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Lindsey Williams: The Coming Chaos! (Revelation News Radio 29 April 2013)

  • Lindsey Williams: The Coming Chaos! (Revelation News Radio 29 April 2013) 
    by Revelation News Radio ,
    “A few minutes ago I was on the phone with my elite friend. I must tell you what he said. The survival of your family may depend on it. You and your family do not need to suffer. Many people made great fortunes during the Great Depression in 1929. You can prosper during the days ahead if you heed what my Elite friend is advising me.

    I contacted a second Elite friend to confirm what the first had said. This DVD is made to tell what I was told.”

    – Cyprus – The startling Real Story
    The American Dollar – How long?????
    Healthcare – A trap
    America – The world’s only hope
    Saudi Arabia – Look out
    Iran – Sabre rattling?
    – Derivatives – Collapse being discussed
    – Global Collapse of all fiat currencies planned
    – VP Joe Biden:
       – New World Order ie. World Government
       – New Financial System ie. One World Currency, Global Supra-National Central Bank.
       – New Global Rules: New One World Consitution!

    NEW DVD: “New Signs of the Elite, Just Given to Me”

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  1. […] Revelation News Radio 4/29/13 Lindsey got 2nd confirmation from another elitist friend that what his 1st friend stated was true They are working on a date for the collapse of all currencies Cypress was not a money-laundering for the elite but for the Russian wealthy, Europeans, drug lords, weapons smugglers and terrorists; elites wanted to close Cypress down and they did; every person that had over a certain amount was wiped away ($10B worth) Forced debt creation as a prerequisite to a currency collapse Similar events to Cypress are being planned for other nations (won’t be same as raiding bank accounts) How would they pull a Cypress in America? They’re discussing raiding retirements funds (Federal, State, etc.) ; pulling out certain amount so Fed gov can pay their bills If it is written on a piece of paper it’s worth the paper it’s printed on If you have money in the Cayman Islands, Dubai: pull it out They are trying to dis-annul wealth of everyone (including the wealthy and super-wealthy) Debt is a trap; borrower is servant to the lender; forcing debt on them Elite has a code of ethics; they must tell the world everything they’re going to do it before they do it (e.g. Hollywood movies) You’ll see the Euro collapse first; if you haven’t gotten your money in tangibles you’ll loose it The derivative market will collapse currencies worldwide You should not worry at all because you’ll know what to do 4/2/13 NY Times piece on David Stockman’s new book: “unsustainable”; “when it bursts” Can you afford to lose what you have in the bank? Don’t have anything in the bank you can’t afford to lose. 4/5/13 VP Biden before the Import/Export Bank: “new financial institutions” = new currency; “updated global rules” = new (One World) Constitution; “a level-playing field” (e.g. of the likes of Mexico) What you have in the bank plus anything in paper (e.g. U.S. currency) will be affected Still thinks we may have another 1 – 1.5 years before a major/catastrophic crisis with the US dollar Look at insider trading over the past 2 – 3 months; they’re bailing out of their own stock Egypt was to be deposed followed by Libia, Syria; Syria has set them back by 1 yr!; there will be others turned over to the Muslim Brotherhood; last one will be Saudi Arabia Less than 1% of US citizens have gold & silver; that doesn’t bother the elite; less than ½ of 1% have pre-1933 coins (can’t be confiscated); Elites play more power than what the other person has Lindsey was very sick w/chronic fatigue symptom earlier this year; if you’re sick you have to go to where the elites go: Dr. Rodrigues, hospital in Tijuana, Mexico; there is no reason to suffer from cancer, degenerative diseases, etc; pres Regan cured himself of colon cancer by using carnivore (natural substance; plant); nowadays it’s not illegal to import carnivore; Lindsey is 77 years old; in 6 weeks Lindsey cured himself and feels like he’s in his 50s; natural substance without any side effects; to order: 866-836-8735; once you get a disease/cancer/etc you’ll always have it but you can keep it under control; IFC Hospital, the elite get well naturally; you can not trust the American medical system; 800-701-7345 is the number of the hospital in Mexico; also try calling 800-262-0212 and ask for Teresa; IBC Hospital started ~ 30 years ago; hospital will send you a 60-pg brochure & DVD On 1/1/2014: ~ 40% of health care professionals will quit or get out of the business; can’t operate under new health care rules; will be drastic euthanasia in the U.S. His sanctioned fan site: […]

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