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Paris Prosecutor: One of Church Attackers, Known to Intelligence Services

  • Published on Jul 26, 2016
    Francois Molins made the remark in a press conference in the capital. Molins said the attacker used to be under house arrest and strict surveillance with an electronic tag. He also added that the police are still trying to identify the second attacker. The prosecutor said the attacker once tried to reach Syria in 20-15. Daesh has claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack on the church near the city of Rouen. The two assailants slit the throat of 84-year-old priest Jacques Hamel and took several people hostages. The gunmen were shot dead by the police. Hours later, France’s elite police arrested a man during a raid as search operation is still underway for any more possible suspects. Meanwhile, French President Francois Hollande condemned the attack and vowed to wage a war against the ISIL by all means.

This article like all western MSM demonizes people who tell the truth. Calling them ‘conspiracy theories/theorists’, a derogatory term against the truth. Click on image for article!

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The term “Conspiracy Theory” (derogatory imprint) is used by the MSM to demonize the truth. It is placed in the minds of the readers that people who believe in them are mentally unsound. Simple psyop! Click on image for article!

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Click on image for article.


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