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Now the Czech Government Is Warning Citizens To Stockpile Food. Be Prepared for The Worst Case Scenario: Large Scale Terrorist Attack Or Nuclear Disaster!

  • Now the Czech Government Is Warning Citizens To Stockpile Food
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    Just days after the German government advised citizens to stock up on food and water, the Czech government has followed suit. 

    Hello? HELLO??? Can you hear me now???? Something is clearly hurtling down the pipe. 

    Czech news channel CT24 broadcast a message from the government telling citizens to ‘prepare for the worst’. Czech media sources are reporting that in the event of a national crisis, the food needs of the country will not be met. They’ve never really recovered from the failed Communist government there, and the Czech Republic is already beset by food shortages.

    In the video above, Czech resident Steven Ben-DeNoon  told Israeli News Live that the Czech government is telling citizens to “be prepared for the worst case possible scenario” such as a large scale terrorist attack or nuclear disaster.

    Europe is coming apart at the seams and there seems to be nothing that the governments can do about it. They’re giving fair warning: the citizens will be obligated to provide for their own needs.

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Why not via the refugee channels? The statement is propaganda so that the sheeple will accept more refugees. It is because the western Illuminati still wants to flood western Europe with paid criminals disguised as refugees to destabilize the nations. It is Samuel Huntington’s Clash of Civilizations in action. All these fear and terrorism mongering is because the global economic, financial and currency collapse is imminent. The serpents need a massive distraction. Click on image for article.

All these terror psyop escalation is a sign that the western financial system is close to collapse. It will ignite a global economic, currency and financial meltdown. Click on image for article.


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