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Strange Skies! Bizarre UFO’s Over UK, Alien Mothership Visits Malaysia?

  • Why UFO footage in Kelantan is a Hoax
    by Eddie Hoo,  
    It looked authentic enough, but the video turned out to be a fake like most footages of unidentified flying objects (UFO). The footage was purportedly shot near the Cembong Batu Nang Centre in Kuala Krai, Kelantan last week.

    The video showed a huge flying saucer in the night sky hovering over coconuts trees and thatched roofs before making a sharp about-turn and flying off in the dark. Sinar Harian has quoted 62-year-old villager Sihabidin Yusof as saying this is the first time he has heard of Cembong Batu Nang after staying in Kuala Krai for 32 years. “Such a place doesn’t exist,” he says.

    The video also has a convincing background sounds with the UFO making low-frequency humming noise that sounds like the whir of an engine. It also recorded voices of people chattering nervously as the UFO flies past the village. 

    Sihabidin also highlights the dialect spoken in the Kuala Kerai footage. Even though the video was purportedly shot in Kelantan, it has voices of people speaking in the Terengganu Malay dialect which is different from the Kelantanese dialect. Although there are similarities, cakak Tranung or the Terengganu Malay dialect can be distinguished from kecek Kelate or the Kelantanese Malay dialect. 

    It was said to have been uploaded by an anonymous local blogger, but the one minute and 25 second video was falsely attributed to national news agency, Bernama, to give it authenticity.

    The police have rubbished the video, with which Kuala Krai police chief Supt Abdullah Roning saying no report was lodged over the alleged UFO sighting. The police would have been alerted by witnesses in the event of such an obvious sighting. 

    The biggest giveaway that the video is nothing but more than an elaborate CGI prank in its similarity to the Independence Day movie-style footage. The large black flying saucer purported seen over Kuala Kerai is remarkably similar to the massive alien spacecraft in the 1996 movie. In the Hollywood blockbuster, there were shots of the spacecraft conducting similar manoeuvres.

    News of the UFO sighting not only caused a stir among Netizens, but it also gained global attention. UFO believers in other parts of the world are using the Kuala Kerai UFO footage to argue that there are alien life forms in the universe.

    A man of science will not dismiss anything until he has the verified facts in hand. In the case of UFOs, there are as many believers as there are sceptics. Perhaps, you can decide for yourself if the Malaysian sighting is a hoax after viewing the Kuala Kerai footage here and a remarkably similar video here.

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