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Leaked Memos Soros Advances Jihad On Western Civilization

  • Published on Aug 16, 2016
    Yet another American community is descended on by violent ignorance masquerading as a civil rights protest after a black career criminal was taken out by a black police officer after dangerously brandishing a weapon. So where are the leaders of the supposed righteous anger boiling over in Milwaukee?

    Typically, President Obama fiddled on the Golf course while Rome burned. Obama’s Deputy Press Secretary Jen Friedman provided a statement that read “ The president is golfing at Farm Neck Golf Club, one of his favorite courses on Martha’s Vineyard. Also today, the administration said the president had been updated on the situation in Milwaukee.”

    Meanwhile, Obama protege and Soros insulated leader of Black Lives Matter, Deray McKesson tweeted “I denounce the state violence that led to any protests in the first place.” Is this statement a result of McKesson’s shallow incomprehension in the face of total anarchy based on the real facts? Or is there another hand at play here, directing Obama’s incompetence and McKesson’s callowness?

This is an Illuminist psyop planned many decades ago, to foment fear, hate, violence, wars … to manipulate the world to the Satanic World War 3! The endgame is the Luciferian New World Order!

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