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Trump: Obama, Hillary ‘Co-Founders of ISIS – ABSOLUTELY’!

Vote Donald Trump for President of USA!

  • With this statement, Donald Trump has proven that he is definitely against the Illuminist MIC and wars without end. He has quite obviously made himself a total enemy of the western Illuminati. It also means that there is NO CHANCE in hell that the western Illuminati will allow him to become POTUS. They will try all means: rigged election, MSM demonizing, propaganda, outright threats on American people, “accidents” …. and finally ASSASSINATION of The Donald, to prevent him from becoming POTUS.
  • Trump: Obama, Hillary ‘Co-Founders of ISIS – ABSOLUTELY’!
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    “All I do is tell the truth. I’m a truth-teller.”
    Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump doubled down on comments made at a campaign rally in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on Wednesday, in which he labeled the sitting US president the founder of the Islamic terror group ISIS.

    “He was the founder of ISIS, absolutely – the way he removed our troops, you shouldn’t have gotten in,” Trump reiterated in an interview with CNBC’s Squawk Box Thursday morning.

    “I was against the war in Iraq. I was totally against it – even though I was a civilian, so nobody cared – but we shouldn’t have been in Iraq. I would not have been in Iraq if I was president, but that mistake was made – one of the worst mistakes in the history of our country. “We destabilized the Middle East. We’ve been paying the price for it for years.

    “But [Obama] was the founder, absolutely the founder.” 

    Using a sports analogy, Trump added that both Obama and Hillary would probably earn “Most Valuable Player” awards for their roles in helping the rise of ISIS.

    “In fact he gets the – in sports they have awards – he gets the ‘Most Valuable Player’ award, him and Hillary – I mean she gets it too. I gave them ‘co-founder’ if you really looked at the speech – I think you probably did.”

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