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Bratislava Summit: The Beginning of The End of The EU?

  • Bratislava Summit: The Beginning of The End of The EU?
    by Dmitry Dobrov, RIA – translated by J. Arnoldski,  
    In Bratislava, an informal summit of the European Union is opening, the first in which Great Britain will not participate, having already announced its intention to withdraw from the EU. British Prime Minister Theresa May was not even invited to Bratislava.

    However, concrete negotiation strategies with the United Kingdom will not be discussed in Bratislava, since London has not yet exited the EU by employing Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.

    The meeting is being held in Slovakia, which holds the position of EU chairman according to rotation. Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico has stated that the summit will diagnose the “state of health of the EU” after the victory of Eurosceptics in the UK referendum and “prescribe treatment for its illnesses.”

    EU leaders have set before themselves the task of “restoring a sense of political unity” in the run up to the Rome Summit in March 2017 dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the European Community – the forerunner of the EU.

    Although the summit has been called “informal,” it undoubtedly reflects a new balance of power in the European Union due not only to the Brexit vote, but also formed by the resistance of a number of countries to the policies of Brussels and Berlin. Judging by everything, the agenda will be dramatically changed under pressure from the countries of Southern Europe who demand an easing of the EU’s financial policy, as well as the countries of Central Europe, including the Visegrad Group, who are concerned by the European Union’s too liberal migration policies.

    The summit is taking place amidst Europe’s political and financial crisis, and the questions posed at the meeting will be quite unpleasant for the cautious and inert European bureaucrats. These circumstances explain Germany’s desire to reduce tension and avoid critical topics such as Brexit, the migrant crisis, and the rise of right-populist movements. 

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