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More Countries Acknowledge Participation in Airstrikes on Syrian Military

  • Published on Sep 19, 2016
    More countries acknowledge their participation in the airstrikes that killed 83 soldiers in the Syrian city of Dayr al-Zawr on Saturday. Britain and Denmark are among the latest countries to confirm their involvement in the airstrikes. Russia says at least four airstrikes were conducted by four warplanes. A British media outlet reports that an unmanned Reaper drone may have also been involved. Earlier, Australia admitted that it was involved in the Syria airstrikes. All countries which participated in the attacks say their military will cooperate fully with the US led investigation into the incident. The air raids have caused a war of words between Moscow, Damascus and Washington. Russia says the airstrikes bordered on collaboration with Daesh terrorists.

  • Syria did not attack US, UK, Demark, Australia. Syria did not threaten these countries nor threaten their interests. So, why are these countries invading Syria and waging war against Syria? They have no right to be on Syrian territory. The western Illuminati, which they serve, are desperate to ignite the Satanic WW3.

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