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NIRP: Monetary Weapon Of Mass Destruction — NWO Cabal Pulls Financial Trigger to Start World War III


  • NIRP: Monetary Weapon Of Mass Destruction — NWO Cabal Pulls Financial Trigger to Start World War III
    by The Millennium Report 
    The Great Game Continues Between the USA/UK, Russia and Germany.
    Germany is used again just as it was during World Wars I and II.
    “Frau Merkel has achieved throughout Europe without firing a shot, what Hitler had hoped to do during the  World War II.”

    There is perhaps no greater sign of the coming financial Apocalypse and economic Armageddon than the continuation of NIRP (Negative Interest Rate Policy) within certain nations in the European Union.

    While much has been written about this utterly foolish and purposely destructive monetary policy, not nearly enough commentary has been presented which explains its extraordinary consequences.

    What is a ‘Negative Interest Rate Policy (NIRP)’
    A negative interest rate policy (NIRP) is an unconventional monetary policy tool whereby nominal target interest rates are set with a negative value, below the theoretical lower bound of zero percent.
    (Source: Negative Interest Rate Policy (NIRP) Definition | Investopedia )

    Anyone who understands the central organizing principle of the fractional reserve banking system knows that the deposits from account-holders are the very bedrock of the scheme. Without depositors making their regular deposits, there is simply no bank or banking system.

    With this knowledge it’s a very easy leap of understanding to see how NIRP, as it has been implemented in Europe, has literally pushed depositors out of the traditional banks and into their homes.  This single ongoing development is catastrophic for the already very precarious state of affairs throughout the European Union (EU).

    Once Depositors Have Lost Faith, It’s Very Difficult To Get Them Back
    The current context in Germany concerning this monetary NIRP dynamic is critical to correctly comprehending the enormity and profundity of this downward spiral of loss of confidence.

    The Germans are by nature a very conservative populace.  The banking system has always been a central part of German society.  German banks used to be considered the most reliable and trustworthy in Europe after Swiss banking.  All of that has now changed.  As follows:

    German Savers Lose Faith in Banks, Stash Cash at Home 

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WW3 is near?

WW3 is near?


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