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Iran Hawk Petraeus Pushed Out for Warmongering??!

  • David Petraeus is Jewish. I do not trust Petraeus, not because he is Jewish but because he is CIA director. IMO, to be CIA director, you must be an Illuminist or at best a sycophantic Illuminist puppet! List of military commanders removed so far recently:

    Rear Admiral Charles M. Gaouette.  
    Brigadier General Jeffrey A. Sinclair.   
    US Army General Carter Ham.   
    US Navy Commander Joseph  E. Darlak.
  • It appears General John Allen will be removed too. All the ‘news’ about inappropriate behavior, sexual mis-conduct, blah blah blah … in the MSM are not the real reasons for their removal. Something big is taking place under cover. It probably has to do with Benghazi, the coming Middle East war …


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