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EU is ‘BROKEN, INEFFICIENT and HYPOCRITICAL’, Blasts Hungarian Foreign Minister


  • EU is ‘BROKEN, INEFFICIENT and HYPOCRITICAL’, Blasts Hungarian Foreign Minister
    by JOEY MILLAR,  
    THE EUROPEAN Union (EU) is “broken, inefficient and hypocritical”, the foreign minister for Hungary has blasted.

    Péter Szijjártó savaged the bumbling 28-country bloc, which he said was obsessed with “political correctness.” He said the EU was failing to deal with the migration criss, resulting in “tens of thousands of people crossing our border smiling”. Mr Szijjártó said: “I believe Europe has to face these challenges differently. We can no longer advance with hypocrisy and the emphasis on political correctness. 

    “For us it was always clear: to protect our border is a matter of Hungarian sovereignty. It was unacceptable for us that every day thousands or tens of thousands of people were crossing our border smiling, marched through our country and disregarded our laws.”

    He refused to apologise for the building of a controversial border fence, arguing Hungary would not have needed to construct the barrier “if there had been a common European response.” He also said the EU needed to quickly establish a border guard policy, a responsibility it has been hesitant to implement.

    Mr Szijjártó said: “A robust troupe of border guards could have been put together. There could have been consultations in Brussels about how many boats, how many helicopters and trucks are needed by Greece and other countries. Nothing like this has happened.”

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