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Dollar Collapse Starts Sept 30? Gold Bull Will Rage | David Morgan

  • Published on Sep 18, 2016
    With major analysts predicting a convulsive impact to the US Dollar this fall, driven by a global rush into the new SDR basket of currencies once it becomes turbo-charged with the Chinese Yuan and gold, how will Gold and Silver react, and what can you do NOW even beyond holding gold & silver to position yourself ahead of the next surprise leg of the bull market?

    * Approaching Sep 30, 2016 Chinese Yuan addition to the SDR basket of currencies.
    * Jim Rickards has predicted a major upset to the global fiat currencies, including the US Dollar at the end of trading (4pm EDT Sept 30, 2016)
    * Most nation states know that there needs to be a reset – SDR will be funded by all the nation states, will the SDR be enacted as the new global currency? At least for state-to-state finances?
    * SDR may well be perceived as more desirable since “more stable”: a hedge against individual currency fluctuations. Will dollars be swapped out for SDRs by major holders all over the world?
    * SDR will only take hold if the populace is unaware of what it really means: just another paper fiat scheme.
    * Will SDR manage to extend the over-aged fiat system for a few more months or years?
    * Currency reset will cause a huge disruption in JIT (Just-in-Time) supply chains, but we may truly need to go through a reset to heal the unbacked unsound paper system.
    * Derivatives & swaps leverage are poised to collapse at a tipping point.
    *** True reset without pain is impossible.
    * SDR impact on the gold market? Gold should be included in the SDR, and IMF should reprice gold much higher (Rickards calls for $10,000/oz) to provide liquidity and appearance of stability.
    * SDR could take gold either way, even based on rhetoric – if gold is declared to be in or out.
    * What happens when the psychological tipping point is breached, and the masses of the population follow the 1% of leaders (gold & silver stackers) away from empty fiat currency to real money (gold & silver)? Rush to physical precious metals driven primarily by fear, not greed. Suddenly population panic that their pension plan, saving account, real estate portfolio value will implode.
    * We must recognize the inherent risks in the Keynesian fiat Ponzi scheme – Yes it fuels economic growth on steroids, but when you run out of followers, the pyramid collapses.


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