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Get Ready for an Autumn Hurricane as Israel Plots Its Iranian Strike!

Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

  • It appears the global economic, financial and currency collapse is imminent! This is what the increasing volume of the war drums are telling us. Zionist ‘666’ Israel will strike Iran very likely in Oct. The Zionists want to drag America into this war or success is doubtful. Well, I believe they have a big surprise coming up because I think America will say NO thanks! It is all a part of the Satanic World War 3 plan. The major powers will fight via their proxies in the Middle East. When Zionist ‘666’ Israel is destroyed many Christian sheeple will fall. They have been brought up on the LIE that Zionist ‘666’ Israel is the Israel of the Bible. This is total FALSEHOOD! See: Modern Ashkenazi Jews are not the Jews of the Bible!

    “Mr. Benjamin Freedman, a Jewish industrialist born in New York, wrote in the Economic Council Letter published there of October 15 1947: “These Eastern European Jews have neither a racial nor a historic connection with Palestine. Their ancestors were not inhabitants of the Promised Land. They are the direct descendants of the people of the Khazar Kingdom. The Khazars were a non-Semitic, Turko-Mongolian tribe.” Mr. Freedman was challenged, unwisely, by a Zionist objector; he invited his challenger to go with him to the Jewish room of the New York Public Library. There they could together examine the Jewish Encyclopedia volume I pp. 1-12, and the published works of Graetz, Dubnow, Friedlander, Raisin and many other noted Jewish historians, which, as well as other non-Jewish authorities, “establish the fact beyond all possible doubt”.’
    ~ Somewhere South of Suez (1950) pp349-350.”

    Get ready for an autumn hurricane as Israel plots its Iranian strike! 
    by ,
    For stock markets, October can be a cursed month. Many of the truly memorable crashes have taken place in this season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, or thereabouts, from the Great Crash of 1929 itself to Black Monday.

     Yet just because October is so often associated with market catastrophe doesn’t mean it automatically has to deliver one. Most years, October turns out to be a perfectly benign month, and certainly few are yet betting on imminent market meltdown this time around. Many indices are at or close to post Lehman highs.

    The consensus view in the City and on Wall Street is very much that this is going to be a relatively good year for equities. Taking mid–year as the starting point, the returns already look impressive, particularly for European markets. Even Greece has perked up.

    Over the last week or two, much of the macro–economic news seems to have been positive, with equities underpinned by an apparent triple lock of policy action in America, Europe and China. What could possibly go wrong?

    To repeat Harold Macmillan’s old saw – “events, dear boy, events”. In the euphoria of recent central bank action, investors seem plain to have forgotten that restoring stability is a war on many fronts. Just as macroeconomic risk subsides, a number of geo–political threats have come roaring back to take their place. Chief among these is the possibility of Israeli military action against Iran.

    Talk among Washington insiders is of little else, with the upcoming presidential election said to be making a strike ever more imminent.

    A close run presidential election, it is said, would make it harder for Obama to oppose Israeli action outright. If Israel is to strike, it may have but a brief window of opportunity. The Daily Telegraph’s story of an armada of international naval power accumulating in the Gulf confirms the impression of a fast–developing situation. The Strait of Hormuz may soon need defending against an Iranian counter attack. Anti–Western riots across the Middle East, and anti–Japanese protests in China, have added to the feeling of growing geopolitical fragility.

    All this could hardly have come at a worse moment. Just as confidence seemed ready to spark back into life, along comes another oil price spike to blow the nascent recovery out of the water.

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Why is genocidal madman Netanyahu screaming for war with Iran? It is all about the global petrodollar hegemony all about the coming Luciferian New World Order!


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“Dollar Index Headed for Rapid Collapse” Over Next 3 to 4 Weeks?!

  • I do not believe that the western Illuminati will allow their premier world reserve currency the USD to collapse without a fight. Their attitude is: “If I am going to hell, all of you are going down with me too!”. What will they do when the dollar starts to collapse? They will very likely start their Satanic World War 3! This will give a temporary fillip to the USD as money flees to safety. But not for long. Thereafter, they will collapse the global financial system via their financial weapon of mass destruction: the financial derivatives meltdown! It will be followed by a global currency crisis, hyperinflation!
  • Although I do use technical analysis, I have found them not so useful in highly manipulated markets like gold, silver and USD! The warning signs are on the charts though!

    “Dollar Index Headed for Rapid Collapse” Over Next 3 to 4 Weeks! 
    by Mac Slavo, 
    If you think the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing will only affect the US dollar, think again. Now that the United States has officially begun it’s third round of money printing to the tune of at least $40 billion monthly, central banks around the world will also act to ‘defend’ their currencies in kind.

    Moreover, because everyone is joining the fray, all of that extra money will make its way into key resource stocks and commodities, adding further upside price pressure to essential goods like food and fuel. It’s a race to the bottom, and the losers are the 99.9% of us who aren’t being kept in the loop.

    Quantitative easing is really another word for currency wars. A weak U.S. currency puts continued pressure on the Japanese Yen, the Chinese Yuan, the South Korean Won, the Australian dollar and other currencies.

    Cheap money also fuels speculation and this money quickly drifts into commodity markets and the ETFs that help propel commodity market speculation. This is inflationary for food prices.

    The lower the U.S. dollar the greater the intensity of currency wars. The break below the key uptrend line on the Dollar Index chart was an early warning of the third round of quantitative easing (QE3).

    The most important question now is to use the chart to examine the potential downside limits of a QE3 weakened U.S. dollar. … The weekly close below this uptrend line was the first signal of a major change in the trend direction. It came before the announcement of QE3, last week.

    The third significant feature is historical support near 74.5. This is the upper edge of a consolidation band between 73.5 and 74.5. This is the downside target for the Dollar Index following a fall below 79. This target can be reached very rapidly over three to four weeks. A rapid collapse of the U.S. dollar puts immediate pressure on other dollar-linked currencies.

    There is a very low probability the U.S. dollar will resume its uptrend. The move below the value of the uptrend line and a fall below 79 confirm that a new downtrend has developed. The weakness in the U.S. Dollar will hurt export dependent economies and companies.

    There are two ways this may end – neither of which is going to be good for the average Joe:

    read more!


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David Morgan: Silver Moving Towards Par With Gold !

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Peter Schiff: Buy Gold And Silver, Dollar Vulnerable To a Massive Collapse!

  • Peter Schiff-Dollar Vulnerable to a Massive Collapse, Buy Gold and Silver! 
    By Greg Hunter’s
    Money manager Peter Schiff says, “The stage has been set for a currency crisis and a sovereign debt crisis, and they’re going to come relatively soon.”  Schiff says the latest round of “unlimited” money printing by the Fed has only “postponed the collapse.”  Schiff, who recently wrote a book called “The Real Crash,” thinks, “The longer we wait, the worse it’s going to be.”  So, why don’t politicians do something to stop the collapse that many know is coming?  For one thing, Schiff says, “The political backlash will be enormous. . . . Nobody wants to be the messenger who gets shot because of the message.”  There is going to be a crisis dead ahead because, according to Schiff, “The dollar is vulnerable to a massive collapse . . . buy gold and silver.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Peter Schiff, the CEOofEuro Pacific Precious Metals.


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The SS-N-22 Sunburn: Iran’s Awesome Anti-Ship Missile! The Weapon That Could Defeat The US In The Gulf !

Russia’s awesome SS-N-22 Sunburn missile!

  • The SS-N-22 Sunburn missile is made by the Russians. Iran is rumoured to have improved upon this missile in terms of range and speed! We do not know whether the Chinese have provided any of their missile technology to the Iranians. If the Chinese have sold them the DF21D missile, specifically designed to be a carrier killer, it is game over for the western naval armada! See: US admiral: Carrier killer won’t stop US Navy!
  • From what I gather, in Pentagon war gaming/simulations: 3 out of 4 aircraft carriers will be sunk by the Iranians. It is no surprise that General Dempsey is unwilling to engage the Iranians in a war. All the hubris, macho show of force will count for nothing when the Sunburns come flying in. The western naval armada is in for a nasty ass whooping! The probability of 70% of the naval armada being sunk within the first 4 hours of conflict is very high!

    The SS-N-22 Sunburn: Iran’s Awesome Anti-Ship Missile! The Weapon That Could Defeat The US In The Gulf ! 
    by Mark Gaffney, 2 Nov 2004
     …. How could a few picayune destroyers threaten the US Pacific fleet?” Here is where the story thickens: Summer Pulse amounted to a tacit acknowledgement, obvious to anyone paying attention, that the United States has been eclipsed in an important area of military technology, and that this qualitative edge is now being wielded by others, including the Chinese; because those otherwise very ordinary destroyers were, in fact, launching platforms for Russian-made 3M-82 Moskit anti-ship cruise missiles (NATO designation: SS-N-22 Sunburn), a weapon for which the US Navy currently has no defense. …
    The Sunburn Missile
    I was shocked when I learned the facts about these Russian-made cruise missiles. …. And nowhere is this truer than in the vital area of anti-ship cruise missile technology, where the Russians hold at least a ten-year lead over the US.
    Many years ago, Soviet planners gave up trying to match the US Navy ship for ship, gun for gun, and dollar for dollar. The Soviets simply could not compete with the high levels of US spending required to build up and maintain a huge naval armada. They shrewdly adopted an alternative approach based on strategic defense. They searched for weaknesses, and sought relatively inexpensive ways to exploit those weaknesses. The Soviets succeeded: by developing several supersonic anti-ship missiles, one of which, the SS-N-22 Sunburn, has been called “the most lethal missile in the world today.”
    Some have even warned that the US Navy’s largest ships, the massive carriers, have now become floating death traps, and should for this reason be mothballed.

     The Sunburn can deliver a 200-kiloton nuclear payload, or: a 750-pound conventional warhead, within a range of 100 miles, more than twice the range of the Exocet. The Sunburn combines a Mach 2.1 speed (two times the speed of sound) with a flight pattern that hugs the deck and includes “violent end maneuvers” to elude enemy defenses. The missile was specifically designed to defeat the US Aegis radar defense system. Should a US Navy Phalanx point defense somehow manage to detect an incoming Sunburn missile, the system has only seconds to calculate a fire solution not enough time to take out the intruding missile. The US Phalanx defense employs a six-barreled gun that fires 3,000 depleted-uranium rounds a minute, but the gun must have precise coordinates to destroy an intruder “just in time.”

    The Sunburn’s combined supersonic speed and payload size produce tremendous kinetic energy on impact, with devastating consequences for ship and crew. A single one of these missiles can sink a large warship, yet costs considerably less than a fighter jet.

     US naval commanders operating in the Persian Gulf face serious challenges that are unique to the littoral, i.e., coastal, environment. A glance at a map shows why: The Gulf is nothing but a large lake, with one narrow outlet, and most of its northern shore, i.e., Iran, consists of mountainous terrain that affords a commanding tactical advantage over ships operating in Gulf waters. The rugged northern shore makes for easy concealment of coastal defenses, such as mobile missile launchers, and also makes their detection problematic.
     The Sunburn’s amazing accuracy was demonstrated not long ago in a live test staged at sea by the Chinese and observed by US spy planes. Not only did the Sunburn missile destroy the dummy target ship, it scored a perfect bull’s eye, hitting the crosshairs of a large “X” mounted on the ship’s bridge. The only word that does it justice, awesome, has become a cliché, hackneyed from hyperbolic excess. The US Navy has never faced anything in combat as formidable as the Sunburn missile. But this will surely change if the US and Israel decide to wage a so-called preventive war against Iran to destroy its nuclear infrastructure.
    The US ships in the Gulf will already have come within range of the Sunburn missiles and the even more-advanced SS-NX-26 Yakhonts missiles, also Russian-made (speed: Mach 2.9; range: 180 miles) deployed by the Iranians along the Gulf’s northern shore. Every US ship will be exposed and vulnerable. When the Iranians spring the trap, the entire lake will become a killing field.
     Try and imagine it if you can: barrage after barrage of Exocet-class missiles, which the Iranians are known to possess in the hundreds, as well as the unstoppable Sunburn and Yakhonts missiles. The questions that our purblind government leaders should be asking themselves, today, if they value what historians will one day write about them, are two: how many of the Russian anti-ship missiles has Putin already supplied to Iran? And: How many more are currently in the pipeline?

     In 2001, Jane’s Defense Weekly reported that Iran was attempting to acquire anti-ship missiles from Russia. Ominously, the same report also mentioned that the more advanced Yakhonts missile was “optimized for attacks against carrier task forces.” Apparently its guidance system is “able to distinguish an aircraft carrier from its escorts.” The numbers were not disclosed.

    Iran’s Arsenal Of Sunburn Missiles Is More Than Enough To Close The Strait! 
    by Russ Winter, The Wall Street Examiner
    Editor’s Note – We can only hope that top military leaders get the memos and in case of poor distribution, we must ensure they read Business Insider or the Wall Street Journal each morning before they meet in war-gaming sessions. For decades, Iran has been the recipient of weapons provided by their ‘Sugar Daddies’ in Moscow.

    Russia has been generous with the Sunburn missile which Iran appears to possess in the thousands. With a range of 90 miles, the Russian SS-N-22 Sunburn is likely to be one of the weapons of choice for Iran for impeding shipping in the Strait of Hormuz. This is an versatile weapon and may be launched using various methods. The question at hand is how elastic are the counter-measures of the West, or more precisely, the United States in any offensive posture.

    Iran has the capability of not only closing the Strait for some time, but creating a world of hurt for the U.S. Navy’s 5th Fleet. Iran possesses a build up of anti-ship weapons called Sunburn missiles, which it has procured from Russia and China over the last decade. These are top-notch weapons developed by the Russians as a low-cost challenge to the expensive, tech-heavy weaponry of the U.S., and specifically the aircraft carrier task force. A conflict, which I now assign a high probability to [see Scenario for an Israel Attack on Iran], is going to be a huge test of a global-naval doctrine that Russia and China will watch with tremendous interest. That’s why I think they have armed Iran to the teeth. The big question: How many of these weapons does Iran have? I would suggest thousands, and that this is the real show.
    The Sunburn is perhaps the most lethal anti-ship missile in the world, designed to fly as low as 9 feet above ground/water at more than 1,500 miles per hour (mach 2+). The missile uses a violent pop-up maneuver for its terminal approach to throw off Phalanx and other U.S. anti-missile defense systems. Given their low cost, they’re perfectly suited for close quarter naval conflict in the bathtub-like Persian Gulf.

    The Sunburn is versatile, and can be fired from practically any platform, including just a flat bed truck. It has a 90-mile range, which is all that is necessary in the small Persian Gulf and 40-mile-wide Strait of Hormuz. Fired from shore a missile could hit a ship in the Strait in less than a minute. It presents a real threat to the U.S. Navy. Tests using the Aegean and RAM ship defense technology stops the Sunburn 95% of the time, but such testing was done in open seas, not a bathtub. The payload hit with a 750-pound conventional warhead can be witnessed at 1:53-1:57 in this video. Not enough to sink a carrier, but it could take down smaller capital ships and crew.

    You don’t have to be Hannibal preparing for the Battle of Cannae to see that the Strait is a potential shooting gallery. Without a doubt, Iran has plotted and mapped every firing angle and location along the Gulf, their home-court coastline. This is going to put enormous interdiction pressure on U.S. warplanes to spot and destroy platforms, which may be as simple as a flat-bed truck. In reality, Iran has dug in from Jask in the east to Bandar in the west and can easily cover any ship, commercial or military, traversing the narrow Strait.

    Equally disturbing is Iran’s missile range for the entire Persian Gulf. Bahrain itself could be hit by the longer-range version of the Sunburn, the Onyx. Is the U.S. (which has three aircraft carrier groups in play currently) going to stick around or clear out to the Oman Sea, leaving control of the oil lanes to Iran? Or will they stay and slug it out with the Iranians? If so, at what cost? Iran’s strategic advantage may mean some losses for the 5th Fleet, if this gets played out on Iran’s home court.

The Strait of Hormuz. Killing field for the SS-N-22 Sunburn missiles!


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QE3 ‘Confirms’ Collapse of America And Iran Strike!

World War 3 imminent?!!

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AMTV News: 67 Years Later, WWIII in 2012?

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Former State Dept. Veteran, Dr. Steve Pieczenik Drops Bombshell: WWIII Starts Sept. 25 ?!

  • Dr. Steve Pieczenik (Jew) is an insider, a member of the Illuminist Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). He is also a Black Ops Colonel and wrote the book on psychological warfare. I do not trust anyone who is a member of the CFR! However, what he says in the interview is mostly truthful and accurate. I am in agreement that WW3 is about to start.
  • The western Illuminati’s global currency hegemony is collapsing. IMO, there is a 90% probability they will attack Iran (using Zionist ’666′ Israel) in Sep-Oct and only 10% chance that it will be pushed backed to April 2013! The longer the delay, the greater the extent to which the Chinese Yuan will take hold in financial transactions, especially oil trade! The western Illuminati would much rather sacrifice the world to thermonuclear WW3 than lose their control over the world: their global monetary hegemony! Emphasis and remarks mine:

    Former State Dept. Veteran Drops Bombshell:  WWIII  Starts Sept. 25!? 
    Speaking with Infowars’ Alex Jones, former Assistant Deputy Secretary of  State Dr. Steve Pieczenik says Israel plans to attack Iran before the U.S. elections of Nov. 6., and, that an attack on Iran will assuredly kickoff WWIII, according to him.

    Moreover, Pieczenik, a man whose career inspired the character Jack Ryan of  the Tom Clancy book series, says the ‘October Surprise’ will not take place in  October. Instead, the big surprise will come earlier, in late September.

    Dr. Pieczenik says the specific date of the strike on Iran is Sept.  25th or 26th, Yom Kippur—the Jewish holiday, which  commences in the year 2012 at sundown on the 25th, and ends at  nightfall, the following day.

    “It [an Israeli attack on Iran] could be earlier than October, because we  have Yom Kippur.  And I predicted on your radio show, and I predicted to  our national security people, privately, that Benjamin Bibi Netanyahu would  start something on Rosh Hashanah,” says Pieczenick.

    “This [prediction] was over a year ago, and I said it on your radio show.  He was as predictable as a clock, and the Israelis will be very  predictable, on Yom Kippur,” he adds.

    Pieczenik says it’s clear to him that Israeli prime minister Bibi Netanyahu  has already planned to attack Iran and has been desperately trying to enlist the  U.S. to back him up.  But, with or without U.S. direct help, Pieczenik is certain that Israel will attack Iran.

    Moreover, he says Netanyahu is an extremest, who will “lie” for his personal and selfish cause, a conclusion also drawn by many Israelis who protest his regime.

    “Everything Bibi is saying to the Americans and the American Jews is an  absolute, unmitigated lie,” Pieczenik, a Jew, himself, says forcefully, “What we have here is a collusion between Saudi Arabia, neocon Jews of  America and Israel, against a president, who, whether I like or dislike, and may  have lied about Osama Bin Laden,” he adds, “he [President Obama] is the son . .  . a son of a CIA operative, the grandson of a CIA operative, who understands  very well what the issues of intelligence are.”

    With help from his neocon friends, Netanyahu threatens the entire world with  the suicidal notion that Iran must be attacked, and the Israeli prime minister  must be stopped, even if it means assassination, according to Pieczenik. (I do not support this ie. assassination!)

    “In a couple of weeks, they [Israel, Saudi and neocons] will try to initiate  another war, unless their ex-Mossad operatives and their ex-Shin Bet will take  out Netanyahu, and do to Netanyahu what happened to Rabin,” exclaims  Pieczenik.   “They know what I’m talking about.  Otherwise he  will bring down Israel, the world, and there will be a third world war.”

    He also says, “What we are, is [sic] at the brink of war, that is being  precipitated by two major countries.  That is, Israel, particularly Bibi  Netanyahu, who knows his country is failing economically, socially,  politically.”  And the other country is “Saudi Arabia.”

    Pieczenik says the Israelis, Saudis and neocons were behind the 9-11 attacks, (This is accurate. But so are the CIA, members in the US government and Pentagon! Ie. The Illuminist shadow government!)  an accusation also made some years ago by many researchers of the  incident.  Once considered a crazy idea forwarded by some ‘conspiracy  theorists’, who seek to see a conspiracy in every major world event, the  conspiracy theorists have been mostly vilified, though no reinvestigation of the  9-11 incident has been seriously proposed by any member of Congress.

    Today, the ‘conspiracy theory’, or ‘inside job’ theory, appears to be much, much closer to ‘fact’ than the account of that day was published through the official Congressional report of 9-11, giving rise to a strong possibility of a  Mossad, Saudi and neocon conspiracy to carryout a false-flag attack on the  United States and blame the crime on Osama bin Laden, Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Given evidence of Mossad’s checkered past and involvement with the attack of  the USS Liberty on Jun. 8, 1967, killing 34 American  soldiers, Pieczenik comments won’t be received as a big surprise to many Americans. (USS Liberty massacre/genocide by the Zionists is a historical fact!)

    I want Netanyahu to “begin telling the truth, that the involvement of Israel  was, in 9-11” says Pieczenik.  “Over 134 Mossad operatives were picked up  on 9-11.  The FBI picked them up [and] debriefed them.  They were  clearly involved with the Pakistani ISI and Saudi Arabian intelligence” on  9-11.

    And, as far as the U.S. Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Steven: he was  murdered by the Israeli, Saudi Arabia and Zionist neocons cabal, according to  Pieczenik.

    “The killing of the ambassador is to precipitate war, so that Israel can  finally get into Iran and try to destroy Iran,” he says.  “It will be the  beginning of the end of Israel.  It’s Armageddon for Israel,” if it attacks  Iran. (I agree! Zionist ‘666’ Israel will be employed to destroy the Muslim Middle East and will itself be destroyed in the end! This is the Satanic WW3 plan!)

    “The Pentagon source informed me the distance between the Libyan embassy,  where the ambassador was, and where the rioters were, was so large, and two days  of delay in response . . ., simply that they [the killers of Stevens and three  other embassy employees] were professionals ready to take out our ambassador,” he adds, and with the “approval from Saudi Arabia.”

    Adding to Saudi Arabia’s involvement of the two-plane demolition job in NY  City, the crash of another alleged plane into the Pentagon, and the alleged  downing of another plane into the woodlands of Pennsylvania, he says, “Saudi  Arabia and Israel are twins. . . . There’s no way you can separate Israel from  Saudi Arabia, or Saudi Arabia from Israel.  They go back all the way to  9-11.” (The House of Saud is Jewish! Don’t let their feigned Anti-Jewish remarks fool you. It is a psyop to control the sheeple!)

    Then the subject of the killing of alleged mastermind of 9-11, Osama bin  Laden.  According to Pieczenik, the account of Navy Seal Admiral William  McRaven and President Obama regarding bin Laden’s death in Pakistan is another  unmitigated “lie.”

    “Then we get to the issue of Osama Bin Laden, which Obama said incorrectly  and lied to the public that Osama Bin Laden was killed by Seal Team 6,” states  Pieczenik.  “Admiral McRaven had lied, repeatedly—unfortunately, a decent  admiral, but for whatever reason he repeatedly insisted on saying Seal Team 6  killed Osama Bin Laden.” Pieczenik says Bin Laden had already been dead, and McRaven had known  that.

    And the names that came out of 9-11 unofficial investigation are, what  Pieczenik calls, the “neocon chicken hawks” of “Paul Wolfowitz, Elliot Abrams  and Michael Chertoff.” He adds, “Chernoff, the Chernoff Group, which is nothing more than a cover  for the CIA and FBI, run by Charles Allen, a former CIA operative.”

    Moreover, U.S. intelligence was behind the uprising in Libya, the  assassination of Libyan president Muammar al-Gaddafi, and the murder of U.S.  Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens, according to Pieczenik. “Why this particular ambassador,” Pieczenik asks, rhetorically.  “I  think it’s very important for your audience to understand . . . Stevens was an ‘Arabist’. . . ”

    He goes on to explain to the Infowars listeners that so-called Arabists are  experts of Arabic culture, language and Arab history.   But, these  State Dept. professionals also could pose a threat to Israel’s ongoing  propaganda war in a long-standing effort to elicit sympathy for the Jewish  state. Israel is no friend of America, according to Pieczenik.

    He says, “From a geopolitical point of view, Israel is a strategic liability  and has been a strategic liability for over 20 years.  Since 1968, we have  had no for Israel other than the fact it covered us under the Soviet Union on  the eastern, southern and northern flank.”

World War 3 is near?


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Prepare for New ‘Currency Wars’ After QE3 !

  • Currency wars ie. competitive devaluations will escalate. QE3 is currency war! As countries all over the world devalue their currencies to preserve their flagging economies, it will lead to a global currency meltdown! Got physical gold yet?

    Prepare for New ‘Currency Wars’ After QE3: Analyst! 
    by Holly Ellyatt | Assistant News Editor,
    The Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank’s new rounds of quantitative easing could herald a new era of “currency wars”, according to Bank of New York (BNY) Mellon research.

    The dollar fell to a seven-month low against the yen and a four-month low against the euro last week after the Fed announced a new round of quantitative easing (QE3) on Thursday. Under the latest plan, the Fed will buy up $40 billion of mortgage-backed securities a month in order to stimulate the U.S. economy.

    Adding insult to the greenback’s injury on Friday, the ratings agency Egan-Jones cut the U.S. sovereign rating to AA-minus from AA, saying the Fed’s QE3 would reduce the value of the dollar, rather than reduce national debt.

    “The Fed’s QE3 will stoke the stock market and commodity prices, but in our opinion will hurt the U.S. economy and, by extension, credit quality,” the firm said.

    Central banks such as Brazil and others around the globe are already moving to mitigate the effects of the “debasement” of the dollar by taking “measures to prevent excessive currency strength,” according to BNY Mellon.

    Imposing capital controls is nothing new, BNY Mellon pointed out in a note, as many central banks instituted such policies to prevent their currencies from strengthening back in 2010 when the phrase “currency wars” was first coined by the Brazilian finance minister, Guido Mantega.

    Back then, BNY Mellon said, there was broad consensus around capital controls by emerging and established economies such as Brazil, Colombia, Taiwan, South Africa and Russia, which endorsed by the IMF under the leadership of Dominique Strauss Kahn.

    BNY Mellon notes that Brazil’s pre-emptive strike with capital controls in 2010 may have been premature, as in fact the Real is now “much weaker against the U.S. dollar.” It points out that other countries that resorted to such measures have also seen their currencies weaken substantially against the dollar.

    Yet, despite that experience, says the firm, the potentially unlimited size of the Fed’s latest asset purchase program would likely prompt capital controls once again.

    “We are about to witness the Fed’s most aggressive actions to date…the Fed has… replenished the punch bowl but neglected the fruit and is set to ladle out straight booze,” BNY Mellon states, adding that “ominously, the U.S. Dollar has already fallen by 3 percent this month.”

    The current “coordinated global slowdown” will make emerging markets seek to protect themselves by making “pre-emptive moves to secure growth whilst they can,” the firm warns.

    BNY Mellon predicts central bank action to fight dollar debasement won’t be restricted to emerging markets. “The odds on the Japanese taking action to weaken the Japanese yen before month end have surely begun to shorten.”

    After the yen reached its strongest level in seven month against the dollar on Thursday, the Japanese Finance Minister Jun Azumi hinted on Friday that the Bank of Japan would act swiftly to weaken the currency.


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Keiser Report: Depression, Debt & Doublespeak!


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US & UK Lead Hormuz Power Play as Israel’s Iran Strike Rhetoric Rises!

Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

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Govts Choking Economy To Save Banksters!

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UK Housing Collapse To Leave 1.7 Million Families Homeless!

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4 Signs that Israel’s Showdown With Iran is Almost Here!

  • Albert Pike’s Satanic World War 3 Plan
    The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the “agentur” of the “Illuminati” between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion… more!
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    4 signs that Israel’s showdown with Iran is almost here! 
    by The Week’s Editorial Staff | The Week, via 
    Israel warns that the clock is ticking, and that Iran is dangerously close to acquiring nuclear weapons. (This is Zionist propaganda! Iran does not have nuclear bombs nor a nuclear weapons program! The real nuclear threat in the Middle East is Zionist ‘666’ Israel, the Satanic counterfeit!) Is a long-feared military clash looking more and more likely?

    Over the last several days, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has loudly and repeatedly urged that President Obama draw a “red line” that Iran’s nuclear program can’t cross, warning that without such a line, the Islamic Republic will likely be within reach of building its first atomic bomb in six or seven months. (NUTenyahu is a pathological liar! He serves the western Illuminist money power interest. Not Israel’s! He has been saying since 1992 that Iran is close to having a nuclear bomb!) Obama administration officials say Netanyahu’s timetable is wrong, and that Tehran will need at least a year to gather the nuclear fuel it would need, and even longer to fit a warhead onto a missile. Is a violent showdown between Iran and Israel nearly here? Many analysts see Netanyahu’s increasingly vocal demands as proof that conflict is looming. Here, four other signs that the clock might really be running out:

    1. Iran is getting more and more belligerent Tehran hasn’t exactly been mending its ways in the face of aggressive warnings and tightening sanctions, says Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge. In fact, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard recently stoked tensions even further by admitting that “its troops are now on the ground in Syria,” helping the embattled regime in its effort to wipe out the pro-democracy opposition. (This is western propaganda. The so called opposition are western financed mostly foreign, terrorists with links to Al CIAda!) Of all the disturbing developments surrounding Iran’s refusal to curb its nuclear program, that could be the one “to light this whole mess on fire.” (Under the NPT, Iran is allowed to have a peaceful nuclear program ie. energy generating, medical nuclear program. They have abided by international laws and have submitted to countless inspections which have found ZERO evidence of nuclear weapons program! It is Zionist ‘666’ Israel which has refused to sign the NPT and abide by international laws!)

    2. And accusing nuclear inspectors of sabotage Iran’s nuclear program chief, Fereydoon Abbasi-Davani, says “only mutual trust” will allow his country to soothe the West’s fears about his country’s nuclear program, say Najmeh Bozorgmehr and James Blitz in Britain’s Financial Times, which Iran insists is for peaceful purposes. But it’s becoming pretty clear that neither side believes a word the other says. This week, Abbasi-Davani even accused International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors of having been infiltrated by “terrorists and saboteurs” who in August used explosives to knock out power to one of Iran’s uranium enrichment facilities. The IAEA, of course, denies the charge, and says Iran is simply unwilling to cooperate to provide “credible assurance” that it’s not trying to build a bomb. (This is western propaganda! Iran has cooperated fully. But why doesn’t the IAEA and UN go after countries with nuclear bombs and who have refused to sign the NPT? Like Zionist ‘666’ Israel, Pakistan and India? The IAEA has been taken over and are simply pushing the agenda of the west!)

    3. The West is gathering an armada off Iran If you need proof that Western leaders think Israel is getting ready to strike Iran, take a look at the Persian Gulf, says Sean Rayment at Britain’s Telegraph. The U.S. and Britain are massing an armada of warships because they believe that Tehran would respond to an attack on its nuclear facilities by mining or blockading the Strait of Hormuz, a shipping lane that handles 35 percent of the world’s oil distributed by sea. This “unprecedented show of force” is a clear sign that the long-feared showdown might be near.

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Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.


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