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Turkey Slams Israel’s Airstrikes on Gaza as Disproportionate

  • Published on Aug 22, 2016
    Turkey has strongly reacted to Israel’s latest blitz on the Gaza Strip in response to an alleged rocket fire from the besieged enclave. In a statement, the Turkish foreign ministry slammed the aggression as disproportionate and unacceptable. On Sunday, the Israeli army carried out up to 50 airstrikes on the Palestinian territory after one rocket reportedly fired from there landed into Israel. The Israeli raids left several Palestinians wounded. The blistering condemnation came just days after the Turkish parliament approved an agreement aimed at normalizing diplomatic ties with Israel. Ankara-Tel Aviv relations soured in 2010 after Israeli commandos killed ten Turkish activists on a flotilla seeking to deliver aid to Gaza.

Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

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  1. IN A HOLE THEY GO, PALESTINIANS will be TORTURED, and abused above the law, and public purview. INNOCENT PALESTINIANS that include children. BOYS and GIRLS only 12 years of age are arrested ,sometimes in the middle of the night, sometimes anywhere anyplace. And recently one was,as admitted by the IDF, MURDERED or shot down mistakenly.
    These IDF SOLDIERS are criminals committing WAR CRIMES before our eyes. Our current administration or the next one will reward them with more power and ability added to the killing machine that is ISRAEL. Not only occupation but incarceration at will, without due process or explanation. INDEFINITE INCARCERATION anytime, any place, and any age.
    Good news, they just recently released a 12-year-old girl.
    Prisoner X was being held under administrative detention. They weren’t going to tell anyone about him. And we will never know if he woke up and Israhell or just couldn’t be trusted. By the way, he wasn’t Israeli.
    Wake up, under Netanyahu, terrorizing children, torturing them, and scaring them for life is acceptable to the Israeli population. A crack in U.S. media is still a powerful step forward. A sleeping giant is bound to be appalled by the injustice of Israel. It’s what an Apartheid State does, not what you call it. Not even our children have impunity for any crime they may commit. Impunity is what you give yourself as Israel does when it kills, steals, and stands as a Rogue nation.

    Comment by GARY LAWRENCE | August 23, 2016

  2. Killing innocent people, that’s what Palestinian victims are, innocent, unarmed woman, and children. Shoot to kill means, kill all
    How can Obama and Hillary Clinton visit and promise 3 billion dollars
    to the Apartheid Israel? GIVE THE PEOPLE OF FLINT THE 3 BILLION
    Doom’s, command, use extreme prejudice, ends up as kill every last one of them. Last words from the Kid were, “go to hell”, in the movie DOOM. Every IDF soldier is living with that dilemma and responsibility. Kill anyone and everyone we’re not people, we’re IDF.(Cowards!!!) (Israelis, with a God of War to Worship.)
    In the U.S. Marine’s motto, “For God, Corps, Country”. God being first, which would indicate a level of morality before Corps and Country. Loyalty to Country should not override loyalty to morality. For Gods sake, everything that is and has been done to the Palestinians is morally wrong and the war crimes creep up to the White House.

    Comment by GARY LAWRENCE | August 23, 2016

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