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“We Aren’t Your Little Brown Brothers” – Philippine FM to US

  • Published on Sep 16, 2016
    Philippine foreign minister warns that his country will not be lectured on human rights by the US. Meanwhile, scuffles have broken out between police and anti-US protesters outside the American embassy in the Philippine capital, Manila.
  • It appears the Philippines have decided to tell off the US. Ie. they will not be ‘persuaded’ to start a war with China. They are telling the US-Pentagram to: “Go To Hell!” and patching up with China. Their actions seem to imply that the Anglo-American, western Illuminati’s global hegemony is OVER! It implies that some kind of action to “Kill the Dollar” is imminent.
  • I wonder who is funding, supplying, training, financing, managing … all the Muslim insurgents in the Southern Philippines? (wink wink) Wait a minute, aren’t the US special forces in Southern Philippines? Didn’t the Philippines tell them to get out? Why would the Philippines tell American special forces to get out when they are there supposedly fighting Muslim insurgents?

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