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X22: Chaos, Crashes & Massive Gold Rally & A New Money System Coming

  • Published on Aug 8, 2016
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    One of the most popular compilers of economic data and the coming crash prediction is back on. He’s Dave from X22 Report and this time around we discuss the macro arguments for gold’s coming rise, the dollar’s crash and overall economic chaos with inflationary and deflationary problems in the US and abroad. Get more from Dave: 

    01:35 Inflation v Deflation: Gold/Silver & Credit Bubble 
    03:30 Empty Store Shelves Coming 
    06:00 Both Inflationary or Deflationary Shock for Prices in US 
    08:00 Future World Monetary System & Death of US Dollar 
    08:40 $100 US Bill Interesting Apperance with Gold on Right 
    11:55 How will the Dollar Lose Value over the Next Few Years 
    15:40 US Dollar vs Gold which is Real Money 
    19:50 2016 Election & the Stock Market: Crash or Rally? 
    22:50 Massive Gold Rally & Real Estate Crash 
    25:00 Closing Thoughts & Get more from X22 Report

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