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Western Media Blames Russia, Syria For Attack On UN Convoy; Video And Photos Tell Different Story

  • Western Media Blames Russia, Syria For Attack On UN Convoy; Video And Photos Tell Different Story
    by Brandon Turbeville,  
    Throughout the entirety of the Syrian crisis, Western media outlets have misrepresented facts and presented outright lies to their audiences regarding virtually every aspect of the war. Particularly when it comes to specific occurrences used to gin up support for greater Western intervention in Syria, these outlets kick it up a notch, launching flurries of disinformation and misinformation designed to leave imprints of false narratives in the minds of half attentive audiences. Incidents such as the Ghouta chemical weapons attack, little Omran, and, now the alleged attack on a U.N. convoy are now parts of a larger narrative. No matter how much they are debunked, confusion and distortion leave behind traces of the narrative embedded in the mind of the consumer.

    Still, it is important to point out the false narratives where they do exist in order to deconstruct them as much as possible.

    For instance, the recent hysteria over an alleged attack on a U.N. convoy by “either Syrian or Russian jets” (because it couldn’t have been the U.S. of course) has been used as an attempt to paint Russia and Syria as violators of a ceasefire and states so evil that they would dare attack the sacred U.N. who only ever provides food to hungry people and candy to children. Yet the entire incident, which the West is attempting to use as a political hammer, exists only through the channels and pages of Western media. In reality, however, not so much.

    The story being peddled to the American people is that, even as the ceasefire was still in effect (from the point of view of the United States despite the fact that its terrorists never abided by one principle or obligation of the ceasefire from the very beginning), either Russia or Syria bombed a U.N. aid convoy on its way to deliver supplies to civilians.

    However, further investigation reveals that the aid convoy that was destroyed and the U.N. aid convoy being presented to the American public as being the victim of the attack are two different convoys and two different incidents.

    The convoy that was actually attacked, a Syrian Red Crescent aid operation, was attacked outside a warehouse in Urm al-Kubra just west of Aleppo. Twenty to thirty trucks were said to be destroyed in this attack which took place shortly after the ceasefire officially ended on September, 19. However, there is no evidence to suggest that the attackers were the Syrian or Russian militaries. Instead, it is most likely America’s rebels who attacked the convoy.

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