisor to Oliver Stone on the movie,” Binney said. “I tried to make sure that all the information he had was accurate.”

    “It’s a great film. It takes you through Edward Snowden who starts off being a very positive supporter of the government and what it’s doing and then takes you through his life and his experiences, and how in the end he starts to see the criminality of it, and then he turns. And that’s really what this is all about: the story of his experiences going through his work with the CIA and NSA.”

    And he warned that unless we stand up and do something about the unconstitutional data-gathering then our rights will continue to diminish. “The ‘internet of things’ is going to get worse,” Binney pointed out. “That means all the devices that you have now are going to be connected to the internet. That’s going to make it exceedingly bad because they’ll all be accessible and controllable.”

    Binney also discussed President Obama’s recent comments at the United Nations in which he called for a “global community” and how the NSA will help usher in a world government tecehnotronic control grid.

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