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Kim Kardashian’s New Illuminati Bracelet of Baphomet !

  • What we are witnessing is what Satanist, Occultist Alice Bailey called: The Externalization of the Hierarchy. Satanists, Luciferians, Occultists …. (and their ‘craft’) are revealing themselves publicly more and more! This is to set the stage for the coming One World Religion ie. Satanism/Luciferianism to prepare the way for the coming of the Man of Sin, the Anti-Christ. The Illuminists are social engineers. They understand how to manipulate, brainwash, mind control … the sheeple. Chief amongst their methods: is to own and promote leaders of society and get them to sell Satanism. The snakes plan is always to own/control social leader, actors, singers, high visibility sports stars, academicians (to rewrite history), MSM, news anchors …. etc. They know, substantial portion of the sheeple will say in their hearts: “Oh! I want to be like Kim Kardarshian! I want to be like Kanye West, Jay-Z!”
  • The sheeple are easily deceived useful idiots. They are extremely susceptible to brainwashing. What we are seeing now is the perverse inversion of reality: good is evil, evil is good, evil is desirable, good is boring, not cool, victims are terrorists, terrorists are victims, God is Satan and Satan is God … The blasphemous reality of the mentally ill.


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