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ISIS Wants a Global Civil War

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  • ISIS, Al Qaeda … = CIA Jihadists. They are the terror army of the western Illuminati.
  • ISIS Wants a Global Civil War
    by MAAJID NAWAZ,  
    From the murder of a French priest to the slaughter of 80 Shia Muslims in Kabul, ISIS has one goal: to get states and the far-right to single out Sunni Muslims and create a spate of religious civil wars across the world.

    LONDON — Did anyone at the Democratic National Convention notice the slaughter of 86-year-old Father Jacques Hamel, as jihadists slit his throat in his own church in Northern France during morning Mass? Well… here’s why they’d better start paying attention.

    For our own future’s sake, we must understand what jihadists are seeking to achieve through sowing the seeds of such chaos. What possible military strategy could there be in mowing 84 innocent people down to death using a lorry in Nice? How is “the cause” at all served by murdering 325 mainly Shia Muslims in Baghdad? Or by killing 80 mainly Shia Hazara Muslims in Kabul?

    In fact, since the start of Ramadan last month, and till the time of writing on July 27, 2016, there have been 75 attacks in 50 days by various jihadist groups globally. This amounts to attacks in 21 countries at a rate of one-and-a-half per day, leaving over 1,169 dead, not including the injured and maimed. The 21 countries and territories attacked have been Jordan, Iraq, Bangladesh, Syria, Israel, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Libya, France, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Malaysia, Turkey, Mali, Palestine, Cameroon, Saudi, Thailand, and Germany. Sixteen of those are Muslim-majority territories.

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Illuminist social engineers are brainwashing the sheeple into hating and killing each other. This is the Illuminist Clash of Civilizations (Samuel Huntington) psyop to lead the sheeple towards Albert Pike’s Satanic WW3. Expect major false flag attacks across Europe to ignite this war.

The western Illuminati is still hell-bent on their (Albert Pike’s) Satanic WW3 plan using Samuel Huntington’s Clash of Civilizations psyop. Click on image for article.

This is an Illuminist psyop planned many decades ago, to foment fear, hate, violence, wars … to manipulate the world to the Satanic World War 3! The endgame is the Luciferian New World Order!

The western Illuminati is still attempting to use their terror army: ISIS(ISIL) aka CIA Jihadists, to start their Satanic WW3 using the Illuminist Clash of Civilizations (Samuel Huntington) psyop! Click on image for article!

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Why all the fear, terror and war psyop by the western Illuminati? It is a sign that the global economic, financial and currency collapse is imminent. Click on image for article.


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