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TV3 Ireland: HPV Vaccine Documentary – 150 Girls Suffer Debilitating Conditions Due to the HPV Vaccine

  • TV3 Ireland: HPV Vaccine Documentary
    Gardasil in Ireland under scrutiny. 150 girls from the group REGRET believe their debilitating conditions are due to the HPV vaccine, Gardasil. 

    So what is next for Ireland? Families aroung the world seriously hope they put aside this nonsense on how to tackle “vaccine hesitancy” and instead focus on the thousands of very real adverse events worldwide. If they are psychogenic in nature, then one has to admit it’s the first worldwide outbreak of an “Internet-contagious disease” in history, which – despite the best efforts of the Vaccine Confidence Project, the World Health Organization, GAVI, or Merck to convince us otherwise – defies common sense and logic.

    Let’s hope he Irish government to does the right thing and uses a common-sense approach based on the WHO’s European Precautionary Principle. The parents of R.E.G.R.E.T. are not going away, and they will not be silenced. Their numbers are growing daily. They will never give up looking for answers and treatments for their girls, who need immediate medical help and support.


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