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Flashback 2008 Election: Hillary Clinton’s Excuse for Not Exiting Race – ‘ASSASSINATION of Obama’

  • Published on Feb 18, 2016
    Keith Olbermann’s commentary on the remarks made by Hillary Clinton on why she was not exiting the race against Barack Obama despite the fact that she would be unable to garner enough votes to attain the nomination.

    Keith discusses the MANY things that Hillary Clinton had been forgiven for over the years, but says that going to the level she did in bringing up assassination as a motive for remaining in the race against Obama was quite literally UNFORGIVABLE and 100% entirely a reason that she is not fit to serve as President of the United States. 

    The non-apology ‘apology’ she gives afterward to try and cover her a** for being so heartless is as fake and disingenuous as they come. Does it seem particularly genuine or heartfelt to you?

    Hillary Clinton not only cares little to nothing about the American people, she shows consistently she will do, say or fake anything to try and get the position in spite of truth, facts or anything else that gets in her way. Hillary is neither ready nor able to be President, and her attitude and willingness to throw Barack Obama into the path of a would-be nightmare for America shows she cares even less about her party, her country or the political system than anyone in recent memory.


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