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Financial Insider “V” & Steve Quayle: The Last Hurrah! The Global Ponzi Fiat Currency Scheme is Coming to an End ! Global Collapse & Gold/Silver War!

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China Points Finger at U.S. Over Asia-Pacific Tensions!

World War 3 soon?

World War 3 soon?

  • North Korea is just a convenient excuse to position massive US military forces off the coast of China. The conflict to watch out for is not South Korea vs North Korea. It is China, North Korea vs America, Japan & South Korea! It will become part of the wider WW3! Despite all the war mongering rhetoric and stupid genocidal threats by North Korea, war with North Korea will last at most 2 weeks once tactical nuclear warheads are employed by American forces. Without tactical nuclear weapons, the war is likely to be an unwinnable stalemate with heavy casualties on both sides. China knows the Anglo-American Illuminist power is after them. Because China is the main threat to their global monetary, financial and economic hegemony!
  • China points finger at U.S. over Asia-Pacific tensions! 
    by Ben Blanchard, 
    China’s defense ministry made a thinly veiled attack on the United States on Tuesday for increasing tensions in the Asia-Pacific by ramping up its military presence and alliances in the region, days after the top U.S. diplomat visited Beijing.

    China is uneasy with what the United States has called the “rebalancing” of forces as Washington winds down the war in Afghanistan and renews its attention further east. China says the policy has emboldened Japan, the Philippines and Vietnam in longstanding territorial disputes with Beijing.

    China faces “multiple and complicated security threats” despite its growing influence, the Ministry of Defense said in its annual white paper, adding that the U.S. strategy meant “profound changes” for Asia.

    “There are some countries which are strengthening their Asia Pacific military alliances, expanding their military presence in the region and frequently make the situation there tenser,” the ministry said in the 40-page document, in a clear reference to the United States.

    Such moves “do not accord with the developments of the times and are not conducive towards maintaining regional peace and stability”, ministry spokesman Yang Yujun told reporters.

    The official People’s Liberation Army Daily went further, saying in a commentary on Monday that China needed to beef up its defenses to deal with a hostile West bent on undermining it.

    “Hostile Western forces have intensified their strategy to westernize and split China, and employed every possible means to contain and control our country’s development,” it said.

    On Monday, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry defended the re-orientation of U.S. foreign policy towards Asia as he ended a trip to the region dominated by concerns about North Korea’s nuclear program.

    While China has been angered by North Korea’s behavior, including its third nuclear test in February, it has also made clear it considers U.S. displays of force in response to Pyongyang’s behavior to be a worrisome development.

    China is North Korea’s most important diplomatic and financial backer — the two fought together in the 1950-53 Korean war — although the ministry’s Yang would not be drawn on the subject aside from repeating a call for peace and dialogue.

    China’s own military moves have worried others in the region, too. China unveiled another double-digit rise in military expenditure last month, to 740.6 billion yuan ($119 billion) for 2013, and is involved in protracted and often ugly disputes over a series of islands in the East and South China Seas.

    “On the issues concerning China’s territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests, some neighboring countries are taking actions that complicate or exacerbate the situation, and Japan is making trouble over the Diaoyu Islands issue,” the white paper said.

    read more!


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Boston False Flag – FULLY EXPOSED?!

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Alex Jones: Army’s Runner Pulled Before Boston Blast !

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Alex Jones: They’re Going To Stage Stuff !

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UPDATED FACT SHEET: Obama’s Saudi Connection! The Obama/Al-Qaeda Alliance!

Click on image to goto factsheet!

“Al Qaeda is a creation of the US intelligence apparatus! It is extremely well documented ! Many of the terrorist attacks are in fact orchestrated by the US intelligence and military!” – Michel Chossudovsky P2, 7:40 onwards

  • Muslim Brotherhood created by British Intelligence
    By fabricating a bogus war between Islamic fundamentalism and the West, the globalists are able to attack their real enemy, humanity. Pulling the strings, they will ensure that both Western and Muslim states are degraded and finally completely subjugated to their odious rule.
  • The Masonic Origins of the Muslim Brotherhood (emphasis mine)
    The Masonic origins of the Islamists movements, and their true goal to undermine Islam and fight for Western Zionist Powers such as Britain and the United States of America. The Muslim Brotherhood has acted as a clever technique to recruit agent-provocateurs for the Illuminati. The lowest ranks may sincerely believe they are defending Islam, and confronting “Western imperialism”. However, these various terrorist groups, through representing different factions, are part of a single network serving the same Illuminati cause.

    When we explore the political and financial connections of the terrorists, we find that these are not merely wayward fanatics, operating in isolation, but that their channels penetrate to the upper reaches of power, in the British and American governments, and outward into the nether regions of the occult and criminal underworlds.
  • Terrorism And The Illuminati! A 3,000 Year History! by David Livingstone
    Contrary to myth being fabricated, Islam does not pose a threat to the West. Rather, Islamic “terrorist” organizations have been created to serve Western imperialistic objectives. These groups are intertwined with Western power through a network of occult secret societies. This relationship dates back to sixth century BC, and the birth of the Kabbalah, in Babylon; a plot to seek world domination through the use of magic and deception.

“The ultimate goal that these people have in mind … is the goal to create a One World Government run by the banking industry .. run by the bankers! … The whole agenda is to create a One World Government where everybody has an RFID chip implanted !”
– Aaron Russo 0:15 onwards

“He’s (Rockefeller) the one who told me 11 months before 9/11 ever happen, there was going to be an event. .. And out of that event we will invade Afghanistan, (for) the pipelines to the Caspian sea. We were going to invade Iraq .. to take over the oil fields, establish a base in the Middle East and make it all a part of the New World Order! And we will go after Chavez Venezuela. Sure enough 9/11 happened ! … And there was going to be this War on Terror which has no real enemy. And the whole thing is a giant HOAX! … This whole War on Terror is a FRAUD! ”
– Aaron Russo 2:30 onwards

All scams are based on deception and mis-direction! '666' is coming!

All scams are based on deception and mis-direction! ‘666’ is coming!

Where are the evidence that Afghans or Iraqis were involved? There is NONE!




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France’s Media Admits that the Syrian “Opposition” is Al Qaeda. Then Justifies French Government Support to the Terrorists!

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  • Al Qaeda is really Al CIAda. It is a creation of western Illuminist intelligence agencies and is still owned by them. It is an ever present, nebulous enemy employed as a false pretext for the conquest of nations for the Luciferian New World Order. Al Qaeda works for the Pentagon, CIA, MI5/6, Mossad …. to be precise Al Qaeda work for the top echelons who are in control in these organizations. And these people are Illuminists-Satanists!
  • The western Illuminati’s plan is to trigger their Satanic World War 3 and global economic, financial and currency collapse! This is to prepare the way for the coming of the Anti-Christ, the fake messiah, the bringer of false peace, the white horseman of Revelation 6!
  • France’s Media Admits that the Syrian “Opposition” is Al Qaida. Then Justifies French Government Support to the Terrorists! 
    by Gearóid Ó Colmáin, 
    In a report published on the 11th of April French daily Le Monde admits that rebels fighting the government of the Syrian Arab Republic are dominated by Japhat Al Nosra, a terrorist group linked to Al Qaida. The admission comes after two years of non-stop disinformation trumpeted from all French mainstream media outlets from the official right to the official left, disinformation that has attempted to convince the French public that democratic revolutionaries are fighting a war for human rights and freedom against a brutal, tyrannical dictator, who is ‘’ killing his own people’’.

    This puerile and deeply dishonest narrative has now been utterly discredited, as the facts about the terrorist nature of the Syrian rebels have become too obvious to ignore.  In an article entitled ‘The New Visage of French Jihadism’ it is reported that French jihadists are leaving France in their hundreds to join the ‘holy war’ against the Syrian Arab Republic, with many more joining jihadist groups in Mali.

    On the same page in an article entitled ‘Al Qaida extends its territory and unites its forces in Iraq and Syria’, Le Monde’s Christophe Ayad reports:

    ‘The head of Iraq’s Islamic state, the Iraqi branch of Al Qaida, announced in a recorded message on April 9th, that his group would be fused with the Japhat AL Nosra( Support Front), the principal armed jihadist organization in Syria. The new group will be called Al-Qaida in Iraq and the Levant. This announcement comes two days after the call of Ayman Al-Zawarhiri, the successor of Osama Bin Laden in the leadership of Al-Qaida ‘headquarters,’ for the establishment of an Islamic state after the fall of the regime of Bachar-Al-Assad, afflicted since two years by an insurrection by the Sunni majority.’[1]

    So, here we now have the French establishment press, who has been working overtime since two years to convince us that those fighting Assad are democrats, admitting that they are in fact Al Qaida. According to an October 2010Fox News report, the above-mentioned Al Qaida leader Al-Zawarhiri dined at the Pentagon just months after 911. Fox News reporter Catherine Herridge claimed she had documents to prove this. Of course, Fox News being a corporate propaganda agency did not pursue this story any further, nor did any other international mainstream media outlets. In the war on terror ignorance is strength and questioning is stupid.[2] The Fox News reporter earns 900,000 dollars per annum.[3]

    read more!

In this ground-breaking book, Mark Curtis reveals the covert history of British collusion with radical Islamic and terrorist groups. Secret Affairs shows how governments since the 1940s have connived with militant forces to control oil resources and overthrow governments. The story of how Britain has helped nurture the rise of global terrorism has never been told.

Who is behind Muslim Fundamentalism & Terrorism? Western Illuminist governments and their intelligence agencies! It is deliberate and not a miscalculation as Dreyfuss asserts! They are still owned by the western Illuminati!


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Is The Takedown Of Gold A Sign That The Entire Global Financial System Is About To Crash?


  • All the fear and despondency in the bullion market are just noise! Jim Sinclair is correct: gold will achieve $3500 easily! What everyone is not asking is: why this massive takedown now? Why the Boston Marathon bombing now? How does this tie into the global geo-political situation, the threat of nuclear war in the Korean peninsula, the Chinese military mobilizing forces towards the border of North Korea and towards the eastern coastal region, what about the escalating conflict between China and Japan over Senkaku/DiaoYu islands … the H7N9 bird flu appears to be an ethnic specific bio-weapon attack on China. The Zionists are preparing to attack Iran …. etc. Something BIG may be about to happen in the world scene. The bullion banksters are probably getting out fast before global events send gold/silver prices on a moon shot!
  • Is The Takedown Of Gold A Sign That The Entire Global Financial System Is About To Crash? 
    by Michael, 
     Somebody out there is sure getting prepared for something really big.  We have just witnessed a takedown of gold and silver unlike anything that we have witnessed in decades.  On Monday, the price of gold had fallen by more than 10 percent at one point.  It shocked investors all over the globe, and overall what we have just seen was the largest two day decline in the price of gold in 30 years.  The price of silver dropped even more rapidly on Monday.  It was down more than 14 percent at one point.  There was an atmosphere of “panic selling” as investors and financial institutions raced to liquidate their holdings of silver and gold.  But was this exactly what someone out there wanted?  As I wrote about the other day, big banks and news outlets all over the world have been boldly proclaiming for weeks that gold is entering a “bear market” and that now is the time for all of us to sell our gold.  In particular, Goldman Sachs reportedly told their clients earlier this month that they “recommend initiating a short COMEX gold position“.  Was that just a “good guess” on their part, or was something else going on?  Were they actually trying to help create a “selling frenzy” that would drive the price of gold much lower?

    What we witnessed on Monday was absolutely jaw-dropping.  Just check out this chart of the price of gold over the past 10 years.  The takedown of gold on Monday sticks out like a sore thumb…

    read more!


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Is Bernanke’s Worst Nightmare Just Around the Corner?

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  • What is the solution to deflation should QE fail to inflate away debts? The simple answer is: Gold Pice Revaluation! There is a very strong likelihood that the US treasury will revalue gold upwards to US$5000 – $10,000/oz!
  • Is Bernanke’s Worst Nightmare Just Around the Corner? 
    by Graham Summers, 
    The markets today are snapping back from yesterday’s sharp drop. However, in the bigger picture we believe that Ben Bernanke must be terrified.

    The Fed and other Central banks of the world have done their darnedest to inflate away the debts of the developed world. These folks wanted more than anything to create inflation… because it meant it was easier to service their debt loads provided interest rates stayed low.

    It is beginning to look like they failed. The Fed has announced QE 3 and QE 4, the Bank of Japan just announced a $1.2 trillion stimulus, the European Central Bank has promised unlimited bond buying… and yet deflation looks to be rearing its head again.

    Copper has taken out its “recovery’ trendline.


Oil is breaking down!

Oil is breaking down!


  • These are all signs of rising deflation. If deflation IS back then Bernanke’s efforts to create inflation will have failed. IF this is the case, the Fed is literally out of bullets.

    Investors take note, the global economy appears to be contracting again. China’s recent GDP miss is the just the latest in a series of economic surprises to the downside. And stocks are always the last asset class to realize this.

    If you’re not preparing for a potential bout of deflation in the markets, we can help you to do so. We offer a FREE Special Report outlining actions you can take to protect your wealth and loves ones from market risk. It’s called Protect Your Portfolio and you can download a FREE copy here:


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Bullion Market: Force Majeure Was the End Game All Along!

  • I agree with Bill Holter that the Crimex is heading towards default and force majeure! But the method/process will not be what he says below. The bullion banksters have already cleared as much of their naked shorts in gold/silver as possible. At the same time they have been accumulating physical. They know that the eastern central banks are buying physical by the hundreds of tons on such price collapse. They also know that it is unsustainable and eventually China will be the winner if this is allowed to continue. China is the main threat to their global monetary hegemony. The only way to crimp demand is by much higher prices. I believe their plan is for the US Treasury to revalue the price of gold upwards dramatically ie: US$5000 – 10,000/oz.
  • The bullion banksters will then declare a force majeure and settle all outstanding naked shorts at the last transacted price. They will, of course, make hundreds of billions on their physical holdings! This is all a SCAM!
  • Force Majeure Was the End Game All Along! 
    by Bill Holter, 
    Last week Barrick Resources announced the postponement of their giant Pascua Lama mine.  This was to be one of the worlds largest mines and is now tied up in litigation over true ownership as it appears to show that Barrick does not have clear title.  The probable reserves were nearly 18 million ounces of gold and almost 700 million ounces of silver.  Work on this mine was completely ceased last Wednesday.

    Last Wednesday was also an important day for the Kennecott copper mine in Utah, the ground started to shift more rapidly prior to this weekend’s landslide.  They knew this was coming as they closed the visitor center on April 1st and had all equipment and personnel out of harms way.  This mine produces some 400,000 ounces of gold and over 3 million ounces of silver as a by product of copper.  This is the largest copper mine on the planet.  Have you heard even a peep out of the mainstream media on this on?  I didn’t think so.

    Is it not strange that these two events came to a head last Wednesday?  The same day that out of nowhere gold reversed from being up and give up $40?  And then of course there was Friday with $85 and another $75 this morning.  gold is now down $200 per ounce in just over 3 trading days.  Between these two projects, one not coming online and the other going off line, a VERY significant amount of production is not going to happen.  Does this make sense?  Did you not learn in school that “less” supply meant higher prices?  In the real world?

    We don’t live in “the real world”, we live in a world where everything financial is manipulated.  Here is what I see happening.  They knew that this mine was going to collapse and the production would stop.  Then the ruling on the Pascua Lama mine was sent down.  Last Thursday president Obama met with 15 heads of the biggest banks and brokers in the country, THIS was discussed as sure as the sun came up this morning: we have hit the bottom of the barrel!  Reserves that could be fed into the market are and have dried up at the same time that production has dropped and future production delayed.  The paper game is blowing up …RIGHT NOW and the topic of discussion at the White House was about “how it would play out.”

    The COMEX will default in the next week or several weeks and people will be “settled” with dollars, no more metal will be delivered!  So, knowing that “game over” has arrived, they are dumping a massive volume of  paper contracts with impunity to push the metals prices as low as possible before the “default.”  This way the “shorts” do not have to and will not be “covered” when “supply” cannot be obtained because of “an act of God.”  They will be settled in cash (at a profit no less) because these “unforeseen” disruptions in supply.  “Who could have seen it coming?” will be the mantra.  I would suspect that banking stress and “bail ins” will also become prevalent globally.  The pricing structure will now push any and all physical sellers away from the markets and the “door” to safety is effectively being shut.  Either you own metal or you don’t.

    I tried to “be nice” in my piece from last night talking to those who worry about price.  What is now happening is exactly what I spoke of.  You must count ounces because “availability” is going away right here and right now!  After the closure of the COMEX and LBMA doors there will be no availability and “price” will be meaningless.  Your ability to protect yourself is right now for all intents and purposes being eliminated.

    We received  a few (very few) angry letters from customers who say that Jim Sinclair, Mr. Sprott and Embry, James Turk and others including myself are and were wrong.  That we should hang our heads in shame and that we are nothing more than charlatans hawking gold and silver.  We will soon, very soon, see just how right or wrong we really are.  What is happening right now is very clear to me, what I don’t understand is how anyone could miss this as it has all been laid out for you to see (for years now), understand and prepare for.  Life, all of life as we knew it, is about to change forever.  Hopefully you understood this and have already prepared for it!


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Portugal: Back In The Penalty Box!


  • Portugal – Back In The Penalty Box! 
    by Mark J. Grant, author of Out of the Box, via 
    “Last night, Darth Vader came down from planet Vulcan and told me that if I didn’t take Lorraine out that he’d melt my brain.”  – George McFly

    Mário Alberto Nobre Lopes Soares is a Portuguese politician who served as Prime Minister of Portugal from 1976 to 1978 and from 1983 to 1985. He was then the President of the Republic from 1986 to 1996. He is a senior and well respected statesman and hardly a voice of either the radical left or right.

    Official projections put Portugal’s debt to GDP at more than 124% by the end of this year. Utilizing Europe’s continuing fantasy accounting; this is the number that Portugal and the EU posts for general consumption. However by counting liabilities and using American addition, subtraction and division I come up with a number of about 236%. The problem, as I keep reminding everyone, is that choosing not to count debts does not erase them and so time passed, some of the liabilities came due, and Portugal is on the verge of bankruptcy once again.

    It was March 3, 2011 and the title of Out of the Box was, “Portugal Goes Down.” Then in May 2011 Portugal did bite the dust and received $101 billion in bailout funds. Since then it has bobbed up, devastated its citizens with trying to meet the demands of the European Union and been hailed by both Brussels and Berlin for its imposition of the mandated austerity measures. Today I can assure you; Portugal is going down again.

    Now Mr. Soares, over the weekend, took a different and surprising tact. He has called for all of the opposition parties in Portugal to “bring down” the government. Specifically he said, “In its eagerness to do the bidding of Senhora Merkel, they have sold everything and ruined this country. In two years this government has destroyed Portugal. We absolutely have to end this austerity.” He also said that Portugal will “never be able to pay its debts however much it impoverishes itself. If you can’t pay, the only solution is not to pay.”

    Pretty strong words for this elder statesman! 

    Now in the recent round of easing debt extensions were granted to Ireland and Portugal but Portugal’s was tied to the imposition of further austerity measures. This is just after the Supreme Court in Portugal declared certain austerity measures unconstitutional and blew $1.7 billion of them out the window and out of Portugal’s budget.

    The country was already the poorest in Western Europe, with a minimum wage of $630 a month. Unemployment is the third highest in the Eurozone, with 17.4 per cent of the country out of work and a 37% unemployment rate for people under 25. Quite large tax increases have hit everyone hard, with train prices soaring by 25% and VAT on electricity leaping from 6% to 23%. 

    read more!


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Jim Willie: LBMA & Crimex Running Out of Physical Bullion!

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Bullion Shortages Develop As Retail Demand Skyrockets!

Silver Eagle coin. Going ... going ... gone soon!

Silver Eagle coin. Going … going … gone soon!

  • Bullion Shortages Develop As Retail Demand Skyrockets! 
    Amazingly, on Saturday 41-year market veteran Bill Haynes warned King World News that we were already on the verge of seeing major shortages of available retail bullion products.  Well, there are already massive shortages of bullion products.  Haynes also updates KWN readers globally on the stunning margin which gold and silver buyers are outpacing sellers.  Below is what Haynes had to say in this extraordinary interview.

    Haynes:  “Eric, on Monday there was such chaos in the markets that some of the larger wholesale dealers had to shut down at various times because of the massive demand on the buy side.  These wholesalers simply had to quit taking orders not only because of the demand, but also because of the enormous price volatility….

    read more!


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All US Wholesalers SOLD OUT of All Physical Silver!!!

Going, going ..... gone soon!

Going, going ….. gone soon!


    Two of the largest wholesale suppliers in the US, including Amark and CNT, who is the supplier of gold blanks to the US Mint for Gold Eagles, and is a registered COMEX depository, HAVE JUST SOLD OUT OF ALL PHYSICAL SILVER!!! AND……IT’S GONE!!!!!

    In the face of an EPIC TSUNAMI of gold and silver sales today as the cartel hammered the price of silver down over 12%, and off $6 from Friday’s open, we have just been informed at SDBullion upon trying to place a large inventory order that BOTH AMARK & CNT ARE SOLD OUT OF EVERY LAST OUNCE OF PHYSICAL SILVER!!!

    Apparently the fact that one of the largest wholesale suppliers in the US is SOLD OUT, while simultaneously the 2nd largest silver mine in the US is offline perhaps permanently is of absolutely no consequence to the paper dumping cartel bullion banks.

    Bullion bank silver shorts are most likely covering in mass RIGHT NOW, and we’ll soon have the data to make the case.  Many have speculated that the bullion banks are going to switch to a net long position. There couldn’t be a better time to do just that given that at $22/oz, pretty much all existing shorts taken out before this week will be in the money.


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Eyewitness: Authorities Announced “Drill” Before Boston Explosions!

  • Eyewitness: Authorities Announced “Drill” Before Boston Explosions
    by Paul Joseph Watson,
    UM coach “thought it was odd” bomb sniffing dogs were at start and finish lines
    An eyewitness to the two explosions at the Boston Marathon today said that a “drill” was repeatedly announced before the bombs exploded and that he “thought it was odd” bomb sniffing dogs were in place before the blast.

    University of Mobile’s Cross Country Coach Ali Stevenson told Local 15 News, “They kept making announcements on the loud speaker that it was just a drill and there was nothing to worry about. “It seemed like there was some sort of threat, but they kept telling us it was just a drill.”

    The news station also reports that Stevenson “thought it was odd there were bomb sniffing dogs at the start and finish lines.” Stevenson then describes hearing the explosions as he ran away from the scene, having just completed the marathon.

    If this report is accurate, it clearly suggests there could have been some degree of prior knowledge of the bombing, which killed two people and injured at least 23.

    The fact that the explosions were preceded and overlapped by a”drill” of an almost identical nature mirrors other major terror attacks, such as the 7/7 bombings in London.

    It is important to emphasize that the New York Times recently reported that most of the recent domestic terror plots in the United States “were facilitated by the F.B.I.,” suggesting that today’s incident in Boston may have been part of such an operation.

    It remains to be seen how the media and the Obama administration will exploit this incident depending who gets the blame, but Rahm Emanuel’s “never let a serious crisis go to waste” advisory is sure to be in play. More on this story as it develops…..
  • Pentagon Proposed Pretexts for Cuba Invasion in 1962! 
    In his new exposé of the National Security Agency entitled Body of Secrets, author James Bamford highlights  a set of proposals on Cuba by the Joint Chiefs of Staff codenamed OPERATION NORTHWOODS.  This document, titled “Justification for U.S. Military Intervention in Cuba” was provided by the JCS to Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara on March 13, 1962, as the key component of Northwoods. Written in response to a request from the Chief of the Cuba Project, Col. Edward Lansdale, the Top Secret memorandum describes U.S. plans to covertly engineer various pretexts that would justify a U.S. invasion of Cuba.  These proposals – part of a secret anti-Castro program known as Operation Mongoose – included staging the assassinations of Cubans living in the United States, developing a fake “Communist Cuban terror campaign in the Miami area, in other Florida cities and even in Washington,” including “sink[ing] a boatload of Cuban refugees (real or simulated),” faking a Cuban airforce attack on a civilian jetliner, and concocting a “Remember the Maine” incident by blowing up a U.S. ship in Cuban waters and then blaming the incident on Cuban sabotage.  Bamford himself writes that Operation Northwoods “may be the most corrupt plan ever created by the U.S. government.”


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