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The Greatest Bubble In History Will Lead To A Gold Explosion!


  • The Greatest Bubble In History Will Lead To A Gold Explosion! 
    With continued volatility in key markets, including gold and silver, today Michael Pento has written exclusively for King World News about the greatest bubble in history and how it will lead to an explosion in gold.  Here is Pento’s tremendous piece:  “Ben Bernanke was instrumental in creating a bubble in U.S. Treasuries.  His actions have served to inflate it to the point that it has now become the greatest bubble in the history of global investment.”

    “Not only has the Chairman of the Federal Reserve guaranteed that current bond holders will get destroyed once the sovereign debt bubble bursts, but he has also begun to inflate yet another massive bubble in U.S. equity prices. In the summer of 2007, just before the start of the Great Recession, the Fed Funds rate and the 1-Year T-Bill were both trading north of 5%….
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