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Israel Tank Fires Into Syrian Territory Even As It Launches First Air Strike Into Gaza Since November Truce!

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  • Israel Tank Fires Into Syrian Territory Even As It Launches First Air Strike Into Gaza Since November Truce! 
    by Tyler Durden,
    It has been a while since one had to track news of assorted real and false flag attacks involving Iran, Israel, Syria, Turkey, Gaza and various other middle-Eastern countries. That time is again here following news that an Israel tank fired into Syrian territory, supposedly in retaliation for a Syrian mortar hit in the Israeli-occupied Golan heights region (unclear if said mortar was launched by the domestic Al Qaeda-supported rebels, although we are confident the Assad army will surely get the blame as the story is further massaged).

    Per Reuters: “Shots were fired at an IDF (Israel Defence Forces) patrol on the border. No injuries or damage was caused. In response, IDF forces returned precise fire at the source and reported a direct hit,” the spokeswoman said. Earlier on Tuesday a mortar shell fired during fighting between Syrian forces and rebels landed in the Israeli-controlled territory of the Golan Heights, military sources said. It was unclear whether the gunfire or the shell were deliberately aimed at Israeli forces and the spokeswoman said it was not known whether they were fired by Assad’s forces or the rebels.”

    The Israel military was certainly busy today, with the Syrian retaliation just one of its military offensives today, the other being the first airstrike launched against Gaza by Israel since the bloody conflict in November which nearly resulted in an all out war, even if this particular offensive was not reported by its defense forces.

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Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.


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China Mobilizes Military, on ‘High Alert’ Over N. Korea Threats!


  • China mobilizes military, on ‘high alert’ over N. Korea threats! 
    China has started mobilizing military forces around the Korean peninsula in response to rising tensions that follow recent threats by North Korea to launch missile attacks against its southern neighbor and the United States.

    According to US officials, Pyongyang’s declaration of a ‘state of war’ against South Korea has led to the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to increase its military presence on the border with the North. The officials say the process has been going on since mid-March, and includes troop movements and readying fighter jets. The PLA is now at ‘Level One’ readiness, its highest.

    Chinese forces, including tanks and armored personnel carriers, have been spotted in the city of Ji’an and near the Yalu River, which splits China and North Korea. Other border regions were also reportedly being patrolled by planes.
    China has also been conducting live-firing naval exercises in the Yellow Sea, scheduled to end on Monday. The move is widely viewed as open support for North Korea, which continues to show extreme opposition to the US-South Korean military drills that are to last until May.

    The news comes as the US deployed its USS Fitzgerald destroyer off the coast of North Korea, adding to its Sunday deployment of F-22 fighter jets to take part in the drills with the friendly South, which has further served to heighten tensions on the peninsula.

    Meanwhile, North Korea has been mobilizing its short and medium-range missile arsenal, according to analyses of satellite imagery. Officials say Pyongyang is set to test its new KN-08 medium-range mobile missile; they say preparations have been spotted in the past. Pyongyang claims that since March 26, its forces have been placed on their highest possible status of alert.

    Although officials believe Pyongyang will not provoke Seoul during the war games, they also fear that a miscalculation by South Korea could lead to all-out war, following its promise of retaliation against the North, should it launch its missiles first.

    North Korea and China have maintained a long-standing defense treaty under which Beijing is to come to Pyongyang’s aid in the event of an attack. The last time this was put into practice was during the Korean War, when tens of thousands of Chinese volunteer forces were deployed on the Korean Peninsula. The relationship between the two countries is often referred to as being “as close as lips and teeth” by Chinese military spokesmen.

    Despite the heated tensions leading to an apparent disruption in trade and commerce between China and North Korea, the two are already making future plans to bolster their economic ties. March 27 saw the announcement of a new high-speed railway, as well as a special highway passenger line.

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BRICS Dumping Euro Amid Simmering EU Banking Crisis!

  • BRICS dumping euro amid simmering EU banking crisis! 
    by Robert Bridge, RT, 
    Brussels has been forced to eat a generous slice of humble pie: A massive sell-off of the euro is underway in the wake of a persistent financial crisis, as holdings in the European currency by emerging economies were slashed by almost 8 percent last year.

    Emerging economies – including Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) – are dumping the euro, having sold €45 billion of the currency in 2012, according to data gathered by the International Monetary Fund.

    The euro represents just 24 percent of their reserves, the lowest level since 2002 – the year when euro coins and banknotes first entered circulation – and down from a peak of 31 percent in 2009. At the same time, the euro’s share of total global reserves has also fallen. This change of fortune for the euro is blamed on several factors, including sovereign debt crises and rapid growth by BRICS nations.

    Last week, China and Brazil agreed to a $30-billion swap deal that would give each the ability to borrow the other’s currency in the event of future turbulence in the global financial system. The move undercuts the need to use the dollar as a reserve currency; given China’s increasing economic might, Beijing appears to be steadily promoting its national currency, the renminbi.

    The US dollar, which has been designated the world’s reserve currency since the Bretton Woods agreement in 1944, continues to hold ground at about 60 percent of emerging markets’ reserves.

    This ‘euro flight’ is disturbing news for Brussels and the eurozone: The euro’s challenge to the international status of the US dollar has been “set back a generation,” as new data show developing countries dumping the European currency from their official reserves, FT reported, citing IMF data.

    This retreat of the European currency, once heralded as a serious rival to the ubiquitous dollar, offers a shocking glimpse at the severity of Europe’s sovereign debt crisis, which recently saw Cyprus take the unprecedented step of penalizing wealthy bank depositors in order to avoid bankruptcy.

    “It’ll be the number-two international currency, but I wouldn’t say there are any prospects of it challenging the dollar,” Jeffrey Frankel, professor of economics at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government told FT.

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Is Mars Still Habitable Today?

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U.S. Backed FSA Recruit 8 Yr Old with AK-47 !


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Blair Sister-in-Law: Gaza – World’s Largest Concentration Camp!

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“Shalom (Ex ShinBet chief) shocked viewers. He called Israeli occupation no different from Nazi occupied Europe.” – Quote

Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

“ … it turns out the creation of Israel had not, after all, been a haphazard fight in which the Arabs fled their homes at the directives of their own leaders, but it had been an unprovoked, systematic campaign of ethnic cleansing by the Jewish militia involving massacres, terrorism and the wholesale looting of an entire nation.” from 4:22 onwards


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Palestinian Prisoner Death in Israel Sparks Riots & Hunger Strikes!

Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.


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Gerald Celente: US Has Money for Wars, Not for Eroding Infrastructure!

US 'defence' (war really) budget is well over US$1T when all the discretionary spending are added ! It is over 50% of tax revenues!


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WHO Suspends Vaccine After 26 Children Die in the Developing World !

  • WHO Suspends Vaccine After 26 Children Die in the Developing World
    by Christina England, Activist Post 
    According to reports, at least 26 children have died and many more have been seriously injured after they were given the 5 in 1 vaccine, Quinvaxem. [1] Newspapers have reported that all of the victims suffered adverse reactions including fevers, vomiting and the appearance of bruises all over their bodies. [2]

    Quinvaxem, being offered at no cost to recipients by UNICEF, is a pre-qualified vaccine on trial in developing countries. Currently being given to babies as young as eight weeks of age, this pentavalent vaccine is said to protect infants and young children against diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, hepatitis B, and Hib (haemophilus influenzae type b).

    According to reports, local authorities have suspended all the controversial batches for testing. However, the Health Ministry said there are no problems with the vaccine’s quality, distribution, preservation or administration. [3]

    Although deaths have been reported from Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bhutan and India, the World Health Organization (WHO) has stood by the safety of Quinvaxem, stating that all their studies of the vaccine, made in South Korea, affirm its safety!!

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Death by Vaccines!

Death by Vaccines!


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Obama’s ‘Change’: 1% Get 81% Income Gains Then Tax-Shelter $21-$32 Trillion; Bottom 90% Lose Income!


  • Obama’s ‘change’: 1% get 81% income gains then tax-shelter $21-$32 trillion; bottom 90% lose income! 
    by Carl Herman, 
    Pulitzer Prize-winning tax journalist David Kay Johnston reports IRS tax data since Mr. Obama’s 2009 inauguration shows “change” for 90% of Americans: they lost income. The 1% increased income; taking 81% of gains (the top 1% of the 1% took 39% of this total).

    This follows a pattern that between 1980 and 2005, the 1% also took over 80% of all income gains.

    Since 1966, inflation-adjusted annual income for the bottom 90% of Americans increased just $59, while the 1% increased income average by $625,000, and the 1% of the 1% increased average incomes by $18,700,000 per year.

    This occurs in the context of McKinsey Chief Economist James Henry documenting the 1% hide $21 to $32 trillion in tax havens, the US top seven banks hide over $10 trillion, many top US corporations claim income losses, while the bottom 90%’s tax burden increases – in part to pay top corporations’ tax refunds.

    It also occurs in context of accelerating technological capacity that should allow all Earth’s inhabitants to live higher quality lives. Mr. Johnston reports the excellent work of economists Emmanuel Saez and Thomas Piketty.

    Mr. Obama’s Democratic leadership’s escalation of Mr. Bush’s Republican leadership shows us that US politics is one criminal body with puppets at the end of Left and Right arms.

    One obvious solution is to arrest US political leadership for crimes in unlawful wars and criminal economic fraud. If you’re ready for solutions rather than death to millions, harm to billions, and looting of trillions: now’s the time to take all the lawful action previous generations have given you under the US Constitution.

    Make us all proud, make your family proud. Be proud of yourself.



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Crisis Actors Used at Sandy Hook! Special Report !

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Scientist Predicts Earth is Heading for Another Ice Age!


  • Scientist predicts earth is heading for another Ice Age! 
    by Giles Sheldrick, 
    AS Arctic Britain prepares to shiver for at least another month, a leading scientist today predicted the world was heading for another Ice Age.

    Incredibly, British Summer Time officially starts tomorrow but millions of brassed off Brits pining for warmth will have to endure freezing temperatures and biting winds until May.

    The misery will continue with daytime temperatures struggling to reach a bracing 5C (41F). The only ray of sunshine, forecasters said, is that it will stay dry. As if the outlook wasn’t bleak enough already, meteorologists believe the shivering start to 2013 has been the coldest in more than 200 years.

    More worryingly, the combination of sub-zero temperatures and heavy snow experienced across much of the country recently could be the prelude to a new Ice Age that will begin next year and last for 200 years.

    Russian scientist Dr Habibullo Abdussamatov, of the St Petersburg Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory, painted the Doomsday scenario saying the recent inclement weather simply proved we were heading towards a frozen planet.

    Dr Abdussamatov believes Earth was on an “unavoidable advance towards a deep temperature drop”. The last big freeze, known as the Little Ice Age, was between 1650 and 1850.

    Today he said: “The last global decrease of temperature (the most cold phase of the Little Ice Age) was observed in Europe, North America and Greenland. “All channels in the Netherlands were frozen, glaciers were on the advance in Greenland and people were forced to leave their settlements, inhabited for several centuries.

    “The Thames river in London and Seine in Paris were frozen over every year. Humanity has always been prospering during the warm periods and suffering during the cold ones. The climate has never been and will never be stable.”

    The miserable weather since the turn of the year has been blamed on two episodes of high pressure. A poorly positioned jet stream means ice cold temperatures and the continuing risk of snow showers across the north and east. 

    Almost all of the UK can expect a continuation of night frost, which will turn severe at times. April is forecast to be a drier than average month in the north and east, slightly wetter to the south and west but it is expected to be one of the oldest on record.

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Jim Willie: USDollar – Ring Fenced & Checkmate!


  • Jim Willie’s “Most Important Article Ever”- USDollar: Ring-Fenced & Checkmate! 
    by Jim Willie,, via 
    Editor Note: The following MUST READ Hat Trick Letter is Jim Willie’s self-described “Most Important Article Ever“, following Friday’s release of Willie’s first audio interview on Cyprus.

    An unstoppable sequence of events has been put into motion finally. The pressure has been building for months. Some themes are plainly evident, except to those who wear rose colored glasses in the US Dome of Perception. The USTreasury Bond will be brought home to the US and British banks, where it will choke its bankers, then be devalued for survival reasons, after a painful isolation. The Chinese and Russians will conspire to finance the Eurasian Trade Zone corridor foundation with USTBonds, held in reserve, put to usage.

    The British will play a very unusual role, selling out the United States in order to be squires to the Eastern Duo. The process has begun; it cannot be stopped. The events are already being grossly misinterpreted and minimized in the US press, where devoted lapdogs, artistic swindlers, and creative writers prevail. The Paradigm Shift eastward is showing its next face, with a truly massive trade zone for cooperation and reduced cost overhead as the giant foundation. The Untied States for all of its past hegemony and devious manipulations and vicious attacks, will be excluded. The British will assist in the exclusion in order to avoid the Third World themselves. The following blueprint is the result of years of planning, with steady information and hints and confirmations by at least two Hat Trick Letter sources. The sunset of the USDollar has a blueprint. As a personal embroidery, let me state that this article is the most important the Jackass has ever written.

    The alternative system to conducting trade outside the USDollar system has had formative stages since the Lehman Brothers and Fannie Mae collapse. The Eastern trade leaders have been very busy quietly constructing a new system, with almost zero press coverage. They prefer to work in the background. Recent events indicate they have chosen the formal public stages and forums with wider visibility, starting with the February G-20 Meeting in Moscow. The true agenda for G-20 finance ministers was to hatch finally the USDollar alternative.  The sleepy West appears not to be paying much attention. The initiatives to construct alternative platforms were given a major thrust in the last year since the Iran sanctions led by the USGovt banker and their henchmen in London. For the last 20 years at least, trade has followed banking. Nations of the world have been coerced for three decades into holding USGovt debt securities in order to make payment in trade, most notably in crude oil. With the Grand Arab Recycling accord struck by the 1970 decade leaders, the Petro-Dollar was born in return for a fantastic higher oil price. The oil-rich Arab royalty supported the USDollar by recycling trade surplus into USTreasury Bonds. The conventional practice dictated that global banking systems be dominated by USTBonds in reserves, serving as the banking foundation of debt.

    New chapter to turn. The ongoing endless QE to Infinity has hastened Eastern trade leaders. The near 0% return from USTBond yields has motivated them to seek alternatives. They are horrified by the debasement of their hard-earned reserves, filled to the gills with USTBonds of shrinking value and low yield. The new trade settlement system based in Gold finance will turn the tables, as once more trade is to dictate banking. The combination of central bank hyper monetary inflation, big US bank fraud, security agency $100 bill counterfeit, and rampant criminality in the US financial system has motivated the Eastern nations to act. They have acted. The clear outcome is that the Western banking system will topple, since the East will be shoving the USTBonds back to Anglo-American shores for cemetery treatment. Trade should always dictate banking. The major trade partners no longer want US$-based trade settlement. Watch for the crowning blow in the Saudi response soon, since they always follow the winners.

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Alasdair Macleod: BIS is Coordinating Plans to Expropriate Bank Depositors!


  • Alasdair Macleod: BIS is coordinating plans to expropriate bank depositors! 
    by Chris Powell, 
    Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

    Expropriating large depositors at troublesome banks is now international policy coordinated by the Bank for International Settlements, GoldMoney’s Alasdair Macleod writes today, and while distribution of one’s deposits to preserve coverage by government deposit insurance may provide some protection, in the end any wealth held in the international banking system is vulnerable.

    “That the BIS feels it has been necessary to co-ordinate G20 nations into a common approach to bank rescues using uninsured non-monetary and financial institutions’ deposits is evidence that bank failures capable of threatening the global financial system are definitely an ongoing risk,” Macleod writes. “The central banks will have calculated that raiding this category of deposits is a matter of expediency, and any run on deposits out of vulnerable banks can be contained by central banks acting as lender of last resort. This is based on the simple fact that either deposits are moved around the system, or when they are drawn down in favor of something else, the money released remains in the banking system. However, raiding these deposits is only an interim solution, because the underlying assumption is that the financial condition of the whole banking system does not deteriorate further.”

    Thus, Macleod concludes, gold held securely outside the banking system is the best protector of wealth. His commentary is headlined “Danger in Bank Accounts” and it’s posted at GoldMoney’s Internet site here:…


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David Lipton (CFR Meeting): Evolution of the IMF in the Global Financial System!

  • The Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) is a geo-political arm in the western Illuminati’s organization. In the Illuminati’s organization, the profane, secular departments (for eg. CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg …) report to the priest class (Council of 13 …). It is the priest class which controls the power. This religious class gets their directions/instructions from fallen spiritual beings, demons, fallen angels –> Satan/Lucifer. This hierarchy is based on the mystery schools/religions of Babylon/Egypt.
  • The plan of the Illuminati is for a Luciferian New World Order, World Government and a Global Supra-National Central Bank (which will very likely be the IMF 2.0). The path towards this end is via intense global wars, chaos, genocide; economic, social, financial, currency collapse …. etc. This IMF 2.0 will rule a new World Financial Hegemony via a One World Currency backed by gold –> ‘666’!
  • The IMF, World Bank, ECB, BIS, FedRes …. and practically all central banks are privately owned Illuminist corporations! They have almost total control of the global monetary system except for a few countries: Iran, North Korea ..
The Western Illuminati Organization Chart. Source:

The Western Illuminati Organization Chart. Source:

Illuminati Round Table, Geo-Political Organizations

Illuminati Round Table, Geo-Political Organizations


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