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Bill Murphy: $100/oz Silver Coming Soon!

  • Published on Feb 19, 2013
    Bill Murphy chatted with me yesterday. He discusses:

    (1) How it’s disappointing to see gold being smacked below 1600/oz
    (2) How the open interest in silver is quite puzzling
    (3) How silver is set to go to 100/oz (Editorial note:  That’s surprising to hear especially after what’s going on in silver)


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Alex Jones: The Global Corporate Empire!

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Hezbollah vs FSA: ‘Bloodbath Looms in Lebanon as Syria War Spills Over’!

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Paper Money Kaput? Gold Rush on Rise as Europe Crisis Deepens!

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Foreign Aid Trap: Cameron Diverts Tax Cash to Military Projects?!

  • Who do the UK politician snakes serve? If your answer is the UK public, you are an IDIOT! They serve the western Illuminati, the Black Nobility of Europe headed by the British Monarchy!


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LEFT IN THE DARK: Secret U.S. Military Flights Carried Officials, Equipment to N. Korea!

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  • People who deny the spiritual aspect of the world will not understand what is going on. There is an occult agenda. The Illuminists are setting up the world for their Satanic World War 3!
  • North Korea exists because the Illuminati wants it to. The Illuminati needs controlled opposition/enemies to herd the sheeple, to control the sheeple. Without enemies and wars, Illuminist governments will lose power and control over the sheeple. North Korea is an asset to the western Illuminati because it causes both Japan and South Korea to be under the control of the western hegemony! Without North Korea, Japan and South Korea will align themselves with China and be a threat to the west!
  • Do you find what I say hard to believe? Who supplied the nuclear technology to North Korea? Why, it is the United States of course! And the man behind it is Donald Rumsfeld ! (see bottom of post) The Illuminist philosophy is that they must always have (controlled) enemies. If none exists they will create one! It is all about the war by Satan and his minions against the rest of humanity! It is a historical fact that the United States via Wall Street financed Hitler and Nazi Germany, and Communism, the Bolshevik Revolution!

    LEFT IN THE DARK: Secret U.S. military flights carried officials, equipment to N. Korea! 
    Senior U.S. administration officials held secret talks in North Korea on at least three occasions in 2011 and 2012, The Asahi Shimbun has learned.

    Although the visits had potential implications for Japan, Washington did not inform its security partner at the time and only informally confirmed one of them when the Japanese side pressed, government and other sources in Japan, South Korea and the United States said.

    The U.S. State Department even warned the Foreign Ministry against making further inquiries, saying they would harm bilateral relations, the sources said.

    U.S. military planes flew from an air base in Guam to Pyongyang and back on April 7, 2012, and again on a longer visit lasting from Aug. 18-20, the sources said.

    It is believed that those aboard included Sydney Seiler, director for Korea at the U.S. National Security Council, and Joseph DeTrani, who headed the North Korea desk at the U.S. Office of the Director of National Intelligence. DeTrani left the post in May.

    They met with North Korean officials and discussed policies following the death of leader Kim Jong Il in December 2011. The North Korean delegation included Jang Song Thaek, vice chairman of the National Defense Commission and husband of Kim Jong Il’s sister. Jang is widely considered to serve as a mentor for Kim Jong Un, who succeeded his father as his nation’s leader.

    The Japanese government only learned about the flights after receiving reports from hobbyists monitoring activity at military bases and also analyzing air traffic flight plans.

    When the Japanese side submitted an official inquiry, U.S. officials expressed frustration that the request had been made, citing the subject’s confidential nature. The State Department warned Japan against inquiring further, saying Washington-Tokyo ties could be damaged.

    The third visit that The Asahi Shimbun has confirmed is one that took place in November 2011. Sources said at least one military aircraft from the Guam air base loaded heavy equipment, including bulldozers, at Yokota Air Base in western Tokyo and flew to Pyongyang.

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Donald Rumsfeld -Reagan's Envoy- provided Iraq with chemical & biological weapons in the 1980s!

Donald Rumsfeld -Reagan’s Envoy- provided Iraq with chemical & biological weapons in the 1980s!


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Israel Seems to Have Sold Jerusalem to the Vatican!

  • The occult agenda is moving forward aggressively! They want to rebuild Solomon’s temple to enthrone the Anti-Christ in it. They want Jerusalem to be the centre of their Luciferian One World Religion! This is not about Christianizing Jerusalem. This is about laying the foundation for the coming of the Man of Sin, the faked messiah, bringer of false peace … the white horseman of Revelation 6!

    Exclusive: A Seat for the Pope at King David’s Tomb! 
    by Giulio Meotti, 
    Israel seems to have sold Jerusalem to the Vatican.
    An historic agreement has been drafted between Israel and the Vatican. The Israeli authorities have granted the Pope an official seat in the room where the Last Supper is believed to have taken place, on Mount Zion in Jerusalem, and where David and Solomon, Jewish kings of Judea, are considered by some researchers, to also be buried.

    It is the culmination of a long campaign by the Catholic Church to regain religious stewardship over the place where Jesus is supposed to have broken bread and drunk wine with his disciples on the eve of his crucifixion.

    This is an enormous issue pushed through without any public debate.

    According to our sources, the agreement, which is expected to be ratified next June, gives the Pope a “special authority” over the second floor of the building, so that Christian pilgrims will be able to celebrate religious functions like Pope John Paul did in 2000.

    The agreement constitutes Israel’s capitulation to the Vatican’s efforts to “Christianize” the holy site, like when a Catholic convent was built in Auschwitz.

    The Catholic Church has long wanted control over part of the area on Mt. Zion so as to turn it into an international religious center for Catholics. The blueprint of the agreement reads as follows: “The Vatican hands over this use of the Cenacle to the Custody of the Holy Land which will keep the Cenacle open from 6 AM to 8 AM for the celebration of the Holy Mass”.

    In the long term, the gesture will increase tensions between Jews and the large assets of the Vatican. The Church has long been working to reduce Jewish rights in Jerusalem and in the Old City. Now, after the Muslim Waqf authority expelled the Christians from the Temple Mount and turned it into a mosque, it’s the turn of the Vatican to lay its hands on the Jewish Jerusalem.

    The Custody of the Holy Land, the Franciscan order who, with Vatican approval, is in charge of the holy sites, campaigns with the Arabs against Israel.

    As far back as May 2000, Yasser Arafat met Islamic and Christian clergymen at the presidential offices in Ramallah to back Palestinian Arab sovereignty over Jerusalem. Among the clergymen who attended the meeting, Diodoros I, patriarch of the Greek Orthodox Church, Torkom II, patriarch of the Armenian Orthodox Church, Catholic Patriarch Michel Sabbah and officials from the Custody of the Holy Land.

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Repealing Obama’s “Perpetual War”!

Daniel 7:7 - " ... behold, a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, exceedingly strong. It had huge iron teeth; it was devouring, breaking in pieces, and trampling the residue with its feet. It was different from all the beasts that were before it, and it had ten horns."

Daniel 7:7 – ” … behold, a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, exceedingly strong. It had huge iron teeth; it was devouring, breaking in pieces, and trampling the residue with its feet. It was different from all the beasts that were before it, and it had ten horns.”

  • Daniel 7:23 (New King James Version)
    23 “Thus he said:
    ‘The fourth beast shall be
    A fourth kingdom on earth,
    Which shall be different from all other kingdoms,
    And shall devour the whole earth,

    Trample it and break it in pieces.

  • Repealing Obama’s “Perpetual War”! 
    by Norman Solomon, 
    Congress waited six years to repeal the Tonkin Gulf Resolution after it opened the bloody floodgates for the Vietnam War in August 1964.

    If that seems slow, consider the continuing failure of Congress to repeal the “war on terror” resolution — the Authorization for Use of Military Force — that sailed through, with just one dissenting vote, three days after 9/11.

    Prior to casting the only “no” vote, Congresswoman Barbara Lee spoke on the House floor. “As we act,” she said, “let us not become the evil that we deplore.”

    We have. That’s why, more than 11 years later, Lee’s prophetic one-minute speech is so painful to watch. The “war on terror” has inflicted carnage in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and elsewhere as a matter of routine. Targets change, but the assumed prerogative to kill with impunity remains.

    Now, Rep. Lee has introduced H.R. 198, a measure to repeal the Authorization for Use of Military Force. (This week, several thousand people have already used a special webpage to email their Senators and House members about repealing that “authorization” for endless war.) Opposed to repeal, the Obama administration is pleased to keep claiming that the 137-month-old resolution justifies everything from on-the-ground troops in combat to drone strikes and kill lists to flagrant abrogation of civil liberties.

    A steep uphill incline faces efforts to repeal the resolution that issued a blank political check for war in the early fall of 2001. Struggling to revoke it is a valuable undertaking. Yet even repeal would be unlikely to end the “war on terror.”

    At the start of 1971, President Nixon felt compelled to sign a bill that included repeal of the Tonkin Gulf Resolution. By then, he had shifted his ostensible authority for continuing the war on Vietnam — asserting his prerogative as commander in chief. Leaders of the warfare state never lack for rationales when they want to keep making war.

    In retrospect, the U.S. “war on terror” has turned out to be even more tenacious than the U.S. war that took several million lives in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia during the 1960s and early 1970s.

    Some key similarities resonate with current circumstances. Year after year, in Congress, support for the Vietnam War was bipartisan. Presidents Johnson and Nixon preached against unauthorized violence in America’s cities while inflicting massive violence in Southeast Asia. Both presidents were fond of proclaiming fervent wishes for peace.

    But unlike the horrific war in Southeast Asia, the ongoing and open-ended “war on terror” is not confined by geography or, apparently, by calendar. The search for enemies to smite (and create) is availing itself of a bottomless pit, while bottom-feeding military contractors keep making a killing.

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General Smedley Butler: War is a racket!


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Destroying a Nation State: US-Saudi Funded Terrorists Sowing Chaos in Pakistan!

“Al Qaeda is a creation of the US intelligence apparatus! It is extremely well documented ! Many of the terrorist attacks are in fact orchestrated by the US intelligence and military!” – Michel Chossudovsky P2, 7:40 onwards

  • All wars are based on deception! – Sun Tzu, The Art of War!

    Destroying a Nation State: US-Saudi Funded Terrorists Sowing Chaos in Pakistan! 
    by Tony Cartalucci, Land Destroyer, via 
    Baluchistan, Target of Western geopolitical interests, Terror wave coincides with Gwadar Port handover to China. The Hidden Agenda is the Breakup of Pakistan

    Quetta, the capital of Pakistan’s southwest Baluchistan province, bordering both US-occupied Afghanistan as well as Iran, was the site of a grisly market bombing that has killed over 80 people. According to reports, the terrorist group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi has claimed responsibility for the attack. Billed as a “Sunni extremist group,” it instead fits the pattern of global terrorism sponsored by the US, Israel, and their Arab partners Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

    The terrorist Lashkar-e-Jhangvi group was in fact created, according to the BBC, to counter Iran’s Islamic Revolution in the 1980′s, and is still active today. Considering the openly admitted US-Israeli-Saudi plot to use Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups across the Middle East to counter Iran’s influence, it begs the question whether these same interests are funding terrorism in Pakistan to not only counter Iranian-sympathetic Pakistani communities, but to undermine and destabilize Pakistan itself.

    The US-Saudi Global Terror Network
    While the United States is close allies with Saudi Arabia and Qatar, it is well established that the chief financier of extremist militant groups for the past 3 decades, including Al Qaeda, are in fact Saudi Arabia and Qatar. While Qatari state-owned propaganda like Al Jazeera apply a veneer of progressive pro-democracy to its narratives, Qatar itself is involved in arming, funding, and even providing direct military support for sectarian extremists from northern Mali, to Libya, to Syria and beyond. 

    France 24′s report “Is Qatar fuelling the crisis in north Mali?” provides a useful vignette of Saudi-Qatari terror sponsorship, stating:

    “The MNLA [secular Tuareg separatists], al Qaeda-linked Ansar Dine and MUJAO [movement for unity and Jihad in West Africa] have all received cash from Doha.”

    A month later Sadou Diallo, the mayor of the north Malian city of Gao [which had fallen to the Islamists] told RTL radio: “The French government knows perfectly well who is supporting these terrorists. Qatar, for example, continues to send so-called aid and food every day to the airports of Gao and Timbuktu.”

    The report also stated:

    “Qatar has an established a network of institutions it funds in Mali, including madrassas, schools and charities that it has been funding from the 1980s,” he wrote, adding that Qatar would be expecting a return on this investment.

    “Mali has huge oil and gas potential and it needs help developing its infrastructure,” he said. “Qatar is well placed to help, and could also, on the back of good relations with an Islamist-ruled north Mali, exploit rich gold and uranium deposits in the country.”

    These institutions are present not only in Mali, but around the world, and provide a nearly inexhaustible supply of militants for both the Persian Gulf monarchies and their Western allies to use both as a perpetual casus belli to invade and occupy foreign nations such as Mali and Afghanistan, as well as a sizable, persistent mercenary force, as seen in Libya and Syria. Such institutions jointly run by Western intelligence agencies across Europe and in America, fuel domestic fear-mongering and the resulting security state that allows Western governments to more closely control their populations as they pursue reckless, unpopular policies at home and abroad.

    Since Saudi-Qatari geopolitical interests are entwined with Anglo-American interests, both the “investment” and “return on this investment” are clearly part of a joint venture. France’s involvement in Mali has demonstrably failed to curb such extremists, has instead, predictably left the nation occupied by Western interests while driving terrorists further north into the real target, Algeria.

    Additionally, it should be noted, that France in particular, played a leading role along side Qatar and Saudi Arabia in handing Libya over to these very same extremists. French politicians were in Benghazi shaking hands with militants they would be “fighting” in the near future in northern Mali.

    Lashkar-e-Jhangvi is Part of US-Saudi Terror Network

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Who is behind Muslim Fundamentalism & Terrorism? Western Illuminist governments and their intelligence agencies! It is deliberate and not a miscalculation as Dreyfuss asserts! They are still owned by the western Illuminati!

Where are the evidence that Afghans or Iraqis were involved? There is NONE!

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Amish Children are Remarkably Immune to Allergies, Says Expert !


  • Amish children are remarkably immune to allergies, says expert! 
    by Michael Ravensthorpe, 
    (NaturalNews) The Amish, it seems, place themselves at risk every day of their  lives. They refuse to vaccinate their children, exposing themselves to disease.  They drink raw cow’s milk, exposing themselves to salmonella. They even – and  this is really disturbing – favor natural food, exposing themselves to tomatoes  that contain cracks. Given these eccentric practices, isn’t it inevitable that  their communities become breeding grounds for allergies and asthma? Not  according to Dr. Mark Holbreich, an allergist who has been treating Amish  families in Indiana for over 20 years.

    Holbreich was inspired to  investigate the allergy rates among Amish children when he began researching the  so-called ‘farm effect’ (the notion that children raised on farms demonstrate  lower allergy and asthma rates than their urban counterparts) in central Europe.  Keen to investigate whether the farm effect also manifested itself in the United  States, Holbreich assembled a team of German researchers to compare farming and  non-farming children in Switzerland with Amish children of Swiss descent in  Indiana.

    Altogether, Holbreich’s team assessed the health of 157 Amish  children, approximately 3,000 Swiss farming children, and almost 11,000 Swiss  non-farming children between the ages of six and 12.

    Holbreich found that  a mere five percent of the Amish children were diagnosed with asthma, versus 6.8  percent of the Swiss farming children and 11.2 percent of the Swiss non-farming  children. Moreover, only seven percent of the Amish  children tested positive for predispositions towards allergies, versus 25  percent of the Swiss farming children and a whopping 44 percent of the Swiss  non-farming children.

    While Holbreich did not investigate why children  raised on farms were healthier than non-farming children, he has his  suspicions:

    “This [study] would suggest that if you have early life  exposure [to allergens], then somehow it drives the immune system away from  developing allergies,”  said Holbreich. “Large animals are part of it, and the straw bedding animals  sleep on. [Also] what [the Amish children] eat and the fact that their mothers  are in the barn when they are pregnant.”

    Holbreich’s study was published  in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.

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Two Vaccine Study Participants Die During Trials of the First GMO Flu Vaccine!

  • Two vaccine study participants die during trials of the first GMO flu vaccine! 
    by , 
    Flublok, a new vaccine for influenza, is now available and is the first vaccine ever to contain genetically-modified (GM) proteins derived from insect cells. Flublok is trivalent, which means it contains GM proteins from three different influenza strains. According to clinical data provided in the vaccine’s package insert by its manufacturer, the Protein Sciences Corporation (PSC), two study participants actually died during trials of the vaccine.

    The nerve disease Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GSB) is listed on the shot as a potential side effect. The “Warnings and Precautions,” section of the vaccine’s literature states, “If Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) has occurred within six weeks of receipt of a prior influenza vaccine, the decision to give Flublock should be based on careful consideration of the potential benefits and risks.” Other possible side effects include allergic reactions, respiratory infections, headaches, fatigue, altered immunocompetence, rhinorrhea, and myalgia.

    PSC explains that Flublok is produced by extracting cells from a type of caterpillar. The cells are then genetically altered to produce large amounts of hemagglutinin, a flu virus protein that enables the flu virus itself to enter the body rapidly. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has also recently approved a new flu vaccine known as Flucelvax that is made using dog kidney cells. It is a product of pharmaceutical giant Novartis and like Flublok, Flucelvax was made funded by a $1 billion, taxpayer-funded grant given by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to the vaccine industry back in 2006 to develop new vaccine manufacturing methods.

    Instead of to producing vaccines the “traditional” way using egg cultures, vaccine manufacturers now have the ability to quickly produce large batches of flu virus protein using GM Organisms (GMOs). This, in turn, will increase vaccine industry profits. There are reportedly two other GMO flu vaccines currently under development. According to Reuters, one being produced byNovavax, will utilize “bits of genetic material grown in caterpillar cells called ‘virus-like particles’that mimic a flu virus.”
Flu Vaccine: Side Effects! Photos are from the FLUVIRIN insert approved by FDA for the year 2009-2010. I checked it for the recent years. Pretty much same insert. Source:

Flu Vaccine: Side Effects! Photos are from the FLUVIRIN insert approved by FDA for the year 2009-2010. I checked it for the recent years. Pretty much same insert. Source:


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SAC Capital Partners Bets A Quarter Billion On Gold, Silver, & Mining Shares!

Remember the Golden Rule: He who has the gold makes the rules!

Remember the Golden Rule: He who has the gold makes the rules!

  • The bullion banksters are manipulating the prices of gold and silver lower to protect their fiat currencies hegemony. Gold (& silver) must not be seen as real money and must not be accepted as currency. Otherwise, the western Illuminati’s global currency hegemony: the USD, JPY, Euro …. is over! Physical gold cannot be created out of thin air to buy up the world unlike the USD. The source of power of the Illuminati is their fiat currency hegemony. With it they manipulate prices, destroy nations, finance endless wars, buy up countries, real estate, cause famine, attack countries financially …. etc.  All using money created out of thin air! It is an incredible SCAM! But the sheeple are too dumb to understand what is going on!
  • Their plan, IMO, is to foment a global currency crisis via currency wars ie. competitive devaluations. This will lead to hyperinflation and the destruction of national currencies. They will then allow their main currencies to collapse ie. JPY, Euro and finally USD. The endgame is a One World Currency backed by gold and a Global Supra-National Central Bank. Likely to be an enlarged IMF 2.0 (with the BIS as backup)! With this new global monetary, financial and economic hegemony, microchipping with ‘666’ is not far behind.
  • For their plan to be successful, they need to back their One World Currency with gold. These Illuminist bullion banksters are manipulating the paper gold/silver market lower while at the same time accumulating physical gold/silver. Do not be taken for a ride! The final move is a parabolic moon shot for gold and silver prices. The sheeple will be caught holding worthless pieces of fiat currencies while hyperinflation kicks in!

    SAC Capital Partners Bets A Quarter Billion On Gold, Silver, & Mining Shares
    by Tekoa Da Silva, 
    While the mainstream media continues to spew out bearish news and headlines on precious metals and (especially) mining shares, SAC Capital Partners LP, a $20 billion dollar group of hedge funds founded by Stephen A. Cohen, quietly positioned itself in over $240 million dollars worth of gold, silver, and mining share investments during Q4 2012.

    Of great interest is the structure of those positions. They are indicating, that the firm is expecting a massive spike in both gold and silver, as well as a staggering move higher in the mining shares.

    Starting out, the firm increased it’s holdings in gold and silver mining shares from roughly $54.9 million, to $122.2 million, a total increase of over $65 million. Companies included many of the major producers such as AngloGold, Barrick, Goldcorp, and surprisingly, included junior producers, such as Fortuna Silver Mines Inc and Timmins Gold Corp.

    -The firm took an over $20 million dollar “straddle” position on the SLV ETF, which indicates the firm believes we will see a massive and volatile spike coming in the price of silver—either up or down.

    -The firm took an over $61 million dollar “straddle” position on the GLD, which similar to the SLV position, indicates the firm believes we will see a massive and volatile spike coming in the price of gold—either up or down.

    (For reference, an option “straddle” position entails buying both a call and a put option against an underlying security, for a specified date and strike price. To become profitable, the underlying security must spike up or down far enough to offset the premium cost of both the call and put options. This strategy can be thought of as “betting on volatility”)

    -Lastly, the firm purchased over $36 million dollars worth of call options on various gold and silver mining companies—indicating the firm is expecting a staggering move higher in mining shares sometime in the next two years or less.

    Bottom Line: While some funds may be experiencing redemptions and forced selling of metals and mining shares, this firm is taking monstrously  large positions—many of them being in call options—with the expectation of staggering moves higher in the months and years ahead.


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China Daily: “The World May Have To Endure A Currency Flood” ie. Hyperinflation!

  • If creating massive amounts of money out of thin air ie. QE is the solution to the world’s problems, I will be the first to jump on board ! Heck, why not print/create US$1 million for each man, woman, child and their dog. Abolish all taxes. If you need money for a new school building just print it! QE, money printing cannot and will not create economic growth. The idea that it does is NONSENSE ! Japan has embarked on QE10! Why didn’t the last 9 QE worked? It is currency debasement, currency wars ….. hyperinflation! Got physical gold/silver yet?

    China Daily: “The World May Have To Endure A Currency Flood”! 
    The Government-run China Daily, in an unsigned editorial, Monday, on “Monetary easing,” says that, given results of the just concluded G20 conference, “the world may have to endure a currency flood as the developed countries resort to currency printing to float their economies…”

    “Following the US’ quantitative easing steps last year, Japan started to pursue an ‘open-ended’ policy of monetary easing this year… The market is now waiting to see whether the euro will follow suit.”

    Regardless of whether such “easing” can bring even a temporary recovery, China Daily warns that this policy in the US, Japan, and likely Europe, “is set to bring shocks to the developing and emerging market economies.”

    It is the responsibility of the non-developed countries to defend themselves, rather than expect a change of policy, the editorial says. “It is high time the developing and emerging market economies coordinated to figure out solutions and lessen the potential shocks brought by changing external monetary conditions.

    “At the same time, the self-centered developed economies must be aware that they, too, will suffer once the emerging economies stumble.”

    Thailand, a smaller South East Asian country that has made significant progress in industrialization, development, and the raising of living standard, but still confronts a multitude of difficulties, expresses itself similarly in an editorial in its English language The Nation paper.

    “Top leaders of Russia, South Korea, Germany, Brazil, and China have all expressed their concern over the currency moves, which drive up the value of their currencies and undermine the competitiveness of their exports. If they decide to enter the game — like Veneuzuela, which has devalued its currency by 32 per cent — the world would be plunged into competitive devaluations. At the end of the day, competitive devaluations would lead to run-away inflation or hyperinflation. Nobody will win with these currency wars.”
We will all be trillionaires but can't afford breakfast !

We will all be trillionaires but can’t afford breakfast !

Feel free to wipe your ass with it!

Feel free to wipe your ass with it!



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Killing the Dollar: G20 & IMF Push for Global FedRes, Global Currency!

  • How do you get countries all over the world to abandon their national currencies and accept the One World Currency and Global Supra-National Central Bank? You destroy all fiat currencies via hyperinflation. Thereafter, the western Illuminati will introduce their One World Currency backed by gold ie. this currency is as good as gold ! Nations which refuse to accept this new monetary hegemony will face the guns of war!
  • The FedRes, BIS, IMF, World Bank, ECB … and practically all central banks are privately owned Illuminist corporations! Their agenda is a Luciferian New World Order, World Government, One World Currency and Global Supra-National Central Bank –> ‘666’!
  • Their method is the Hegelian Dialectic! They create the Problem/Crisis, wait for the desired Reaction and thereafter introduce their Pre-Planned Solution! Order Out of Chaos – the Satanic philosophy!

    Killing the Dollar: G20 & IMF Push for Global Fed, Global Currency! 
    by , , 20 Feb 2013 
    While headline stories about averting the dangers of an international “currency war” dominated news coverage of the recently concluded G20 meeting in Moscow, the real unreported story is that the global gathering of central bankers and finance ministers is pushing forward with their plan for “supersizing” the International Monetary Fund. The end goal is to transform the IMF into a global Federal Reserve, with the ability to flood the world with huge new volumes of loans and currency. It would also wield vast financial regulatory powers.

    The IMF’s unit of account, or “currency,” known as a Special Drawing Right (SDR), is being readied for eventual adoption as the replacement for the U.S. dollar in international transactions, to lead the way toward eventual adoption of the SDR or some other designated unit as the global currency, much in the same way that the euro was foisted upon the people of Europe as a replacement of their national currencies.

    The mainstream media seem intent on keeping the public fixated on the latest Kardashian frolics, sportsmania, and Democrat-Republican political mudwrestling, while coverage of the G7, G20, and IMF confabs that are determining the economic fate of the world receive short shrift. And the little reporting of these events that does leak out usually amounts to little more than regurgitation of the pre-scripted talking points of the conference principals. Over the past four years, The New American has published numerous articles detailing the radical plans currently underway for the total destruction of the dollar and the plans for supersizing the IMF into a global Fed. (See the linked stories at the bottom of this article).

    Virtually unreported was IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde’s comments at the close of the G20 Moscow summit on February 16 that she expected the IMF members to come through soon with the remaining funds necessary to double the IMF’s funds. Unknown to most voters and taxpayers the world over is the fact that their governments’ finance ministers agreed at the G20’s Korea meeting in 2010 to increase the “quotas” (contributions) of each member to the IMF, effectively doubling the IMF’s SDR assets to about $US 750 billion.

    The IMF has also benefited immensely from another set of recent innovations that have received almost zero news coverage: the New Arrangements to Borrow (NAB) and the General Arrangements to Borrow (GAB). Once activated, the IMF reports, the NAB “can provide supplementary resources of up to SDR 370.0 billion (about $567 billion) to the IMF.”

    “The potential amount of credit available to the IMF under the GAB totals SDR 17 billion (about $26 billion),” says the same IMF web page.

    With our national budget now being measured in trillions of dollars, the mere hundreds of billions of dollars the IMF is bandying about may no longer seem as impressive as it once might have. However, the IMF has much grander visions; this is just the start. As we reported previously, the IMF’s Christine Lagrande in February 2012 called for a trillion dollar “firewall,” including a European Stability Mechanism (ESM) for bailing out the collapsing economies of Europe’s socialist regimes. Finance ministers, including then U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, all took to chatting up the supposed necessity of the emergency “firewall.” As we reported at the time, acceding to these calls would be the equivalent of “giving even more matches and gasoline to the arsonists who have already burned through trillions of dollars in ‘quantitative easing’ and ‘stimulus’ funds.”

    Following the Fed’s Example
    Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke (shown above) told the Moscow G20 conference that the Fed would continue its inflationary policy of creating colossal sums of new digital dollars out of thin air, otherwise known as “quantitative easing.” A Bloomberg report noted:

    The Fed under Bernanke has expanded assets to a record exceeding $3 trillion and pushed down the benchmark interest rate close to zero….

    The Fed last month affirmed a plan to buy $85 billion per month in bonds, seeking to foster growth and reduce a 7.9 percent jobless rate.

    “We believe that by strengthening the U.S. economy we are helping to strengthen the global economy as well,” Bernanke told the G20 ministers, according to Bloomberg. “The Federal Reserve continues to provide accommodative monetary policy in our effort to foster maximum employment and price stability,” Bernanke said.

“They are planning through the IMF to come up with a World Currency to replace the dollar because the dollar will be replaced you just can’t keep printing them forever …. They wanna come up with another currency controlled and ruled by the United Nations and IMF ! “ – Quote: Ron Paul, 12 Jan 2012 at South Carolina.

“Are we going to go another step further into INTERNATIONAL MONEY … are we gonna go toward a U.N./IMF STANDARD where they are going to control with the USE OF FORCE another fiat standard. That’s what many people are working for and I CONSIDER THAT A VERY DANGEROUS MOVE!” – Ron Paul


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Currency Wars: It’s Starting to Look a Bit Too Much Like 1931 !

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  • How do you tell when politician snakes lie? Whenever they move their lips! If you believe the G20 statement that there is no currency war, I have a seaside bungalow on planet Jupiter to sell to you!

    Currency wars: It’s starting to look a bit too much like 1931! 
    History may not repeat itself, but the parallels between the world economy in the 1930s and the world economy today are becoming hard to ignore. Then, as now, the world was in the grip of a severe economic downturn and painfully high unemployment. Then, as now, governments tried to restore growth and exports by devaluing their currencies and carving out trade blocs, risking a chain reaction around the world. Then, as now, the system was rudderless, unstable, and insecure – which persuaded countries to protect their own national interests, even at the expense of the collective good.

    The world has not yet plunged into a full-scale currency war, but the trends are not good. This fact was implicitly acknowledged by G7 finance ministers meeting last Tuesday who went out of their way to renounce “targeting exchange rates,” only to sett off a new and even larger wave of currency volatility. China continues to rebuff pressure to end the fixed and undervalued Yuan, exacerbating global imbalances and fuelling accusations of beggar-thy-neighbour trade strategies. The U.S. continues to drive down the dollar and flood the world with capital through successive rounds of quantitative easing. Brazil, Switzerland, and others continue to intervene aggressively intervene in markets to arrest their currencies from appreciation.

    The latest salvo is Japan’s decision in December to pursue a radically expansionary monetary policy, which is both pushing the yen to new lows against all major currencies and dramatically ramping up global currency tensions. Korea is threatening “an active response,” Russia is warning of reciprocal devaluations, Venezuela has just announced a massive devaluation, soon to be followed by Argentina, while the euro zone is again split between France, which is demanding immediate action to weaken a fast-rising euro, and Germany, which is so-far resisting political interference in the European Central Bank. Not without reason, Jens Weidmann, Germany’s Bundesbank president, warned last month that the growing politicization of exchange rate policy was unleashing a global “race to the bottom.”

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