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Microwave Pulse Gives Birth to Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) Hitting the Philippines! Weather Warfare in Action!

Click on image to goto the pdf file!

Tesla’s Longitudinal EM Wave Weapons! Click on image to goto article!

Click on image to goto Stanford University on HAARP ELF-VLF Weather Modification paper.

Hurricane Irene being steered or intensity reduced? Click on image to goto MIMIC microwave website!

Flashback Ophelia September 2005. Apparent weather modification to destroy hurricane. Click on image to goto MIMIC to see full moving image!

Hurricane Rita 23 Sep 2005 off the coast of Texas. Weather Modification Radar signature. Source:

Hurricane Rita 23 Sep 2005 off the coast of Texas. Weather Modification Radar signature. Source:

Someone used HAARP to steer or speed up Hurricane Rita?

Someone used HAARP to steer or speed up Hurricane Rita?


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  1. I’m just curious and i’m a little sceptical with your theory. Assuming that weather can be manipulated now ( wch i’m sure is a fact), thru microwaves, how can u be so sure that a storm at this scale can result with merely just microwave. Moreover, what was the motive in doing this bcz there aren’t seem to be any. Not to mention the stations that u mentioned isn’t really known for weather manipulation. Imo, the facts that could weigh down your theory is heavier than your pressumptions. If i’m wrong, i’m interested to be convinced.

    Comment by sirCurious | November 10, 2013

    • Experiment can be the most probable answer.

      Comment by reynaldo | November 23, 2013

  2. This crap has been going on since the 1960′ when the U.S. Military were seeding
    clouds to flood out the Ho Chi Min Trail. Only now they have steeped up their game.
    …..It’s Demonic , and the everyday ‘Sheeple’ are not even aware of what’s going on.

    This crap is NOT NEW !

    Comment by Hayahdim Ysrayl | November 11, 2013

  3. SBX radar is the main culprit

    Comment by efvee anon | November 11, 2013

  4. the sheeple are asleep alright , but they will be woken with an almighty bang soon enough , I think they are after the kids not only to rape and ritually abuse them but to mind control them , control the kids and control the future ,xxxx

    Comment by bob mcdonald | November 11, 2013

  5. Day in Day out
    All normal stuff now
    Conditioning at it’s finest

    Comment by Jane | November 11, 2013

  6. How they concentrate microwaves in a region of the atmosphere? If they use simple microwaves, i think it is also very dangerous even to them.

    Comment by eggpi | November 12, 2013

  7. Very interesting, I am in the Philippines. I need to correct your numbers though, by the time it hit land there were sustained speeds of 324 km/hr with gusts to 385 km/hr, which makes it the biggest typhoon ever recorded. As to the question about how can microwaves set off such a thing, I did work with Lawrence Livermore laboratories in the USA in 1976 on directed focal microwaves. Imagine a million microwaves, like the ones you use to heat your food, all hooked together and focusing all of their energy into a tight area over a short duration.. you can generate air temps up to 7,000 degrees. When you do that over the ocean you get a column of air going straight up at high velocities which forces the surrounding air to move in to replace it.. the coriolis effect does the rest, which is why hurricanes and cyclones rotate in opposite directions.

    Comment by Terry Wright | November 12, 2013

  8. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Hello, The Fundraising Foundation Saves The Worlds Philippine representatives lives in the areas who have suffered the worst by Haiyan, our female representative Ivona M. Carcedo lives in Cebu region, and her fiance Brent L. Mausisa who lived in what once was Tacloban City.

    Ivona has provided her personal story on the events from her point of view, you can read it on Saves The Worlds blog here:

    We hope that this will give you all a deeper understanding of the actual events and situation there when you read this personal story!

    Please share it with others!

    Much thanks from the board of directors in Saves The World Foundation!

    Comment by Board of Directors, Saves The World | November 12, 2013

  9. Then, I guess the question that needs to be asked is…..who did this and why??

    Comment by Shawn Cramer | November 12, 2013

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  12. mother nature has not finished making our planet , and mere men will never be able to change that fact, if they could they would have stopped the many storms that hit north america, and the rest of the world. Reducing the population can be done in a much more controlled way.

    Comment by Al Currie | November 16, 2013

  13. godbless god is on the way and all these wicked snakes are going to be removed from the cosmos shalom godbless

    Comment by michael | November 19, 2013

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