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Boston False Flag – FULLY EXPOSED?!

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  1. Boston Explosion Timing Finally Explained

    Law enforcement in Boston have released a possible explanation for the late timing of the two explosions which occurred during this week’s marathon.

    (I-Newswire) April 17, 2013 – With a suspect in custody, police in Boston have announced what appears to be a suspicious connection between the placement and timing of the two bombs that grievously injured over a hundred people while killing several bystanders, and five people present in the area at the time of the blasts who reside in the same small town outside of the Boston area.

    While details are limited, a spokesman with the investigation stated that a suspect currently in custody has revealed having a personal relationship with two women who finished the marathon at around three and a half hours, and fours hours, respectively. The blasts occurred as both women remained in the area of the finish line after having recently finished the marathon.

    Both women are from a small community where the suspect is also a longtime resident. Both women are married, with their husbands present in the viewing area near the finish line. None of the four suffered injuries from the blasts, but all four are believed to have witnessed to it before fleeing the area.

    Police caution that while the suspect they have in custody is being held with good reason, and the connection to the two women has been verified, they cannot at this time verify with certainty that the suspect was indeed involved in building or detonating the two bombs.

    Boston police are warning the public not to attempt vigilante justice against the suspect if released or at any time in the future, as this may simply be a case of a mentally disturbed individual claiming credit for a terrorist act to serve personal delusions of grandeur or a persecution complex.

    Other possible reasons for the suspect claiming responsibility could be the covert use of a “dummy terrorist” without any traceable connections to the actual terrorist organization responsible for the blasts, in which case public attacks against the “dummy terrorist” would only serve to conceal further the real culprit.

    Comment by Bill | April 17, 2013

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