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Large Microwave Pulse Creates Tropical Storm “TWENTY SEVEN”!

  • Illuminist snakes are playing with their HAARP weather modification weapon to screw the sheeple! Creating ‘natural disasters’ for depopulation!
  • Published on Oct 19, 2013 
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    Currently we have Typhoon Francisco, as a borderline Category 5 storm.. heading northwest towards Japan. At the same time this is occurring, a large microwave pulse of some kind was detected BEHIND Typhoon Francisco…… then….. after the pulse.. a new tropical system develops directly in the center of the area which was pulsed.

    At the direct epicenter of the pulse, we see Tropical Storm “TWENTY SEVEN” form. Looks like it will head on the same track as Francisco and Wipha.  Lets hope it dies out. Is this an attempt at Hurricane mitigation?  Or Hurricane creation? See the whole pulse event here:…

    original links here:…… How can High Frequency / Microwaves / RF (radio frequency) effect the weather?  Read much more here:…

Flashback Ophelia September 2005. Apparent weather modification to destroy hurricane. Click on image to goto MIMIC to see full moving image!

Click on image to goto Stanford University on HAARP ELF-VLF Weather Modification paper.

Click on image to goto the pdf file!

Hurricane Irene 2011 being steered or intensity reduced? To see full moving image, click on image to goto MIMIC microwave website!


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