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Bix Weir: Complete Wipeout of all Paper Assets & Debt Coming!

  • Although I do follow Bix Weir’s work, I do not agree with him on certain major points. I do not believe that the wipeout of debts will benefit the sheeple. For eg. as hyperinflation kicks in, interest rates will rise. Mortgage payments will rise correspondingly. Ie. the debt servicing level for the sheeple will rise. Not fall.
  • Those of you who follow my blog knows that: the coming global economic, financial and currency collapse; and WW3 is to prepare the way for the coming of the Anti-Christ. One of the methods he will employ to win over the sheeple is: debt forgiveness! All the debts held by all the Illuminist central banks through QE ie. creating money out of thin air to buy government bonds, will be wiped out by the Man of Sin. Keep in mind that these debts (FedRes holds about US$3.4Trillion) cost these Illuminist central banks NOTHING! Similarly, all the MBS, asset backed … financial derivatives bought by these central banks (with computer digits created out of NOTHING) from their TBTF banks (FedRes holds probably > US$2T) will be wiped out by the Anti-Christ. This will of course benefit the sheeple directly. Yes, sheeple all over the world will welcome him with open arms! It is all One Big SCAM!
  • Complete Wipeout of all Debt Coming-Bix Weir! 
    by Greg Hunter’s
    Bix Weir is a tireless advocate for manipulation-free gold and silver markets.  Weir says, “They are printing money, and the reason to control the price of gold is to control the perception the U.S. dollar is a sound currency.”  The manipulation game is not going to go on much longer.  Weir proclaims, “We’re at a point in our system and in the manipulation where people within the Fed and within our government are ready to pull the plug on the game and basically crash the system.”  Weir goes on to say, “You’re looking at a complete wipeout of all debt in all banks, all virtual assets, virtual assets meaning electronic blips on a 401k statement and checking and savings accounts.”  The reason, according to Weir, is simple. He says, “We are the biggest debtor nation in the world.  If we collapse the debt now and erase all debt, we win.”  When could it all start to fall apart?  Weir predicts “the August-September time frame.”   Join Greg Hunter for this controversial interview with Bix Weir from


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