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Turkey’s “Information Troops” Are Being Trained and Ordered Around by CIA

  • Turkey’s “Information Troops” Are Being Trained and Ordered Around by CIA
    by Martin Berger ,
    We are finally able to distinguish Washington’s plans from behind the disinformation smokescreen that the corporate media has set around the creation of the so-called Turkish “Information Troops.” There’s no doubt that American special services are planning to use them to their full extent now against Russia, since Turkey is widely regarded in NATO as a bridgehead for conflict against Russia.

    The primary working tool of Turkey’s new “information special forces” has become the so-called Onion Router, that was developed by the Center for High Assurance Computer Systems (CHACS) of the Office of Naval Research (ONR) within the Free Haven framework. The project was brought into life with the extensive assistance provided by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), in accordance with the demand of the federal government.

    This project was developed with an extensive amount of financial assistance provided by the US Department of Defense and the Department of State. The thinking behind it is that it must serve as an alternative to the official “controlled Internet” to ensure anonymity for users, including those who are engaged in disinformation campaigns in specific states that NATO considers non-friendly.

    Starting with the training of a little over 50 Turkish cyberspace commandos in Ukraine last June, instructors from the Pentagon and the CIA have managed to pass on American experience in information warfare to their new recruits. Now Turkey’s “Information Troops.” are going to take advantage of this experience to provoke certain Turkish Internet communities, transforming users into a reliable source of disinformation, who would then spread ideological sentiments favorable toTurkish authorities. The “test run” was executed by those cyberspace commandos in the preparation of the failed military coup in Turkey, along with the use of the local population as cannon fodder, by urging them to take to the streets.

    Then, according to the plan drafted in Washington, those commandos launched “a wave of people’s fury” against the alleged masterminds behind the coup. This allowed Tayyip Erdogan to redraw various layers of Turkish society, arresting representatives of the military elite, intellectuals, teachers, judges and even diplomats in one quick sweep.

    It’s doesn’t take a genius to establish that Erdogan was so quick to identify external and internal enemies only due to the fact that his actions were pre-planned in such a way as to strike his political opponents in the very heart. It’s no secret that all supporters and even sympathizers of the self-exiled cleric Fethullah Gülen were subjected to harassment and harsh treatement afterwards. Erdogan has already fired 1,700 servicemen, including 149 generals and admirals, shut down 40 media sources, and forced 88 diplomats to resign, including two ambassadors. According to the Turkish news agency Anadolu, at a briefing in Ankara on July 28, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Çavuşoglu announced that there can be other “supporters of Gülen” in the Ministry, so new resignations may be quick to follow. One of the diplomats who was employed at the Turkish consulate in Kazan has even fled to Japan.

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