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WW3 Within Days? Food-for-Guns Program Next, Says Informant !

Click on image to listen to interview of Rick Wiles on TruNews Radio on 19 Sep 2012!

  • Emphasis and remarks mine:

    WWIII Within Days; Food-for-Guns Program Next, Says Informant! 
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    War drums beat in the Middle East and, now, the drums suddenly beat strongly  between two Asian mights.  That, on top of a global financial system on the  brink of entering the slide to hyperinflation has many thoughtful analysts  suggesting that the so-called ‘Illuminati’ are perpetrating the blatant insults  and non-stop diplomatic faux pas directed at the Muslim world in an effort to  instigate, what is likely to escalate into, WWIII. (This is totally correct. Western Illuminist intelligence agencies are fomenting hate and violence in preparation for their Satanic WW3! To divide and conquer, to get the Muslim sheeple to kill Christian sheeple and vice versa!)

    As global leaders and their populous watch the plan by Western powers in the  Middle East unfold, an effort to shape a narrative of an enemy initiating an  attack  as the explanation for the inevitable Armageddon economic fallout  of a reckless dollar-based banking  system gone afoul, along with a collapsing petrodollar system, is underway.

    A collapsing dollar translates to unaffordable U.S. oil imports, ergo, a  total collapse of the U.S. economy, ergo, massive civil unrest among  heavily-armed citizens in the streets of America.

    The telltale signs of impending war is on, and the White House wants American  guns—the most difficult of all missions of the ‘globalist’. As former Governor of Minnesota and ex-Navy Seal Jesse Ventura said in a CNN  interview on Sept. 17, “All wars start with a false-flag attack.”

    Picking up where Ventura left off, in the opening remarks of his Sept. 19  show, TruNews’ Rick Wiles delineates the recent series of  events that lend much credence to Ventura’s professional military opinion of  today’s geopolitical news.  After all, Navy Seals, at times, are trained  for, and become involved with, vital components of a false-flag attack  mission.

    Rick Wiles gives his global audience a rundown of recent events and paints a  picture of impending war, too obvious to miss. Mobs in China were reported carrying signs demanding the U.S. to pay back $1 trillion owed to the Chinese for decades of trade surpluses; Ambassador Gary  Locke’s car was attacked by a mob of Chinese on Monday; protesters chanting ‘The  Japanese are dogs’ in the streets of China; and a French newspaper published on  Tuesday a highly controversial and insulting cartoon depicting the Muslim  prophet Mohammad with a star affixed to his buttocks, with the caption, “A star  is born.”

    “Personally, I suspect the publication of the cartoons in a French magazine  is part of a deliberate strategy by the Illuminati to spark the opening shots of  WWIII,” says Wiles.  “Nobody in his right mind would pour gasoline on a  fire at this time.” (This is absolutely true!)

    He adds, “Furthermore, I suspect the publication of the cartoons has given  France a legitimate cover to evacuate their ambassadors and embassy personnel  before the war starts, very soon.”

    As a conservative Christian and daily radio host, Wiles, on the surface, appears as an unlikely source of critical information.  But those steeped  in the history of the Christian faith know that religious beliefs always trump the propaganda and inculcation efforts by the State.  Therefore, it’s no  surprise that other devout Christians who have attained high levels of security clearances and positions of authority leak information to Wiles, privately,  off-air.

    As a self-described and arguably the most vocal ‘Watchman’ of the Christian  faith, there’s little doubt that, while Wiles is watching the FBI, CIA and DHS,  they are, indeed, watching him.  Wiles has reported unexplainable technical  problems at his studio following several whistle-blower guests.

    “This is out of control, now.  I .. . I have . . . I have been given . .  . let me put it like this,” as Wiles carefully formulates his dialogue of fresh  information told to him from his informants, “tidbits of important information  have come my way in recent weeks from various sources that clearly <pause>  it was divinely ordained by God that people that I know would [over]hear a  conversation, be told to someone by somebody in a high-level position to  know.  It’s been a number of things.”

    Wiles continues to reveal other startling information told to him by another  of his legion of informants. “I’ll give you an example, we had Nathan Leal here a week or two ago,” says  Wiles.  “Nathan was told by a person . . . I can’t give out the person’s  position, but, he was at a party, in which, a person at that party . . . it was  a birthday party for a family member . . . and that person was a retired U.S.  government intelligence agency employee, who confided in Nathan’s friend that  there will be a food shortage, and food will be offered in return for the  surrender of firearms. (No food shortage but hyperinflation! You want food? Submit to the coming Luciferian New World Order!)

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