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Russian Documentary: Men In Black! UFO, Aliens, MIB, Abduction ….

  • All those who study the UFO-Alien phenomena know that the Men In Black are real. Hollywood’s MIB movies are based on fact. The Synagogue of Satan controlling Hollywood are once mixing reality with Hollywood myth making movie magic to hide the truth in plain sight. This is to discredit all UFO-Alien researchers who talk about the real Men in Black, the enforcers of silence behind this phenomena.
  • I am putting up this Russian documentary (instead of the western Men in Black documentary) because I believe it is the Men in Black documentary Prime Minister Medvedev was referring to on 8 Dec 2012. It is quite a good documentary and consistent with what UFO researchers in the west have highlighted about these MIB!


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  1. […] can receive from a well known “chronicle”(*2*) documentary “Men in Black” (see here!) – Female voice: “How many of them are among us, you won’t tell?” Medvedev: […]

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