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Jim Willie Interview With Elijah Johnson at Finance & Liberty

  • Uploaded on Aug 5, 2016

    – Switzerland exported a record amount of gold to the US in May ►1:16 Source:
    – A clarification of Sharia law could mean that the 1.6 billion Muslims in the world would be able to purchase gold ►5:37 Source:
    – Tokyo Commodities Exchange, along with the Shanghai Gold Exchange, is now trading physical gold. How will this impact the ability of the powers that be to manipulate the price of gold with paper gold contracts? ►7:19 Source:

    Viewer Questions:
    – How much gold does China have? ►13:04
    – Why will people not fall for another fiat currency? ►20:37
    – What is the minimum amount of silver I should own in order to weather the coming economic storm? ►23:46
    – Should I take physical possession of of precious metal mining shares? ►26:10
    – What are the odds of any western country to either ban the sale of gold or silver, attempt to confiscate gold or silver, or apply an onerous tax to the sale of one or both of the metals? ►30:08
    – Platinum and palladium vs. gold and silver ►33:03
    – What will be the future purchasing power of silver and gold? ►39:22
    – What percent of my silver investments should be in junk silver? ►42:08
    – Where is the best place to live when the collapse occurs? ►43:27
    – When the imports fail over the dollar collapse, how bad will the oil/gas crisis be? ►52:18
    – Will the power grids fail? ►55:51
    – If NIRP comes to America, will it trigger bank runs? ►57:33
    – How will the Chinese banks be affected by the reset? ►1:00:01
    – Will Canada be in the same devaluation boat as the USA? ►1:03:20
    – Will there be a market after this crash? ►1:09:58
    – Will it be possible to use gold/silver to escape the country after the dollar collapse?
    – The Turkish economy ►1:13:42
    – Will the US Dollar lose its world reserve currency status after the Chinese Yuan becomes part of the SDR currency basket? ►1:17:33
    – Will the US ruling elite maintain their power? ►1:22:57
    – Will Germany ever be allowed to become a member of a Eurasian trade zone? ►1:29:14
    – How are the political betrayal and the attacks on civil liberty going to play out in Germany within the next months? ► 1:38:49
    – When the mega, corrupt banks get those billion dollar fines, where does that money really go? Who is the beneficiary? ►1:40:09
    – Is there any protection in a credit union? ►1:41:39
    – Could you explain what Commitment of Traders and Open Interest are? ►1:46:40 


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