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The Road to Armageddon

WW3 is near?

WW3 is near?

  • The Road to Armageddon
    by John V,  
    The Past
    Cuba – American Victory or Russian Compromise
    Following the historic overthrow in the Bay of Pigs fiasco in 1961 (1,300 CIA trained and funded Cuban exiles) Castro was wary of another invasion attempt and invited Russian missiles into Cuba. Meanwhile, the US had installed nuclear missiles in both Turkey and Italy in 1961. Consequently, Russia saw this as an opportunity to place its own missiles in America’s backyard.

    The Pentagon urged a full-scale U.S. invasion of Cuba, backed by massive naval and air power. All Kennedy’s advisors, including Secretary of defence McNamara and Vice President Johnson, recommended an American invasion of Cuba, which would have guaranteed a nuclear war. Fortunately, Kennedy forbade the U.S. military to invade Cuba. Moreover, but unknown at the time, Soviet troops received authorisation to use 100 tactical nuclear weapons against any invading force and their bases in South Florida.

    With both sides set on a crash course, on the 26 October 1962, a personal letter to Kennedy arrived from Khrushchev with a deal. If America withdrew its missiles from Turkey and Italy and give a cast iron guarantee not to invade Cuba, Russia would turn its ships around and withdraw the missiles from Cuba. A compromise reached, Kennedy accepted and both sides saved face.

    A CBS broadcast on the 28th of October 1962 proclaimed that America had emerged, “from under the most terrible threat of a nuclear Holocaust since the second world war […] a humiliating defeat for Soviet policy“. Meanwhile, Russia stated that it was, “Yet another triumph for Moscow’s peace-loving foreign policy over warmongering imperialists […] the supremely wise, always reasonable Soviet leadership had saved the world from the threat of nuclear destruction.”

    Did the propaganda version of victory mislead America into the self-complacency seen today and an over reliance on military action to resolve its future political problems?

    The Future
    The Day all Men became Equal
    While NATO and the US continue to play war games, those on the receiving end might want to play another game with nukemap. Enter your world location, select a missile, view the strike results and hope it remains a game. The bombs dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima were 20kt and 15kt respectively. The Russian Topol SS25 is 800kt! The world has changed since the Cuban crisis of over half a century ago. Today there are no winners, confidence cannot be high and only compromises remain.

    A strong U.S. economy is not the answer to global prosperity; it is a system that allows the transfer of the world’s wealth to the U.S. As the global recession bites ever deeper, more and more Americans are waking up to the realisation that it was not they who created the wealth of America, but others. The dollar is collapsing and the American Empire is in decline. From The Federal Emergency Management Agency, to the militarisation of the police and what looks suspiciously like the beginnings of a police state, it is clear the U.S. government also realise the dangers ahead. Will the U.S. go nuclear, or accept the unavoidable economic and social collapse on its way to Armageddon?

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