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Ahead: COMEX GOLD DEFAULT | Jim Willie

  • Published on Aug 7, 2016

    – Switzerland exported a record amount of gold to the US in May ►1:22 Source: 
    – A clarification of Sharia law could mean that the 1.6 billion Muslims in the world would be able to purchase gold ►5:37 Source: 
    – Tokyo Commodities Exchange, along with the Shanghai Gold Exchange, is now trading physical gold. How will this impact the ability of the powers that be to manipulate the price of gold with paper gold contracts? ►7:19 Source: 

    Viewer Questions: 
    – How much gold does China have? ►13:04 
    – Why will people not fall for another fiat currency? ►20:37 
    – What is the minimum amount of silver I should own in order to weather the coming economic storm? ►23:46 
    – Should I take physical possession of of precious metal mining shares? ►26:10 


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