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Lindsey Williams: The 10 Agendas Of 2013 And Beyond !

  • It appears Pastor Lindsey Williams may have been fed a bit of dis-information in his recent feedback. I do believe Pastor Williams is genuine and sincere in what he says but his source: an Illuminist (Ex. Big Oil CEO?) may either be knowingly or unknowingly feeding him some false info! My take:

    – General Wesley Clark’s feedback was that the US will attack 7 nations in 5 years. The last of which is Iran not Saudi Arabia as mentioned by Lindsey Williams. However, it appears the House of Saud may fall as unrest and uprising are brewing in Saudi Arabia.
    – Devil’s Messiah – It is obviously the western Illuminati’s plan to destroy the church and lay the groundwork for the coming of their Anti-Christ. Pastor Williams’ Illuminist friend may simply not want to tell this straight to Christian Lindsey Williams. It is what it says: Devil’s Messiah – The Anti-Christ !
    – The Russians appear to be holding on to Syria and refusing to give way to the west. This is not in accordance with Pastor Williams’ Illuminist friend’s feedback.
    – The Illuminists do want to dis-arm America. The Illuminist talk about not wanting riots, unrest, uprising … are snake speak: We don’t want these as long as you submit to the western Illuminati ie. surrender sovereignty, guns, your lives …. I don’t think so!
    – Just some of my thoughts.


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