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Fritz Springmeier: The IMF Will Announce a New Global Currency on Sept 30th. The End of The PetroDollar is Here!



  • Fritz Springmeier: The IMF Will Announce a New Global Currency on Sept 30th. The End of The PetroDollar is Here!
    by Fritz Artz Springmeier,
    IT’S HERE; THIS IS IT. (21 SEPT ’16) This is the culmination of so many things I’ve written about in the past. I finally have a date to pass on, Friday, Sept. 30, 2016, (more specifically, perhaps late in the afternoon of the 30th for the IMF announcement.) (Before today, I thought it would be after Hillary was by voter-fraud & rigged voting made president.) I suggest you sit down while you read this. Insiders, who care more about their fellow humans, than the corrupt system they are part of, have whispered warnings about this. A few alert financial analysts like James Rickards have picked up on the Sept. 30th date & are warning people. Let me slow down and walk us through this financial watershed event. This kind of sudden destruction matches the prophecy of REV 18:8,10 (& PRV 6:15, ISA 30:13 & 1 THS 5:3).

    THE DOLLAR’S STATUS AS THE WORLD’S RESERVE CURRENCY, what some call the petrodollar. Because large deals between nations are done in dollars, it can be said that 85% of global transactions are done in U.S. dollars. I have explained many times that our dollar’s VIP status globally has allowed the U.S. to create as many dollars out of thin air that it wants without destroying the dollar’s value–inflating the supply of money is simply a global tax on everyone who holds dollars, and more dollars are held by foreigners overseas than by Americans. In other words, we have been getting a free ride. I have repeatedly discussed the moves behind the scenes to dethrone the dollar. Russia & China has been working behind the scenes to get the entire world to desert us. They have also been buying up high levels of gold. Now that moment that we have wondered about is actually upon us…the date is Sept. 30, 2016, when the IMF has plans to announce a “world money”. The IMF has been issuing low-key statements about this new world currency. Additionally, hidden on it’s site is a 42-page blueprint entitled “Enhancing International Financial Security” which spells out in obtuse difficult to understand jargon that they are going to announce this new “world money”. This is the “global reset” that Christine LaGarde (hd. of the IMF & Illum.) has been talking about. When our dollar crashes, the IMF will run our economy like they have been doing to other 3rd world nations in debt. The Illuminati will directly run the show (all of America’s finances) through the IMF. Foreign central banks are preparing to ship their useless dollars back to the USA.

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  • WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU?? Friday the 30th will come & go like all days for you. It will be like when the 9.0 Indonesia earthquake happened. The resulting tsunami took time before it hit Thailand and India. But things will fundamentally change that day. Dollars will be dumped for the new “world money”. It won’t be long before the stock market loses perhaps 60% of its value. Sell your stock now. The “world currency” (whatever they call it) will not be available to the common person, only the elite, although James Rickard has written a book: The Only Way to Own the New World Money. He has a way that people can access the new money through him. He has also written a book on this Sept. 30th event entitled: The Big Drop (2nd edit.) I have not seen the book myself. Rickard also puts out a periodical called “Strategic Intelligence”. After this global “reset” your 401K will go to 0. Gold and silver at some pt. will hold their value, so I highly recommend the actual metals…not paper receipts saying you have gold.

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Global economic, financial and currency meltdown approaching!

Global economic, financial and currency meltdown approaching!

Click on image for article.

Click on image for article.


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  1. Hi BIN,

    This might be in your interest, straight from the IMF website (Transcript Sept. 22, 2016).

    It talks about the Chinese Renmbi (RMB) being added to the SDR (Special Drawing Rights; IMF currency) basket of currency’s by Oct. 1, 2016, see selected sections from this article below:

    “When the decision is effective October 1, it will be the first time in the history of the IMF that the number of currencies in the basket will be increased. ”

    “Second, China continues to work with the BIS on the completeness and the quality of their submissions for banking sector’s statistics.”

    “Fourth, this morning there is an announcement that New York has been added as a clearing center for the RMB.”

    “In terms of next steps, let me just walk you through what will happen between now and October 1st. So, on the September 30th the IMF will publish the new currency amounts that will drive for the SDR basket going forward, on October 1st, and this will be the currency amounts including the renminbi.”

    *QUESTIONER: Thank you. I’d like to follow up on the responsibilities that come with the internationalization of the renminbi. How accountable is China? Is its decision irreversible? And could you comment on Donald Trump’s accusations of currency manipulation?

    MR. TIWARI: What is the first part of your question? The second part I will not answer. But can you repeat?

    *MR. TIWARI: From my side, inclusion of the Chinese renminbi in the SDR basket is an important milestone in the process of China’s global financial integration. It recognizes and reinforces China’s continuing reform efforts. As this integration continues and expands in other emerging markets around the globe, which will bring them more robust international monetary and financial systems, which in turn would support growth and instability of the global economy. The RMB’s inclusion also enhances the attractiveness of the SDR as an international currency and diversifies the basket and makes the composition more representative of the Fund’s major currencies.

    As Fritz stated, it will be used only among the elite, as this article hints toward.

    Comment by Rahl | October 1, 2016

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