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Washington Plays Nuclear Chicken Now With China as Well as Russia

WW3 is near?

WW3 is near?

  • Washington Plays Nuclear Chicken Now With China as Well as Russia
    by F. William Engdahl,  
    It seems it’s not enough that US Defense Secretary Ash Carter and his generals engage in games of nuclear chicken with Russia by provocations in Ukraine, NATO maneuvers on Russia’s borders and activation of highly-dangerous ballistic missile defense installations on Russia’s perimeter. In the past months the Obama Administration has clearly also escalated tensions in the seas surrounding the Peoples’ Republic of China—East China Sea with Japan and South China Sea with the Philippines—tensions which potentially could provoke a catastrophe. While both provocative operations could give the Pentagon budget a boost in times of budget austerity, they could easily detonate a preemptive nuclear strike by either China or Russia or by both. In the 21st Century such primitive behavior by the Obama Pentagon is not only inexcusable. It’s mad.

    Earlier I discussed in great detail the carefully-planned Washington provocation of China in the strategic South China Sea islands disputes, where the Obama Administration encouraged a Philippine government—then under US-crony Benigno Aquino—to escalate tensions over the barren Spratly Islands by unilaterally going ahead with arbitration in The Hague despite the fact it was not agreed to be arbitrated by Beijing, violation of the very definition of arbitration. It was a deliberately planned Washington ploy to provoke Beijing into rash reaction. To date, to its credit, China has instead pursued a series of diplomatic initiatives with ASEAN, as well as dialogue with a new, more reasonable Manila government under President Rodrigo Duterte, to defuse the manipulated US propaganda Hague decision.

    In recent weeks however, Washington has demonstrated that it has firmly fixed China to its missile radar as Asia-Pacific Public Enemy Number One, putting China now in pretty much the same boat as Russia is for NATO in western Europe. The Pentagon has dramatically escalated tensions in the region, using Washington’s strong influence over the regimes of Japan, South Korea, and a newly-elected regime in Taiwan to turn them from trade partners of China to hostile foes.

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