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Obama Administration: We Will Still Force Christians to Act Against Their Faith!

Obama the Illuminist, 32nd degree Freemason flashing the devil's horn symbol ?

Obama the Illuminist, 32nd degree Freemason flashing the devil’s horn symbol ?

  • Obama Administration: We Will Still Force Christians to Act Against Their Faith! 
    by Terence P.  Jeffrey, 
    ( – The Department of Health and Human Services on Friday set the stage  for a massive showdown between the federal government of the United  States and American Christians who believe the government has no right to force them to act against their faith by mandating that they buy,  provide or facilitate health-care coverage that includes sterilizations, contraception, or  abortion-inducing drugs.

    HHS released a new proposed regulation under the Obamacare law that  the department presented as an accommodation to religious  “organizations” that object to providing sterilizations, contraceptives  and abortion-inducing drugs in their health care plans. However, the  proposal does not truly expand the exceedingly narrow religious  exemption presented in the initial regulation, which was finalized last year, and continues  to offer no exemption at all to Christian individuals or business  owners.

    “There really is no expansion of the religious  exemption,” said Leonard Leo, a Washington attorney, who is a board  member of The Catholic Association, a group of Catholic lay  persons dedicated to applying the teachings and principles of the church  to the issues of the day.

    “The HHS mandate announcement today changes nothing, it is just  another accounting gimmick and the HHS mandate continues to be a  violation of civil rights, religious freedom and First Amendment  rights,” said Maureen Ferguson, senior policy advisor to The Catholic Association. “Catholic  institutions and other faith based organizations, including hospitals  and universities and private employers, still do not get their First Amendment rights back and are still being forced to either violate their  faith or pay crippling government fines for practicing their faith.”

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Obama's Masonic Ring

Obama’s Masonic Ring



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