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WW3: The Disturbing Signs of Global Conflict Continue To Gather Pace


  • The Disturbing Signs of Global Conflict Continue To Gather Pace
    by Graham Vanbergen,
    The signs are ominous, the rhetoric constant. Whichever way you look at it, the world is slowly descending into an ever greater spiral of conflict. We all know that the current wars raging in the Middle East have the potential to go catastrophically wrong and pull the super-powers into something much bigger.

    You also know things are not good when the so-called ‘conspiracy theories’ from alternative media outlets eventually goes mainstream, and there’s no shortage:

    * Britain’s Daily Telegraph: Here’s how World War Three could start tomorrow
    * America’s NewYork Times simply entitled: “World War Three” 

    * Canada’s Global Research: World War III in The Pipeline? US and European Allies Threaten Russia 
    * Australia News Network: World War 3 Update: US Warns China at G20 Summit 
    * Russia’s RT: China & Russia’s G20 message: Confrontation with West not our desire 
    * Iran – Press TV: World War III a coin flip if Hillary elected 
    * Germany Der Spiegel: War against Russia 

    To confirm the state of the world today, the Global Peace Index states, and I quote – “There are now only ten countries in the world that are free from conflict”.  The Independent has a 40 second video (HERE) of these ten countries, it’s worth watching, you’ll be surprised.

    Some believe World War III has already started, most dispute that. It takes no more than a spark to light the fire and currently there are a lot of sparks flying around. Even political instability in the European Union as a result of a refugee crisis is a cause for concern. Pew Research, published just last month, confirmed that European’s fear a wave of refugees will mean more terrorism and fewer jobs. Violent protests have broken out, politician’s are worried. The VP of the International Relations Committee at Hungary’s parliament, Jobbik Member Marton Gyongyosi was supported by other EU leaders when he has suggested that “physical protection of our borders” is required. He went further –

    “The US caused this (refugee) problem in the neighborhood of Europe and then leans back criticizing European countries for not dealing with the problem efficiently.”

    In that context, a few EU leaders are calling for an EU wide army and its own intelligence service. It seems America and therefore NATO are not as trusted as they once were. The US/EU trade deal TTIP, the largest deal in the history of humanity, is reported as being over. Is this evidence of the widening gap of disagreement, maybe.

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