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Man Asked To Speak To Chinese Officials Warns 2015 Collapse To Dwarf That Of 2008!

Global Super Storm meltdown??

Global Super Storm meltdown coming soon??

  • Man Asked To Speak To Chinese Officials Warns 2015 Collapse To Dwarf That Of 2008! 
    Today a legend who was recently asked by the Chinese government to give a speech to government officials in China warned King World News that the 2008 collapse was merely a dress rehearsal for what the world will face in 2015.  John Ing, who has been in the business for 43 years, also discussed what is going to trigger a disastrous chain reaction, panic and worldwide financial destruction in the coming year.

    John Ing:  “While everybody appears to be celebrating the record highs on Wall Street, we are also seeing a loss of public trust.  One key example of this loss of public trust is when you look at the $1.1 trillion spending bill in the U.S., where there was the dilution of the Dodd-Frank Act which now allows for bail-ins in the United States.

    Elizabeth Warren immediately warned that we keep on diluting these so-called safeguards that have been put in place which were designed to prevent a repeat of 2008.  This will lead to disastrous consequences….

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