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France Demands End to Current TTIP Talks

  • Published on Aug 30, 2016
    The French Trade Minister’s comments come days after Germany called for an end to the negotiations. The German economy minister has already said that the TTIP talks have failed but no one is admitting it. Sigmar Gabriel said the two sides have failed to agree on even one single common chapter during the 14 rounds of negotiations held since 2013 when the talks started. The European Commission, however, has rejected German claims, saying the trade talks are on track. The US is pushing to reach and finalize a deal with the EU before President Barack Obama’s term ends. The TTIP has faced significant opposition from European companies, and farmers. Opponents of the deal further increased after Greenpeace published over 200 pages of the preliminary text of the deal back in May.

  • It appears France and Germany are at loggerheads with EU-Brussels.

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We are about to witness the rise of the 10 Horn Beast, Revived Roman endtimes empire. Click on image for article.

Will we see the super merger of 3 nations: Gernmany, France and Italy after the formation of the 10 nations United States of Europe? This will be the fulfillment of Daniel 7:20. Click on image for article.

Click on image for article.,New-EU-superstate-plan%E2%80%99-by-France-Germany-report

The rise of the endtimes 10 Horn Beast empire! Click on image for article.

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