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Jim Willie: Death of PetroDollar And Return to Gold Standard

    February 3rd:  topics covered are:

    * Petro-Dollar foundation, money vs legal tender 
    * outsourcing of industry 
    * bond carry trade and Interest Rate Swap machinery
    * the global rejection of the USDollar as global currency reserve (due to Zimbabwe behavior), brief QE sequence history as monetary policy initiatives
    * the fake rate hike by the Federal Reserve with real purpose of double barrel by USDept Treasury
    * the Gold Standard return via the trade ramps then bank reserves then currencies, the Emerging Market nations control of trade while the Anglo-Americans control the currency/bond arena 
    * the recapitalization of the banks by means of placing more Gold bullion as reserves
    * the Chinese lead with gold-backed currencies with RMB but maybe linked with Gold Trade Note as transition 
    * the requirement of a critical mass for launching a gold currency due to export trade reaction effect with the BRICS Alliance nations as main dogsled
    * the effect on the USEconomy from a new domestic-only Scheiss Dollar whose devaluations will be done in sequence until the trade and federal deficits are eliminated and closed while shortages arise
    * the bold move (effective but fascist) will have USGovt requirement to capture private pensions to cover the $1trillion annual federal deficit and finally
    * disgusting criminal deeds by the Western Elite like the Malaysian Airline killjob by Jacob Rothschild (hired Bush Family) for acquiring the FreeScale chip and the grandfather Baren Rothschild deal to lease the Russian Czar gold hoard (like 12-15,000 gold tons) before the Romanov family was murdered thus making the Bolshevik Revolution a Western gold heist.


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