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The Coming Crash Will Create An Economic Tsunami, Skyrocketing Gold And Usher In A Whole New World


  • The Coming Crash Will Create An Economic Tsunami, Skyrocketing Gold And Usher In A Whole New World
    With many investors worried about the economic turmoil that has engulfed the globe, the coming crash will create an economic tsunami, skyrocketing gold, and usher in a whole new world.

    Gold Will Anchor New Monetary System
    Stephen Leeb:  
    “All roads lead to Rome, which is to say there are many ways the Chinese have of effecting a new monetary system that will include gold as an anchor. The new system may evolve gradually, but it is growing more likely that it will be created out of chaos. In the last interview with you, Eric, I spoke of SDR’s as a route. And that is still a high probability. Recall, the SDR route requires the inclusion of the Renminbi in the SDR basket along with the Dollar, Euro, Pound, and Yen… “

    Gold To Soar 9 or 10 Fold In Price!
    All currencies, even the Renminbi, will likely pale in relation to gold.  Meaning gold will become the world’s dominant currency. You can actually see how this might work just by looking at the chart of gold vs the SDR over the past 40 years. Gold’s nine-fold rise would mean that whatever the metal’s initial weight in the SDR, it would come to dominate the composite currency. And it won’t take two generations for it to happen, as this time around gold will be an anointed part of the global currency. And that will mean wide-eyed demand from the start. At some point limits will have to be set but a nine- or ten-fold gain in a fairly short period of time is not a crazy projection.

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