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The Alberino Analysis: Deep Underground Military Bases (D.U.M.B.)!


There seem to be 142-144 such DUMBs in America.

There seems to be 200+ such DUMBs in America.

Books by Richard Sauder (PhD)

Books by Richard Sauder (PhD)






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  1. Great video, great page and info. But Alien = Nephilim is not true, especially in this case. The ‘tall grays’ Phil thought were aliens are in fact a subterranean race that has been around for who knows how long. The details of them are too gruesome to almost believe. Hollywood knows all about them and a female of this race is portrayed in the Star Wars movie; Attack of the Clones — a Kaminoan. From what I understand they WANTED to be in a movie. And think its funny that the sheeple out there see them right before their eyes, and with every scene they watch, it makes it even harder the believe they actually exist. Unfortunately they are but one of MANY stinky, smelly, evil entities that are biding their time (mostly underground) and plotting our doom. Fallen angels are indeed at the top, controlling them all – and possibly Nephilim will come around again to wreak destruction as part of the great unraveling that is going to begin soon . . .

    Comment by DarrinG | September 17, 2014

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