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NATO, Saudis Prevent Dialog in Syria: Webster Tarpley!

  • 2002 Iraqi Intel Reported Wahhabis Are of Jewish Origin! House of Saud is Jewish!?
    Is the Saudi Royal Family Jewish?
    ‘In the 1960′s the “Sawt Al Arab” Broadcasting Station in Cairo, Egypt, and the Yemen Broadcasting Station in Sana’a confirmed the Jewish Ancestry of the Saudi Family.

    King Faisal Al-Saud at that time could not deny his family’s kindred with the Jews when he declared to the Washington Post on Sept. 17, 1969 stating: “We, The Saudi family, are cousins of the Jews: we entirely disagree with any Arab or Muslem Authority which shows any antagonism to the Jews; but we must live together with them in peace. Our country (Arabia) is the Fountain head from where the first Jew sprang, and his descendants spread out all over the world.” That was the declaration of King Faisal AL-Saud Bin Abdul Aziz! ‘
    The U.S. Department of Defense has released translations of a number of Iraqi intelligence documents dating from Saddam’s rule. One, a General Military Intelligence Directorate report from September 2002, entitled “The Emergence of Wahhabism and its Historical Roots”, shows the Iraqi government was aware of the nefarious purposes of the Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia, often known as Salafis, in serving Western interests to undermine Islam.
    As the report recounts, both Abdul Wahhab, and his sponsor, ibn Saud, who founded the Saudi dynasty, were of Jewish origin.

    For example, D. Mustafa Turan wrote, in The Donmeh Jews, that Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab was a descendant of a family of Donmeh Jews from Turkey. The Donmeh were descendants of followers of the infamous false-messiah of Judaism, Shabbetai Zevi, who shocked the Jewish world in 1666 by converting to Islam.
  • Why is there the genealogy/descendents of Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman ibn Faisal Al Saud in the Jewish Virtual Library? Draw your own conclusions!


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