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AHEAD: $100 Silver, $10,000 Gold | Bo Polny

  • Published on Jul 25, 2016

    – Precious metal market update ►0:54
    – Stock market crash coming ►2:56
    Viewer Questions
    – When the Dow suffers its biggest drop at some point in the next two months, will share prices of the precious metals miners plummet as well? ►6:26
    – When will silver break $50/oz? ►8:18
    – When does Bo think gold/silver will peak? ►10:43
    – How Bo sees the technology fixing the precious metal price manipulation? Will there ever be price separations (paper vs physical)? ►11:52
    – Would you advise owning more silver to gold? At what ratio of silver to gold? ►13:36
    – I own silver certificates (presently underwater, bought in 2011) and realize that, not holding the actual is risky. I wonder how high silver could go where the paper silver promises may be dissolved or not honored…could I wait til $35 to $70.00 to sell them back to the bank or would I be wise to sell now, buy the physical metal? ►18:53
    – What does his cycle analysis have in regards to Bitcoin? ►20:21
    – What is your view on Yuan joining SDR Currency Basket on specifically chosen 10-02-16 Jubilee date as well as ramifications to current economic conditions? ►21:53
    – Will the United States experience hyperinflation? ►24:16


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