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Netanyahu Takes to U.S. Airwaves to Escalate British Empire’s War Drive!

  • Netanyahu Takes to U.S. Airwaves to Escalate British Empire’s War Drive! 
    Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu recorded interviews which were broadcast today on NBC’s Meet the Press and CNN’s State of the Union. The Queen’s boy Bibi unabashedly tried to leverage the ongoing 9/11-clone attacks, launched by British-Saudi networks, into the Empire’s broader strategic objective of forcing the world to submit to its depopulation policy, or face thermonuclear extinction.

    Why attack Iran now? “Because Iran with nuclear weapons would mean that the kind of fanaticism that you see storming your embassies would have a nuclear weapon,” Netanyahu told NBC’s David Gregory. Later he returned to the same Big Lie:  “Iran is guided by a leadership with an unbelievable fanaticism. It’s the same fanaticism that you see storming your embassies today. Do you want these fanatics to have nuclear weapons?”

    Otherwise, Netanyahu reveled in his own psychotic sophistry:

    NETANYAHU: A lot of leaders call me telling me ‘don’t do it. It’s not necessary. You know, the danger of acting is much greater than not acting.’ And I always say, ‘the danger of not acting in time is much greater.’ … I think a red line in this case works to reduce the chances of the need for military action, because once the Iranians understand that there’s no — there’s a line that they can’t cross, they are not likely to cross it…

    So I think that, as they get closer and closer and closer to the achievement of weapons-grade material — and they are very close, they are six months away from being about 90 percent of having the enriched uranium for an atom bomb — I think you have to place that red line before them now, before it’s too late.

    GREGORY: As a prime minister of Israel, has Iran crossed your red line?
    NETANYAHU: Well, the way I would say it, David, is they are in the red zone. You know, they are in the last 20 yards. And you can’t let them cross that goal line. You can’t let them score a touchdown because that would have unbelievable consequences, grievous consequences, for the peace and security of us all. Of the world really…

    I think Iran is very different [than the Soviet Union]. They put their zealotry above their survival. They have suicide bombers all over the place. I wouldn’t rely on their rationality. Since the advent of nuclear weapons, you had countries that had access to nuclear weapons who always made a careful calculation of cost and benefit. But Iran is guided by a leadership with an unbelievable fanaticism.

Zionists-NeoCons have been lying about Iran for the better part of 25 years!

What is all the BS about Iran being a nuclear threat? It is pure propaganda and outright lies by the Zionists!

Why is genocidal madman Netanyahu screaming for war with Iran? It is all about the global petrodollar hegemony all about the coming Luciferian New World Order!

Stop the war!


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LaRouche: The Question is Thermonuclear World War 3 !

  • Emphasis mine:

    LaRouche: The Question is Thermonuclear World War III ! 
    Lyndon LaRouche today took note of the escalating pattern of “9/11-B” terrorist incidents, and British and American military deployments into the Persian Gulf and eastern Mediterranean, and reiterated that these are all potential excuses for a thermonuclear World War III. That is the policy of the British Empire, along with the Saudis, who are the Queen’s subordinates, LaRouche stated.

    Exemplary is the latest call by Al Qaeda in Yemen for Muslims around the world to kill U.S. diplomats wherever they can. A statement posted on the AL-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) website on Sept. 15 stated: “Whoever comes across America’s ambassadors or emissaries should follow the example of Omar al-Mukhtar’s descendants [Libyans], who killed the American ambassador.” They claimed that this call was being issued in response to the Grade B porno video that has actually been in circulation for months.

    A telling map posted on the Politico website shows some 20 locations of anti-American protests in the last couple of days— all running around the southwestern perimeter of Russia. U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta stated today that “I think we have to continue to be very vigilant, because I suspect that these demonstrations are likely to continue over the next few days, if not longer.”

    Also exemplary, the night of Sept. 14, a Taliban commando unit of 19 men, armed with rocket-propelled grenades, mortars, suicide vests, and automatic weapons—and reportedly dressed in U.S. military uniforms—managed to breach the perimeter of the super-fortified Camp Bastion in Afghanistan. Two U.S. Marines were killed and five aircraft were destroyed or damaged in a five-hour gunbattle, in which 18 of the 19 Taliban were killed, and one was captured.

    That this attack, like the Benghazi assault, was a highly sophisticated military operation, is indicated by the nature of Camp Bastion, which is considered one of the world’s most secure military bases, housing 28,000 American, British, and other troops—in this case including Prince Harry. The base is ringed by 30-foot wire fences topped with triple concertina barbed wire; has a 24-mile long, 30-foot high concrete blast wall, interspersed with watch towers; and has surveillance devices and radar to detect any movement on the ground or in the air out to a range of 20 miles.

    It was probably a British agency that put the whole operation in place, LaRouche commented. These 9/11-B networks are clinically insane, he emphasized, but their insanity is being orchestrated by the British Empire and their Saudi subordinates, whose policy has brought the world to the brink of thermonuclear war. What we are seeing is just the beginning.


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Breaking: Historic Silver Panic In Progress, Says GATA Sources!

Going, going ….. gone soon!

  • Breaking: Historic Silver Panic In Progress, Says GATA Sources! 
    by Dominique de Kevelioc de Bailleul, 
    It’s finally here—the long-awaited run on silver supplies. Speaking with Alternative Investors Hangout (AIH), GATA’s Bill Murphy tells investors, “Just pay attention, right now,” because the buying is so heavy in an unprecedentedly tight silver market, we “don’t know what will happen here; it’s historic.”

    And investors should, indeed, pay attention to Murphy’s latest assessment of the silver market.  In July, he said an unidentified European billionaire told him to expect the bull market in silver to resume in late August.

    “The fellow I spoke with I’ve known for years, one of the wealthier men in all of Europe,” Murphy told SGTReport in late July [BER article].  “He’s got a lot of connections . . . It will be tough for the gold and silver markets [during the month of July], but starting in August they would start to ‘go nuts’, and they would ‘stay nuts’ for a long time. . . Big, big moves are coming, starting in August.”

    After 15 months of a painfully long consolidation, the big move in the silver price began, just as Murphy’s source predicted.  After briefly toughing the low $27 level, silver has soared more than $7 withing three weeks, a gain of approximately 27 percent, or an annual compound rate of 6,500 percent!

    Reminiscent of Andrew Maguire’s demonstration to the CFTC of his intimate knowledge of JP Morgan’s nefarious activities in the silver space, Murphy believes his source is well-placed and able to leak accurate information to investors as it comes available.  Hours after alerting media of Maguire’s meeting with the CFTC, Maguire and his girlfriend were attacked by a would-be assassin with a speeding automobile.

    Moreover, the absence of King World News’ anonymous London trader has fueled speculation that Anonymous has moved on to Bill Murphy, who may also inherit DOS (denial of service) attacks following leaked information published by King world News.

    “Because of my sources . . . when . . . this was in July, that gold and silver were going to base, [then] take off before the end of August and go to all-time highs, much higher, and that’s what’s happening,” Murphy tells AIH.

    Another one of Murphy’s sources told him the silver market is so tight that the poor-man’s gold could touch $100 in another mini mania replay of the Aug. 2010 to April 2011 bull run that took silver from $17.50 to pennies shy of $50—a near-triple within eight months.

    A similar move today, off $26.50 baseline support, equates to a target price of $75, but, according to Murphy, this next move in the silver price could eclipse that exciting jump which began in the summer of 2010—both in amplitude and time frame.

    “I have other sources tell me the silver market is as tight as they’ve ever known in history,” he says.  “I expect silver to go towards 80 [dollars] to 100, quickly.  I know that seems like a big thing, but that’s what I think.

    read more!


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Israel Seeks To Discredit Obama: Gordon Duff !

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Mossad’s September Surprise To Ignite WW3 in October ??!

“kee betachbulot ta’ase lecha milchama” Translation: “With clandestine terrorism we will conduct war!” or By way of deception, thou shalt do war’!

  • Emphasis mine:

    Mossad’s September Surprise! 
    by Dean Henderson, 
    The film Innocence of Muslims, which sparked anti-American protests throughout the Islamic world last week, bears all the trademarks of an Illuminati Mossad false flag operation designed to both ignite WW III and to sink President Obama’s re-election.

    Never mind that the attack on the US Embassy in Bengazi, Libya which killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other embassy employees was carried out by the same al Qaeda nuts Stevens had championed, as they murdered their way to power during the CIA-backed coup against Mohamar Qaddafi.

    Never mind that the attacks on the US Embassy in Eqypt were tacitly endorsed by that country’s ruling Muslim Brotherhood – long a clandestine tool of the Illuminati bankers. Or that the attacks on our embassy in Khartoum were launched by al Qaeda thugs bent on replacing Rothschild central banking cartel nemesis Omar al-Bashir.

    Forget the statements made by the ignoramus Mitt Romney, who like his Israeli-worshipping Republican kin, remains in denial as to the consequences of invading and occupying Muslim countries at will. What matters is the timing of these events.

    Early last week Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused the Obama Administration of dragging its feet on giving Israel a green light to bomb Iran. A perturbed White House issued a statement that “having this kind of conversation in public is extremely unhelpful”. Most significantly, last Tuesday Obama refused to meet with Netanyahu concurrent with a UN meeting in New York.

    Later that day of September 11th, our embassies were under attack. The attacks continued throughout the week.

    Innocence of Muslims was produced by Nakoula Bassely Nakoula, who first claimed to be a Jew kicked out of Israel, and now claims to be allied with Coptic Christians in Egypt. The three-named Nakoula pled guilty to bank fraud in California in 2010. His sidekick in producing the film was Steven Klein, a former US Marine who is active in right-wing religious protests at abortion clinics.

    The film was handled by Pastor Terry Jones, the Florida preacher who threatened to burn a copy of the Koran nearly two years ago to the day. According to the Daily Bell, Jones has ties to both the Italian P2 Freemasons and the Israeli Mossad. [1] For more background, see my article “Pastor Jones & Mohammed Atta”

    A few weeks back an Israeli document was leaked which indicated that Israel planned to attack Iran before the US Presidential election. The release of Innocence of Muslims seems designed to drag the US back into the Middle East quagmire at a time when the Israeli Rothschild entity has become increasingly isolated.

    All of this is reminiscent of October Surprise, an intelligence operation launched by Ronald Reagan’s election team to sink the incumbent President Jimmy Carter. Heading Reagan’s election effort was soon-to-be CIA Director Bill Casey.

    read more!

Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.


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CIA + Salafism Formula: America’s Covert Plan To Fully Destabilize The Middle East And Russia!

  • CIA + Salafism Formula: America’s Covert Plan to Fully Destabilize the Middle East and Russia! 
    by F. William Engdahl, Economist, Author and Freelance Journalist
    Publisher‘s Note:
    The assassination of the most respected Sufi religious leader in Dagestan, Russia’s volatile Caucasus, comes as Salafist jihadists in Libya murder a US Ambassador who was actually a key player in ousting Gaddafi and bringing the Salafist Muslim Brotherhood and Jihadists into power. Throughout the entire Islamic world today, a wave of hate is being unleashed in the name of Islamic fundamentalism that could bring a new world war. This is the consequence of the Greater Middle East Project put in play in 2010 and earlier by the Washington-London-Tel Aviv axis. Manipulating religious fervor is an explosive cocktail as F. William Engdahl shows here. The anti-islam movie was just a little propaganda tool. I can clearly see that the recent events the last few weeks were carefully orchestrated running up to this explosive week. The ‘Arab Fall’ purpose is the same as Arabspring, just a little different at the same. But a theatrical drama is indeed being played. Consider this report as one of the key puzzle pieces as The Santos Republic builds its case against the Perpetrators. It is extremely important to understand various elements in these staged events. There is a bigger picture here that many are not seeing. Something is happening behind the Elite scene as there are a lot of retribution going on and I am noticing that quite a few of them are connected to what His Royal Highness EA (big brother) and I have worked on or connected to us in some way as we tried to figure out the Arabspring mess  and the destabilization of the region. It’s too realistically synchronistic and too close to home. This is why I am keenly observing, and the more I do so, the red thread connecting them all is becoming glaringly obvious. The sinister airplane and satellite-drone-looking object circling quietly above my property between 22.00-03.00 everyday this week is affirming my suspicions since this began.

    September 15, 2012 (TSR) – On August 28 Sheikh Said Afandi, acknowledged spiritual leader of the Autonomous Russian Republic of Dagestan, was assassinated. A jihadist female suicide bomber managed to enter his house and detonate an explosive device.

    The murder target had been carefully selected. Sheikh Afandi, a seventy-five-year old Sufi Muslim leader, had played the critical role in attempting to bring about reconciliation in Dagestan between jihadist Salafi Sunni Muslims and other factions, many of whom in Dagestan see themselves as followers of Sufi. With no replacement of his moral stature and respect visible, authorities fear possible outbreak of religious war in the tiny Russian autonomous republic. [1]

    The police reported that the assassin was an ethnic Russian woman who had converted to Islam and was linked to an Islamic fundamentalist or Salafist insurgency against Russia and regional governments loyal to Moscow in the autonomous republics and across the volatile Muslim-populated North Caucasus region.

    Ethnic Muslim populations in this region of Russia and of the former Soviet Union, including Uzbekistan, Kyrgystan and into China’s Xinjiang Province, have been the target of various US and NATO intelligence operations since the Cold War era ended in 1990. Washington sees manipulation of Muslim groups as the vehicle to bring uncontrollable chaos to Russia and Central Asia. It’s being carried out by some of the same organizations engaged in creating chaos and destruction inside Syria against the government of Bashar Al-Assad. In a real sense, as Russian security services clearly understand, if they don’t succeed in stopping the Jihadists insurgency in Syria, it will come home to them via the Caucasus.

    read more!


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Gold Will Soar As The World Sinks Further Into The Abyss!

  • Gold Will Soar As The World Sinks Further Into The Abyss! 
    Today Michael Pento upgraded his bullish stance on gold by telling King World News, “I now predict that Chairman Bernanke’s actions will send gold to an all-time high.”  Pento has been deadly accurate in his predictions regarding moves by the central planners.  He now believes gold will hit new all-time highs, “… both in nominal and real terms.”

    Michael Pento writes exclusively for King World News to let readers know what to expect from central planners going forward, and how it will impact the economy and key markets such as gold.

    Here is Pento’s piece:  “Last week, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke announced that the central bank would launch an unprecedented form of quantitative easing.  This ‘new and improved’ iteration of money printing will be without limit and duration.  The Fed Head launched QE III ($40 billion of MBS purchases every month) on September 13th and stated that it will remain in effect until the labor market ‘improves substantially.’”

    read more!


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Dr. Steve Pieczenik: Shocking 9/11 Mossad Connection Revealed ! Who Will Start World War 3 in October??!

  • Critically acclaimed author and former State Department official Steve Pieczenik talks with Alex about the unfolding geopolitical situation in the middle East and who will start world war three.

Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

Mossad involvement in 9/11.


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Von Greyerz: Silver To Surge 433% From Current Levels To US$150/oz!

  • Greyerz – Silver To Surge 433% From Current Levels! 
    Today Egon von Greyerz told King World News that silver is going to surge a remarkable 433% from current levels.  Greyerz, who is founder and managing partner at Matterhorn Asset Management out of Switzerland, also said the move in silver could take place, “… in the next twelve months.”

    Here is what Greyerz had to say:  “Gold is now up 13% this year after having been up 19% compound annual growth in the last ten years.  Gold is going up every year, paper money has been going down, and that will continue because of the amount of money printed.”

    “I’ve been saying gold and silver, due to the fundamental and the technical factors, will go up dramatically, especially into this autumn and next year.  So this would have happened anyway, with or without QE.  The QE was just a catalyst.  It had to happen, and it will continue to happen, whatever the politicians say or do. So the targets of this move, before we have a major correction, are still $4,000 to $5,000 on gold, and $150 (a surge of 433%) on silver…..

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‘US Created Forces It Spends Money Fighting Against’! – Taliban Ex-Captive

  • Jere Van Dyk is a former TV correspondent and Taliban expert (and was once held captive by them). He believes the Taliban is poorly understood in the West, but that better understanding is key for US foreign policy. He shares his views with RT – READ FULL SCRIPT 
  • The sheeple do not understand what is really going on in the world. To the Illuminists: war is a method of ruling the sheeple! It is part of their social, economic governing system. War is by itself an objective. War is a means of mass culling the sheeple. The selling of war, fear mongering, fabricating enemies real or otherwise … are all part of the Illuminist system to ensure that they stay in power and make the sheeple give up their freedoms to the ruling Illuminist class.
  • The Illuminists believe that if war is ever done away with, the sheeple will no longer find it necessary to empower their government to rule over them. Ie. the sheeple will no longer be governable according to the dictates of the Illuminati. This is the reason why wars are constantly promoted, crimes are fomented, terrorism is instituted ….. and the Illuminist MSM constantly brain wash the sheeple by selling the Illuminist fear mongering agenda …. etc.
  • What is really happening is the Illuminists fomenting wars by financing, supporting, training, managing …. all sides in wars! Out of financing wars, the Illuminist money powers make alot of money. Out of it, they get to kill alot of deceived useful idiots sheeple. The intent is to destroy national sovereignties, foment chaos, deaths, violence, social collapse ….. to lay the foundation of the coming Luciferian New World Order, World Government … –> ‘666’!
  • Muslim Brotherhood created by British Intelligence 
    The real Muslim Brothers are…the secretive bankers and financiers who stand behind the curtain, the members of the old Arab, Turkish, or Persian families whose genealogy places them in the oligarchic elite, with smooth business and intelligence associations to the European black nobility and, especially, to the British oligarchy.

    By fabricating a bogus war between Islamic fundamentalism and the West, the globalists are able to attack their real enemy, humanity. Pulling the strings, they will ensure that both Western and Muslim states are degraded and finally completely subjugated to their odious rule.

Who is behind Muslim Fundamentalism & Terrorism? Western Illuminist governments and their intelligence agencies! It is not a miscalculation! It is intentional !


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New Round of Money Printing (QE3), Gold-Silver And Middle East Tensions …

  • New Round of Money Printing (QE3), Gold-Silver And Middle East Tensions …! 
    By Greg Hunter’s 
    I just want to focus on two stories today: the Federal Reserve’s latest round of money printing and the Middle East.  Let’s start with the Fed’s announcement.  It will print money and spend it buying $40 billion a month in sour debt.  It says it is to keep interest rates low and to spur employment, but it’s much more about a continued bailout of the big banks.  That’s what economist John Williams of says.  Inflation is a lock, and gold and silver prices shot up on the money printing news. 

    Over in the EU, the European Central Bank is doing the same thing, but theirs is “unlimited.”  The Germans caved to the pressure, and fresh money is being printed on both sides of the Atlantic.  You have to be crazy to be long on the dollar or the euro.  On to the Middle East, and what a mess that is.  It will not get better anytime soon.  Just last week, I was telling you how the Russians were warning the U.S. about using terrorists in Libya, Egypt and Syria to further their goals of regime change.  The Russians basically said this type of plan can blow up in your face, and voila–it did.

    read more!


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Peter Schiff: Operation “You’re Screwed” – The FedRes Goes All-In on QE !

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New Banker Bailout Disguised As QE3!

  • New Banker Bailout Disguised As QE3
    by Alex Jones & Paul Joseph Watson, 
    Latest move represents huge transfer of wealth from the middle class to the elite

    While Ben Bernanke’s announcement that the Federal Reserve will embark on an open ended scheme to purchase $40 billion in mortgage-backed securities each month has been touted by the establishment media as the beginning of “QE3″ it is in fact nothing less than another banker bailout in disguise.

    While many have rightly attacked the Fed’s policy of printing money as a band aid that does little to solve the economy in the long term, this new move isn’t even about that. The policy announced yesterday will merely see the Fed use taxpayer money to purchase more bad debt in the form of junk mortgage-backed derivative based securities that have been sold over and over again.

    This has nothing to do with getting the economy going again and will only serve as yet another huge wealth transfer from the middle class to the elite. While the fed claims the move will facilitate more lending it will do nothing of the sort. As the China Securities Journal reports today, “QE3 is not likely to result in more loans.”

    “The truth is that it isn’t as if banks are hurting for cash to loan out,” writes Michael Snyder. “In fact, right now banks are already sitting on $1.6 trillion in excess reserves. Just like with the first two rounds of quantitative easing, a lot of the money from QE3 will likely end up being put on the shelf.”

    Indeed, after the TARP bailout back in 2008, the Federal Reserve paid the big banks to withhold loans, because the bailouts are not about reinvigorating the real economy, they are about propping up the stock market for the rich while the real economy goes to the dogs.

    QE1 and QE2 both did absolutely nothing to rescue the economy. Despite a massive injection of quantitative easing over the last four years, the unemployment rate in the United States has barely improved.

    In addition, the “wealth gap” between rich and poor has vastly increased. This again illustrates how actions such as the one announced yesterday have nothing to do with helping the little guy get back on his feet and everything to do with the concentration of financial power into fewer hands.

    As George Washington’s Blog points out, “This is just another bailout for the big banks. (If the government had instead given money directly to the consumer, we would be out of this economic slump by now).”

    “Bernanke claims that the main justification for QE3 is to boost employment. This is slightly ironic, since Bernanke’s policies are largely responsible for creating high unemployment in the first place. The real justification is to try to artificially prop up asset prices. But that approach has been proven to be an absolute failure.” Indeed, the Federal Reserve admits that its new program will do little to alleviate the suffering of jobless Americans.

    read more!

Don’t you see the Illuminist pyramid and Satanic capstone on your dollar bill?


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Gerald Celente: Criminal Banksters Launching New World War!

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Warning! Catastrophic Financial Collapse!

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